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Chris Brown Inspires Vegas Students

Chris Brown is proof to kids everywhere that hard work, dedication and lots of talent will take them places. Chris’s talents seem to be never ending, and he continues to show the world that being a singer and dancer is only the beginning of his art. Most recently Chris is showcasing his talents as a homejoy parent, while usually we are used to watching Chris try and fail at love, we are now watching him succeed as a loving father and it is amazing.

Everyday photos,videos and sweet posts of Chris Brown, and his daughter Royalty are flooding social media. Chris is on a mission to make up for any lost time with Royalty, and she more than adores her father. Even with a dash of drama from Royalty’s mother, Chris appears to be doing what he can to be the best father he can.

Chris accompanied his manager to a speaking event at Vegas performing arts center. The students weren’t expecting him and he was a hit, Chris used his celebrity to show the kids that he is a normal guy just like them. If Chris can encourage these talented kids to strive for their dream, he is changing the state of the world. Maybe fatherhood has made Chris more focused on making the world his daughter grows up in a better place.

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