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Ricardo Tosto Wins All The Time

Brazilian law is mainly derived from the Portuguese civil law. Moreover, the Brazilian legal system is primarily based on statutes. However, there was a slight change in 2004 when a rule was passed that recognized prior court rulings as precedents that could be used in common law. There are over 1 million lawyers in Brazil, a factor that shows that the legal system in the country is mature. Sao Paulo has the largest number of lawyers as over quarter a million lawyers practice their profession in the city. Rio-de-Janeiro also has many lawyers since close to 150, 000 lawyers reside and practice there. The common name by which lawyers in Brazil are known is Advogados.


The state bars in Brazil are responsible for regulating the legal profession in the country. The Brazilian Bar Association oversees the activities of all other bars. The foreign lawyers do not enjoy the same privileges as the local lawyers in Brazil. In fact, the law only recognizes the lawyers, who have sat for the AOB examination and passed. To qualify for the exam, one must have studied law in Brazil or in bodies that adhere to AOB terms and conditions. The foreign lawyers are also not permitted to employ local lawyers unless the latter call off their titles. At the same time, the foreign lawyers are not expected to seek for employment under the Brazilian Lawyers. Moreover, foreigners are not allowed to consult the Brazilian law in making their decisions, and they should also not appear in Brazilian courts. As such, the Brazilian law seems to be very restrictive to foreigners, unlike other countries that allow free admission to foreign lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a popular Brazilian Lawyer and entrepreneur. Many people term Ricardo as a strategist, who wins most of his cases by strategy. Hardly does Ricardo Tosto lose a case in the courtroom, and that has earned him many national and international clients.

Ricardo Tosto has represented governments, NGOs, pro-Bono, high ranking individuals, companies. No matter how hard winning is, Ricardo often wins his cases. Ricardo knows his limits, and he stretches to the highest to win for his clients. For more info about us: click here.

Karl Heideck: A Preeminent Litigator

Litigation is a multifaceted field covering a wide variety of duties and responsibilities for litigators, some of which vary with size and type of practice and seniority within a litigation firm. The process of civil conflict resolution is marked by first filing of lawsuit file or pleadings. The complaint is filed by a plaintiff and the response or answer, which may be challenged by the plaintiff in a counter-claim, is filed by the defendant.

This is followed by thorough case preparation through researches and consultations with various individuals including expert witnesses. This sets the stage for a trial whose verdict may be challenged through a motion. It is at the trial where the litigation fees are settled by the losing party. In case of dissatisfaction, an appeal may be launched. However, at any stage of the litigation process, a settlement can be reached between the parties.

Therefore, the litigation process and its alternatives calls for expertise in various skills including legal research and writing and a deeper understanding of law and various statutes. One such individual is Karl Heideck, a preeminent litigator in the Greater Philadelphia area with a deep understanding of litigation laws and process.

Karl Heideck: Skilled-Based Approach to Litigation

One of the success factors in Karl Heideck’s law career is wide array of skills within the field of law. Over the years, he has acquired skills in legal research and writing; important skills required in carrying out thorough case preparation. His wide base of skills and knowledge including arbitration, corporate, commercial, employment and intellectual property laws. Karl Heideck also specializes in mediation, which is an alternative to litigation. Such a wide base of knowledge and skills is an important factor in successfully representing his clients. This has enabled Karl Heideck to extend his beyond litigation; he teaches law while also representing his clients in business deals, negotiations and acquisitions.

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Education and Career Background

Karl Heideck’s journey towards a successful career in law practice began with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in 2003 at Swarthmore College. He later enrolled at Temple University when he graduated in 2009 with a Juris Doctor degree from its James E. Beasley School of Law. Karl Heideck is currently practicing in the Greater Philadelphia area where is serving as a hire counsel. He was licensed seven years ago, and handled several involving acquisitions, litigation, arbitration and settlements. He has also worked at Pepper Hamilton LLP and Conrad O’Brien.


How Cone Marshall Is Strengthening Estate And Tax Laws

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Cone Marshall is an established law firm that has been in the industry since 1999. The firm has gained a reputation for offering solutions to estate and tax cases which include consultancy and international problems that most attorneys and companies pose to the firm for solutions.

Headed by two experienced professionals, Cone Marshall has remained the biggest advocate for transparency when dealing with estate cases and tax laws. Theonline portfolioof the company shows the dedication they have put to serving clients from different geographical locations, hence earning the international status.

One of the aspects of the firm that has stood out is the leadership, which is handled by two professionals whose past career speaks success and competence. Karen Marshall, who joined Cone Marshall in 2005, boasts of over 15 years in the legal industry. Prior to joining the firm she had practiced for 10 years in the area of commercial litigation.

Since 2005, she has offered her services to Cone Marshall and her dedication and prowess saw her rise to the principal of the company in 2006, a position she has held since then. She advises statutory trustee companies and the wide experience she has gained along the way has been vital in the revitalization of Cone Marshall.

Geoffrey Cone, who has worked on matters tax laws since 1980, also brings exceptional experience to the company. He has dealt with international tax planning and trust and is well versed with management services, a skill he has displayed when handling international estate cases at Cone Marshall.

Geoffrey was described as an experienced tax lawyer whose vast experience should be a motivation to upcoming attorneys in the country. Due to the increase in cases involving international trusts, Cone Marshall has enhanced its structure to ensure all the work presented by clients is handled professionally and delivered in time.

More about Cone Marshall
Incepted in 1999, Cone Marshall has established a service that has stood out in the country. They are among few law firms that have perfected the art of handling international trusts and tax laws. They work with family advisors and attorneys from different jurisdictions to help them serve their clients better. The presence of a strong team at Cone Marshall has propelled the company to attain an international status and become one of the most established companies in tax laws and property management.

Hire The Right Litigation Attorney For Efficient Representation

Are you looking for a qualified law firm or lawyer in Brazil? Want to hire a highly effective business litigation adviser? With so many lawyers in Brazil, you need to do your research and make sure you get the right law firm or lawyer for your needs.

Hire a lawyer that deals with business litigation and one that suits your needs. A good attorney will take the time to review your case and your situation and then come up with the perfect strategy to obtain the most desired possible resolution in the issue.

There are a many business litigation advisers in Brazil, and locating a good lawyer who can efficiently help with your particular problem is not difficult. You have to ensure the attorney you are thinking of, works in the proper district.

If you are being sued for breach of contract, be sure to hire a lawyer who exclusively practices business law.

You need to hire the best business or corporate litigation attorney you can afford in Brazil. With a top rated law firm on your side you can feel confident that your case will be dealt with effectively. A seasoned lawyer will have the top-notch resources and industry connections to ensure the best possible result.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a top Brazilian business attorney and expert litigator. He has a prominent Law practice in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has personally advised and represented corporations and professionals in a vast range of legal matters. Ricardo Tosto is well recognized as a great litigation lawyers by the Brazilian legal community. He takes the time to evaluate his clients’ cases before deciding how to handle them.

When it come to integrity and experience, few attorneys in Brazil can match Ricardo Tosto. He has a caring attitude and wants the best for his clients. Before becoming famous in the legal community, Ricardo Tosto sharpened worked in a a small law office where he sharpened his skills. Mr Ricardo Tosto has the requisite skills, knowledge, and experience to help serve all of your legal needs.

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Cone Marshall is a leading international New Zealand Trust, Estate and Tax Law Firm

Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone are the principals in the New Zealand law firm Cone Marshall an international tax and trusts law firm. Established in 1999 the firm is located in Auckland, at the Parnell House, Level 3, Auckland 1151, New Zealand and can also be contacted at tel: +64 9 307 3950 and

Prior to joining the law firm in 2005 Karen Marshall worked in London for 10 years at a law firm in its Commercial Litigation department. She has worked at Cone Marshall since 2005 and has been a principal since 2006. She is an advisor to statutory trustee companies and has wide experience managing trusts in general.

Since 1980 Geoffrey Cone has provided international trust and tax planning, and trustee and trust management services.

Cone Marshall Limited works with international families and their advisors by assisting them in establishing New Zealand trusts, partnerships and companies, and providing global wealth and tax planning advice.

Geoffrey Cone has been described as the Quintessential Tax Lawyer in a May 2016 article that serves as a Law Firm & Experts Directory.

In a 2012 article posted on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn entitled: New Zealand – A Model of Tax Transparency, Mr. Cone debunked the notion that New Zealand was somehow a tax haven with a highly secretive private banking industry. Instead, he pointed out that New Zealand is a charter member of, and subscribes to the principles embodied in the gold standard for transparency, the 2002 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters.

Addressing the reason why New Zealand has seen an increase the number of foreign trusts Mr. Cone stated:”The reason that there has been such strong recent growth in the number of foreign trusts administered [here] is that New Zealand is internationally recognised as a safe, stable and high quality jurisdiction with good laws, a well-regarded judiciary and substantial legal and professional infrastructure. Our reputation as a safe place to base one’s assets is positive for New Zealand’s global reputation.”

Cone Marshall adheres, and has always adhered, to the highest principles of tax and trust transparency and assures that their clients are afforded the most trusted advice on international tax and trust law.

Ross Abelow Is a Great Lawyer

New York city is an amazing metropolitan area and is known for attracting millions of ambitious people. One particularly ambitious group of people within the city are lawyers. Millions of lawyers live in this city, so it can be difficult to find the right lawyers within the city. One great lawyer that has built a wonderful reputation within New York is Ross Abelow.

Ross Abelow is an extremely well-trained attorney. He graduated from NYU and he received his law degree from Brooklyn College. His time at both universities gave him strong personal ties to the New York City area, and he has spent the last twenty years practicing law in the city. Ross has several specialties, including matrimonial law, entertainment law, family law, and commercial law. Mr. Abelow has had an extreme impact on the industry in each of his specialties.

Ross Abelow loves working in the Entertainment law industry. Ross has had the honor of working with some of New York City’s greatest entertainers. He has helped these entertainers protect their intellectual property, while also helping to negotiate the tightest possible contracts. By handling contract disputes and protecting intellectual property, Ross has allowed his clients to remain focused on their craft while having their work protected.

Abelow has also focused hard on helping his divorce clients protect themselves. Dealing with a divorce can be emotionally devastating and is often extremely difficult legally. Ross enjoys being the voice of reason within the room and helping to protect his clients from losing their assets forever. The process can be tricky, but Ross enjoys guiding his clients through things.

Ross Abelow is an extremely talented name within the legal industry, but he has other interests. Abelow cares very deeply about stray animals and he wants to help them find homes. Recently, Ross launched a GoFundMe campaign to help animal shelters throughout the community. Ross wants local shelters throughout New York to have the vaccines, blankets, and other materials they need to care for homeless animals. There are many homeless animals throughout the city, and they need care. Ross hopes to raise more than $5,000 for shelters throughout the city through his GoFundMe campaign, and so far the campaign has been very successful.

There are many lawyers throughout New York City, but one of the best names in the industry is Ross Abelow. Ross is committed to helping people throughout the city find the legal help they need.

While there are many lawyers in New York, there are few like Ross Abelow. Always a lawyer who has been willing to fight for those who need help the most, Ross has helped numerous clients over the years. Whether it was a civil rights issue, family law issue, or other litigation, Ross has always been known to go above and beyond what was expected of him in order to help his clients get the results they deserve.

While many lawyers claim to have the best interests of their clients at heart, Ross has demonstrated time and time again that he does indeed put his clients first. Always offering free consultations to potential clients, Ross has gained a reputation in New York and around the United States for being a lawyer who truly cares about his clients. As people who have worked with him know, his years of legal experience have been crucial in helping him win case after case. In addition to his experience, Ross has a trusted staff that he relies on to help him give his clients the individual attention they expect and deserve. From legal secretaries to paralegals, Ross has a staff that is uniquely qualified to help guide clients every step of the way through the most complicated of cases.

While many lawyers approach each case as if it is just a job, Ross realizes each case is crucial to his clients and can potentially change their lives depending upon its outcome. Therefore, he ensures each of his clients that he will work as hard as possible in order to help them win their case. What sets Ross apart from so many of his colleagues is his ability to realize that clients are often bewildered during the course of their legal issues, and thus need a guiding hand to keep them on the right track while their case plays out.

During his free consultation, Ross and his team will listen carefully to a person’s story, asking pertinent questions along the way. As with any legal case, it’s imperative that an attorney be able to gather key evidence as soon as possible. This is one area in which Ross and his team excel, and have gained a reputation among their peers for being able to get their hands on key evidence and track down witnesses that are crucial to the success of their case. And when it comes to court proceedings, Ross has also gained the respect of one judge after another. No matter what type of case he may be handling, Ross is always extremely professional in the courtroom. Always prepared to present the best possible case for his client, Ross has a true passion for seeing that justice gets served.

As he continues on his quest to see that justice is served for all his clients, Ross realizes he will need to work harder than ever. With cases becoming more complex than ever, clients expect their attorneys to deliver bigger and better results. Fortunately, Ross is one attorney who has not only delivered great results in the past, but also has the knowledge and passion to reach even greater heights. Always one to conduct extensive research on the most pertinent topics of the day, Ross works tirelessly to make sure he and his staff are well aware of the latest information needed to help his clients with whatever situations they may be facing. In the years to come, Ross and his staff will provide sound legal advice for clients in a number of situations. And as he does, it’s a virtual lock that more often than not, the people he represents will find themselves getting not only the results they are seeking, but needless to say the results they deserve.

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Finding The Right Lawyer For Your Needs

Looking for a good lawyer in Brazil for your personal or business matter? Want to know how to go about finding and choosing a reliable lawyer?

Your reasons for requiring a lawyer will have some influence on what you can expect. During your consultation with a lawyer, the lawyer will possibly want you to briefly discuss why you need the services. Right after hearing your reasons, the lawyer will most likely let you know right away if you have a viable case. Your lawyer might then go on to present your options regarding your situation. The last thing that will possibly be talked about at your attorney consultation is payment, including how much is needed in advance, if any, and when the money would be expected.

If you are hiring an attorney for a business related matter, there are certain factors that you will need to consider. You should be sure that your business attorney is experienced in the sort of business law problem you are dealing with. Keep in mind, that business law actions could be brought in a variety of circumstances. Sometimes, business partners get into a problem or dispute. Other times, the case involves two different organizations or companies.

You must begin seeking a business law lawyer shortly right after you receive a lawsuit or notification that something is wrong. If you know someone who has actually encountered a comparable situation, ask for recommendations. You must keep in mind, though, that not all results are the same – a successful settlement or result in one case does not necessarily guarantee a similar outcome for you.

It is commonly possible to find a law office or lawyer that deals exclusively with business law, but you have to do your research. Try to arrange an informational interview where you could meet with attorneys, describe your lawsuit or legal matter, and request information about their expertise handling either corporate or business law.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho handles high-profile corporate and business disagreements. He defends a raft of multinational businesses and is well skilled in a diverse array of law fields. As an organization and corporate lawsuits legal professional, Ricardo Tosto is a recognized name in the Brazilian legal system. He is a highly reliable litigator with vast experience in organization and corporate law.

Ricardo Tosto has personally mentored his business partners and staff in the field of Brazilian Law, setting standards for various legal practitioners to follow. Not only is Mr. Ricardo Tosto a strong force in the court room, he shows the utmost care and consideration when it comes to his clients. Ricardo Tosto is a proficient litigator and provides outstanding performance.