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Chris Burch: The man bringing Fashion and Tech Together

Fashion and technology can be looked at as two sides of the same coin. The two industries continue to add elegance and functionality respectively to the world when harnessed. The tech that has been in fashion has risen in popularity over the years. Music players have ridden this wave every time they became fashionable. It began with the boom box, then the Walkman, and then the iPod a couple of years ago. The trend was the same. These products were functional during that time. They were excellent enough to be adopted by lots of people.


Some fashion designers have tapped into the vast potential that technology offers when it is fused with fashion. The world has become better for this because of the possibilities that are there to make beautiful products. Designers have come up with products that solve problems in interesting ways over the past couple of years. These designers have proven that it is not new technology that solves the problem sometimes. Problems are solved by a different approach altogether.


A good example is that of a designer from the Netherlands known for her innovative designs. She came up with a dress that makes drinks and another one that paints itself. Others have shown that fashion can be used to provide safety. A good case is the two designers who developed an airbag for bike riders. The airbag does not come out of the bike. It pops out of an accessory that is worn around the neck. Firefighters know the danger that they face when doing their jobs and any tech that could help them during this time would be imperative to them. Firefighters can communicate with each other through gloves that record the gestures they make with their hands to send messages to members of their team, thanks to Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan.


One person that has been instrumental in fusing these two industries together is serial entrepreneur Chris Burch. Chris Burch is an investor, entrepreneur, and a visionary. He attended Ithaca College. It is during his time here that he co-founded his first company by the name Eagle’s Eye. It is an apparel company. He led the company to an exit of more than $150 million dollars when it was sold to Swire Group with only an initial investment of two thousand dollars.


His work as an investor has seen him invest in some high-profile companies such as Jawbone, Blink Health, Grability, Nanoleaf, and Voss Water. He also founded Burch Capital which has worked with different celebrities to launch their brands. Chris has also served on the boards of some companies including Guggenheim Capital and the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.

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