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A glance at the latest news on underground counterculture happenings in the USA

There are many things taking place in the underground counter-culture world of the USA, and it takes someone with a keen eye to notice them. For instance, in the world of music, the minority groups are rejoicing owing to how the 2018’s Grammy nominations have recognized R&B and hip-hop artists in a big way. Most of the nominees are people of colour, ranging from the bigwigs like Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar who have never won any Grammy award, Childish Gambino, Bruno Mars, and Luis Fonsi among many others. Although such a situation never lacks critics, it is particularly an excellent move to recognise this two music genres which seem always to be victims of ignorance. Some of the critics claim that the 2018’s awards fail to acknowledge women forgetting that most of last year’s nominees were women. For instance, last year Adele bagged the awards for the album of the year and BeyoncĂ© also followed her close for the same title. Other women who won last year include Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Sia, Ariana Grande and many others. This year Cardi B is representing the female rappers quite well as she is nominated for two categories. These are Best rap song and best rap performance respectively.
In sports news, Dan Mullen who is Florida’s couch began his first day on the job by making massive changes on the staff structure. For instance, he started by sending some of the prominent staff members such as Randy Shannon, Corey Bell Greg Nord among a few others home. The reason behind the move is not apparent yet, but they were replaced immediately, and Gonzales is just one of the people who took up the vacant positions. The others are however not known because Dan Mullen has disclosed the information to the public yet. Mullen joined the Gators, and he boasts a rich six-year contract which will pay him more than $30 million not to mention the numerous bonuses which the position might bring him. He added his assistants to the team, but that does not come as a surprise because they have been working together for more than a decade now. Dan Mullen is replacing McElwain as the head coach.