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The Bitcoin Technology of Today

There is an extreme amount of fascination with what has become considered the underground culture. In many aspects this is becoming something that is more popular than a mainstream audience because it allows you to plug into something of a private network.

This definitely is the case with the dark web and all of the different types of torrent sites that lead people to alternate forms of entertainment. In most cases these underground sites are things that are hard to access if you do not have a password for an invitation from a network user that is already plugged into this type of environment.

The thing that has fascinated many people about the underground culture and technology is all of the ways that they can move without government restrictions or regulations. This may be one of the big things that has made many people curious about crypto technology.

When the cryptocurrency like Bitcoin came on the market many people had no idea how this currency would evolve. After all, it was not backed by any federal agency so the money was debatable in terms of the value. This Bitcoin technology has dazzled and puzzled a lot of people because there are only so many Bitcoins that exist. There is talk that there are not going to be any more new Bitcoins in existence beyond the ones that already exist. This puts a strange restriction on who can actually become millionaires with this type of bitcoin.

50 Cent became a Bitcoin millionaire by accident when he allowed people to buy his album with the purchase of Bitcoins. This was something that he actually forgot about until the sales of this album increased greatly from this type of currency. It is one of those types of currencies in underground culture that is so new that no one can really put all of their stock into it just yet. Most people do not know enough about it to seriously pay a large amount of attention to it. It is something that is growing, but it appears to have limitations for long-term investors.

In these situations investors have discovered that it is much more practical to explore underground crypto-currency without investing all of their money in this unstable environment.

Chinese eCommerce Leader Alibaba Merges AI With Pig Farming, Produces Better Tasting Pork

Using a mix of radio frequency identification, RFID, internet of things, IOT and artificial intelligence, Chinese agriculturists are targeting one of the government’s most under-served industries, pig farming.

This creative combining of AI and farming is expected to reduce piglet mortalities by 3 percent annually and increase the average sow litter sizes by 3.

Selected porcine will be tagged with radio transmitters and sensors which will monitor their vitals including coughing, body temperature, activity levels and even the sound of muffled squeals, which may indicate that a young pig is being suffocated by its mother.

The initiative is part of a deal signed between the Chinese multinational e-commerce giant Alibaba and Tequ Corp, a Chinese manufacturer of pig feed.

Farms will be fitted with visual tracking systems that will provide additional identification and monitoring of the tattoo tagged farm animals.

With a population of 700 million animals, the country’s farmers maintain nearly half of the global pig population. The size of the average Chinese pig farm presents a number of challenges with tracking the animals on an individual basis.

Tequ Group believes that the AI solution will provide the country’s farmers with the means to get a better handle on the larger farm sizes, where the pig population can be in the hundreds of thousands and millions.

Additionally, the solution is expected to deliver cost savings and improve the conditions of the pig farms, an area within the sector that has gained infamy stemming from their gross inefficiencies.

This latest AI deployment marks another industry disrupting application of Alibaba’s cloud computing service, ET Brain.

While agriculture industry experts in Europe and the U.S. remain skeptical about just how much AI will be able to revolutionize the farming industry, Alibaba sees AI technologies as a means to translate smarter pig farming into tasty pork.

This application of AI, along with parallel technology developments in other sectors build upon China’s progress towards its efforts to increase the country’s relative standing among the other high tech, AI global leaders, an announcement made by the government as part of its Three-Year Action Implementation Plan targeting “Internet Plus Artificial Intelligence” in May, 2016.

China’s public declarations about expanding its efforts to become an AI leader made news earlier this year, following the country’s statements about its intentions to become the dominant player within the computer intelligence technology space by 2030.

What Makes Matthew Autterson the Right Falci Adaptive Biosystems Leader

Matthew Autterson has certainly made a name for himself. He has been active in a number of industries, the longest being his 25-year stint in the financial sector. Still, it seems that all of his time in this industry helped train him for what he really wanted to do, which was to help people. At the moment, he is one of the most important members of the Board of Directors for the Falci Adaptive Biosystems though most people just call it the FAB. This is a pretty big company in Colorado, the state that Autterson has called home for decades though he is originally from Michigan.


Autterson actually received his B.A. in Finance from Michigan State University. It was a great experience and one that he remembers fondly. He met friends there and learned much about life, but it did not take long for Matthew Autterson to set eyes on Denver and attend the University of Denver. At this school, he continued his education in finances with a focus on tax law. The experiences in this school continued to shape this young man’s mind and fortified his dreams to be successful.


After graduating, he was able to impress a few people within the financial sector quickly enough to stay in Denver. Autterson found success in this industry but it was only a phase in his long history. It did not take him long to land a role on the Board of the Denver Zoo. There, he became an active voice making the decisions behind one of the country’s most interesting zoos. He is proud that he helped steer this amazing location for some time and helped kids see their imaginations reinforced by nature’s creatures. Go To This Page for related information.


The Denver Zoological Foundation also benefited from his leadership as well, but perhaps one of the most impacting roles he had was when he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice. It was in this position where he became aware of the kind of pain that some people endure and how important relief would be for some of these individuals. Perhaps this is one reason why Autterson was the perfect man to help lead FAB. Colorado is definitely happy to have him as an important member of their business community because he not only represents a financial gain, but he also helps many people.



Values of the Avaaz Community

Avaaz is a civic organization founded in 2007 with the primary aim of promoting activism on significant issues affecting the world today such as climate change and human rights. The word Avaaz means voice in several languages including European, Middle East, and Asian countries thus bringing people together from all backgrounds to have a common cause which has resulted in a dominant collective force.The Avaaz community is global in the sense that it has its operations on all the six continents and run its activities in 15 languages. There are thousands of volunteers who have decided to help the organization in running these campaigns. They run their operations in a wide array of methods which include emails, lobbying governments, funding media campaigns, signing of petitions, and organizing the offline protest and also running events.

Res Publica, the group of people in the public sector professionals dedicated to promoting good governance, are the co-founders of Avaaz together with Move On which is an American Nonprofit advocacy group. Avaaz establishment was also supported by a founding partner Service Employees International Union.Ricken Patel is the Canadian-British who is the founding president and also the CEO of Avaaz. The Guardian was able to describe Avaaz as the largest and the most powerful online activist network, Avaaz utilizes the use of new technology to run its operations. The Avaaz online community acts typically like a path to call for awareness on new emerging issues. Avaaz has been able to improvise a smooth medium to channel a campaign and get a valid response from the members.

Avaaz values the members highly as they conduct each operation with the member’s agreement through all member polls. The campaign ideas are subject to polls every week with those initiatives with strong response taken into consideration. The campaigns that are finally selected are normally then campaigned for by over a hundred thousand members of Avaaz within a short period normally hours.The ideology of Avaaz is uniting practical idealist from a global scale. The cause that Avaaz often supports usually is progressively ranging from global support for the refugees to challenging Monsanto. Avaaz is an organization that does not depend on corporate or government sponsorship as it is wholly member-funded as they believe in democratic accountability. Ordinarily many organizations crumble apart due to disagreements, but as for Avaaz, individuals decide on whether they want to participate in a particular campaign or not.

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Matthew Autteron’s Fabulous Career

Matthew Autteron stands as a Michigan University alumnus who graduated in the year 1980 with a Finance B.A. He is the current President and Chief Executive Officer at CNS Bioscience Inc. Autterson also has a seat at the table of board members at CNS. CNS is a company that deals with the development of drugs at the clinical stage and deals mainly with neuropathic pain. The company has been in existence since the year 2013, with the founder being Scott Falci.


Straight from the University, Matthew Autterson began his career at a corporation called First Trust where he worked as Fiserv subsidiary. He then worked for the company for two years after which he sought greener pastures at Integrated Resources, a company that provides financial services in New York as a subsidiary. Matthew Autterson big break was in the year 1986 when he landed the role of president of Resources Trust Company. Two years later, the company was sold to Broad Inc. which currently goes by the name SunAmerica.


Resources Trust company went on to get acquired severally by several enterprises, but despite all this, Matthew Autterson still played his role tremendously in the company. Resources Trust company grew to one of the nation’s largest depository trust company with chatter from the state and insurance from FDIC. Matthew Autteron’s title grew from a simple subsidiary to the president of one of the best financial institutions in the country.


Mathew Autterson has also held several leadership positions in establishments like Denver Zoo and Denver Zoological Foundation, just to name a few. He is also a part of the team of board of directors at FAB, Falci Adaptive Biosystems. Other than these, there is also a philanthropic side to Autterson. Matthew has taken part in numerous humanitarian activities and is on the boards of several charity foundations.


With two and a half decades of experience in the financial services industry, Mr. Autterson is set for an even better career. Other than his focus on his career, Matt also enjoys spending quality time with his family and doing fun activities, as the saying goes, all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. See Related Link for additional information.



Artificial Intelligence Leader Andrew Ng Announces $175 Million Fund Devoted to Advancing AI

Artificial Intelligence pioneer and Stanford University professor, Andrew Ng announced the creation of a $175 million fund to promote the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. The fund will be part of a broad reaching initiative that will create new organizations devoted to expanding the role of AI in society.

Ng, who is also a founder of Google Brain and the leading online education provider Coursera has built a reputation for his academic contributions in a type of AI known as Deep Learning. Deep Learning is a machine learning method that has produced algorithms that simulate human cognitive processes such as speech recognition, computer-based vision, audio recognition, natural language processing, social network decision making and even the design of pharmaceuticals.

Deep Learning algorithms acquire their skills through an architecture of deep neural networks, recurrent neural networks and deep belief computational structures. The results that Deep Learning has produced have been extremely impressive, in some cases exceeding human capabilities.

The fund, which will be structured as a startup incubator, will create small collaboration teams devoted to investigating solutions to business and society issues, modeled as problem spaces, using machine learning.

Andrew Ng shared that he had no difficulty raising money for his AI fund. The global capital investor market enthusiasm for AI projects is extremely high, Ng reports, adding that it unburdens the resource expenditures that would ordinarily be devoted to fund raising.

He will also serve as a general partner of the fund and provide leadership in the direction that the fund’s efforts will take.

One of the impacted areas by Ng’s organization will be the societal impact of AI and restructuring and retraining the workforce to become focused on a wealthier and fairer social structure.

Industry experts offer that Ng’s fund and focus sheds light on his startup, which he made public last year. Landing is devoted to developing machine learning solutions to the manufacturing industry, with the goal of making them more competitive.

This funding venture builds on Ng’s prior business success leading the multinational technology firm, Baidu, a global leader in AI and ranked as one of the top 100 companies in China. Ng’s promotion to Chief Scientist, where he leads Baidu’s research efforts in Beijing, China and Silicon Valley, was announced by Baidu in 2014.

Matthew Autterson: An Effective Leader

Matthew Autterson is one of the most successful financial executives in the United States today. He has been working in the industry for more than 25 years, and through his services in the financial sector, he managed to transform into one of the most effective leaders in the corporate world. He graduated from the Michigan State University, taking up a B.A. Degree in Finance. It is his childhood dream to work in the financial sector, and right after Matthew Autterson graduated, he decided to look for a job at the financial industry. He would take up several hours in looking for a job until he landed at a financial company which has given him everything that he needs.



Matthew Autterson worked diligently with the company that he applied for, but he felt like his career would not go anywhere. He decided to leave his first company to join the Resources Trust Company. He would soon be promoted as the president after working for the financial institution for four years. The Resources Trust Company has also been performing well under the leadership of Matthew Autterson, and they are one of the few companies that are chartered by the State of Colorado. Working with his colleagues in the financial sector, Matthew Autterson learned so much about how the business worked. He is using all of the things that he learned from the university and applying it to his present career to become an effective leader. As the years pass by, Matthew Autterson became known all throughout the industry as one of the most effective leaders. He managed to increase the revenue being generated by the company, and through his skills and knowledge, the Resources Trust Company became one of the most profitable financial institutions in the United States.



Later on, the company where he is working for would attract the attention of the larger players in the industry. There were a lot of companies which acquired the Resources Trust Company, until today, it is now known as SunAmerica Inc. Billions of dollars’ worth of finances are being managed by the company today, and Matthew Autterson is proud that he has been a part of the financial institution in the past.



Matthew Autterson is now working independently away from SunAmerica Inc. He is focusing on his new career as an entrepreneur and businessman and stated that he is happy with the current state of SunAmerica Inc. and wished for his previous employers to become more successful. See Related Link to learn more.




Business with Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson has become a leader in Colorado’s business community. Autterson is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CNS Bioscience, Inc. The company is a clinical drug development firm that draws focus on to neuropathic pain. Autterson has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry. Autterson started his journey in 1980, at the Michigan State University where he graduated with his B.A. in finance. His career started at First Trust Corporation, a secondary of Fiserv.


After a couple of years there, Matthew Autterson decided to leave and become a part of a small company where he teamed up to charter Colorado State chartered trust company. Autterson eventually became president of the Trust Company in 1986. After a while the Resources Trust Company and other assets that was now owned by integrated resources, Inc, was then contained by Broad Inc in the late 1980’s. This later became SunAmerican Inc which was later owned by AIG in the late 1990’s and ended up producing over 17 billion dollars.


In the early 2000’s the Resources Trust Company became acquired by Fiserv from A.I.G. The Resources Trust Company had become one of the biggest state charted FDIC-insured trust firms in the whole U.S. They supplied repertory and custodial services to well over two hundred thousand of their clients. They also have brought many to the company including over than fifteen thousand registered independent financial consultants. The company went on to hold twenty billion custodial assets and over one billion in direct deposits while employing seven hundred employees. Go To This Page for related information.


Matthew Autterson is also joined to the Board of Directors at Falci Adaptive Biosystems. Autterson has many years of leadership and experience because of his years spending time being a part of the Board at the Denver Zoo, the Denver Zoological funding agency, the Webb-Waring funding agency and as the Chairman on the Board of Directors of the Hospice also in Denver. Matthew Autterson is also a previous member of both of the Young and World Presidents Organizations.


In recent times Matthew Autterson spends his time with Falci Adaptive Biosystems (his non-profit organization) His organization dedicates themselves to helping people with neuromotor disabilities while helping their interactions with the environments they are in.


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Matthew Autterson And His Decades Of Success In Finance

Finance is a tricky business where anyone can make or lose a fortune overnight. However, it is the patient and passionate who are able to weather the market downtown and come out the other side with gains. One financial leader, Matthew Autterson, has found success in his over many decades in business.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in finance, Mr. Autterson set out to make his mark in the business world. It was the early 1980s when the stock market was coming out of the doldrums of a decade-long bear market and Mr. Autterson was ready to capitalize. With good timing and great decision making, Mr. Autterson was able to make his mark rather early in his career.


Matthew Autterson’s first taste of success came at First Trust Corporation which was a subsidiary of Fiserv. At First Trust, Mr. Autterson learned the basics of finance and quickly grew in confidence. Just two years later, Mr. Autterson joined a trust company in Colorado which was a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc. Four years later, Matthew Autterson would rise to become the president of Resources Trust Company.


While President of Resources Trust Company, Matthew Autterson steered the company to profitable growth. Less than three years later, the company would be acquired by Broad Inc. In less than a decade, Matthew Autterson went from being a young college graduate to the President of a successfully acquired company. Refer to This Article for more information.


Today the Denver, Colorado-based business leader is part of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB) as a member of its board of directors. Known for his philanthropic efforts, Mr. Autterson has supported many Denver organizations. Some of the philanthropic titles held by Mr. Autterson includes his membership on the board of the Denver Zoo as well as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Denver Hospice. See Also:


From his early years as a financial expert to his leadership at one of the largest chartered financial institutions in the country, Matthew Autterson has created success at about every level of business. Several decades later, Mr. Autterson continues to use his skills to help local organizations in the Denver area. As he continues his career into the 21st century, Mr. Autterson will create opportunities to grow businesses while expanding his philanthropic efforts.


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How Gregory Aziz Brought National Steel Car to New Heights

It’s always impressive when one person can make sure a large impact on a company. Whether that is just one small store, or a large company like National Steel Car, some people simply guide a company under strong leadership. For National Steel Car, that person is Gregory James Aziz. Greg Aziz is the company’s Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board.


James Aziz has been with National Steel Car since 1994 and has held a variety of leadership positions. He was educated at the University of Western Ontario. After graduating, he joined his family wholesale food distribution company. This is the first place where his talents in business development began to shine. The company, Affiliated Foods, was by no means small. However, when Greg Aziz joined in 1971 the company was a regional outfit. He worked there 16 years and built Affiliated Foods into a global entity. Affiliated Foods became a worldwide importer and distributor of fresh foods all across America, Canada, Europe and South America.


A man of varied skills, Gregory James Aziz then went on to the world of New York City investment banking. It was here that he first crossed paths with National Steel Car. He managed the purchase of the company from a former owner. This purchase was a major growth opportunity for National Steel Car, helping it grow from a Canadian company to North America’s largest manufacturer of railroad freight cars. Refer to This Article for additional information.

During his time at National Steel Car, his drive and vision grew the company to garner the reputation of producing the highest quality railroad freight cars in North America. He also is a believer in investing in human capital and a focus on customer service. His leadership helped to grow the workforce of National Steel Car from 600 to nearly 3,000 people. Needless to say, this growth brought jobs and economy rejuvenation to the company’s headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario. Production also soared. National Steel Car went from producing around 3,500 cars annually to over 12,000.


James Aziz is known as a driven leader. He pushes his team to set the bar as high as possible to keep the title of North America’s leader in railroad freight manufacturing. Once his team reaches the bar, he asks them to move it higher. National Steel Car continues to see elevated excellence in both production and in the company’s sterling reputation. Source: