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Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay

When you turn on the Food Network, you are bound to see Bobby Flay prancing around on one show or another. After all, he is recognized as one of the best competitive cooks of all time. He recently made his appearance on a sub-series of “Chopped.” After three long shows, we finally see the group that will face off against Bobby Flay in an attempt to win $25,000.


During the first three shows, Bobby Flay had a chance to throw his own twist in the competition. Not only did he get the chance to choose one ingredient for each basket in an attempt to trip up his future competitors, he also had the privilege of sitting on the judge’s panel. By reaching the end of the competition, the winner, whose name was Seis, was the lucky man to take on Bobby Flay.


Seis had already won $15,000 for just reaching this point. However, in order to win an additional $25,000, he had to beat the champ in the kitchen. Lucky for him, he got to choose the dish of the day. Seis’ choice of dishes was bibimabap, an Asian dish. Lucky for him, Bobby Flay has never been known for his ability to pull Asian flavors together in a clean and impressive manner.


As if it isn’t scary enough to compete for $25,000, being put against one of the all-time greatest competitive cooks in America would be absolutely petrifying! However, after 45-minute cooking time, which is extremely long for the show chopped, the judges were forced to choose based on their three main criteria. The main tenets of the Chopped kitchen are flavor, presentation and creativity.


Unfortunately, Bobby leaves the Chopped kitchen undefeated. This is a little disheartening considering it is Flay’s first time on the show. Viewers were pushing strongly for Seis, especially since he worked so hard to get to a position to even face Flay. Even though he didn’t win, Seis should be proud of himself. He did take down three amazing competitors in his first episode, and three more fierce competitors just to get to this point. With someone who plows through so many hands in the food industry, you can bet we will be seeing him again.


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