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Musical Talent Norka Luque

***UPDATE: August 24th, 2016
Norka has just announced several new dates on her upcoming tour. This is huge news, and tickets are sure to sell out fast. Please use the links below to find more information for the dates and locations and to purchase tickets.

Norka Luque is an up-and-coming musical artist who is based in Miami, Florida (Fort Lauderdale). She performs music from the pop, urban, Latin and dance genres. Luque runs her own independent record label called “NorkaMusic Productions LLC.” She releases her music through this label. Her current manager is Alberto Gomez from Light Concepts PR.

Although Luque calls sunny and vibrant Miami her homeland, she wasn’t born there. She was actually born in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela in South America. Her date of birth is February 7th, 1986. Once Luque graduated from high school, she relocated to France. Her goal was to learn the French language. She attended school in France for several years and learned all about the business administration world. She learned in great detail about a vast range of other subjects including fashion, marketing and the culinary arts, too. She also started “Bad Moon Rising” while in the European nation. Bad Moon Rising was a band that performed alternative tunes.

Norka Luque had a career in the banking industry in Monaco for a while. She realized after some time, however, that she wanted to come back to the United States to go after her aspirations of becoming a musician. After she got back to the United States, she began collaborating with Jose Velazquez on her debut album. Velazquez is a producer. That’s when she got a taste of the music realm in a significant way. She then encountered Emilio Estefan Jr., who helped her make her debut. This debut went on to enjoy Latin Billboard acclaim and several sensational singles. It even got several Latin Music Award nominations for Luque.

Luque’s health took a turn for the worse in 2014 due to epilepsy, a neurological condition that’s characterized by problems with the brain’s nerve cell activities. She had brain surgery in early 2015 and endured a rather difficult and taxing healing process. Despite all of her struggles, she’s now staging a major comeback. Fito Blanko has produced her brand new single.

Luque is impressed and inspired by a wide range of talented and diverse musical artists. Examples of these artists are Sia, Ricky Martin, Nirvana, George Michael, Enrique Iglesias, Queen, Shakira, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Aerosmith, Alesso and Bob Sinclair. Although music is Luque’s number one source of enthusiasm in life, she has several other big interests and pastimes, too. She adores tennis, traveling, food, art and love, to be specific. Find Norka on Facebook to learn more.

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