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World War 2 Not Only Changed Lives, It Changed Fashions Too

The history of events that happened in America down through the years can be very thought provoking. Many people,except those in the fashion industry, have little to no concept of the way fashion changed for women after the advent of World War Two. Frills and lace were traded for more uniform like dresses for women. This was largely due to the fact that the military needed the wool and nylon that were normally used for women’s wear to make uniforms for the soldiers. No more prissy dresses, and fine evening wear. This started a trend of sensible, casual dressing made of new synthetic fabrics.

There was a basic utility dress which was made of rayon, and followed the utility standards. Your text to link… It looked like a military uniform for women, but it was the trend of the era. The fashions began to make changes after Hitler invaded Poland in 1939. This event set the tone for what would happen for a decade to come. Since fashion trends were following social trends, and the major events of the world, and it’s economy, World War 11 made it necessary for there to be changes in fashions and designs of women’s clothing.

On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was bombed, and by this time high styles in fashions around the world had taken a back seat. The whole world was at war, and fashion trends were at the rear of the minds of trend setters. It may be difficult to visualize how the impact of war would affect the daily lives of women, but it did, and it put fashion at the fore front of problematic situations. It did not take designers and manufacturers to get back into the fashion trend after the war. Women were again anxious to see what fabrics would be used, and how they wore going to bounce back from the military style dresses. Fashions continue to change, constantly, and with no fabric shortage.