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Talos Energy Paves The Way For Mexican Oil Boom

The Updates

Some huge news has been trending around the gas and oil industry. Thanks to deregulation of the industry both in America and Mexico, companies have had more options for drilling. Thanks to deregulation in Mexico, the state monopoly has been broken, allowing them to sell blocks of land to prospective oil drillers. What should have been an easy way to solve a big problem in the area didn’t turn out the way Mexico had hoped. There was not as much interest in their in their shallow-water auction blocks as initially expected.

This has been largely attributed to the oil price crash where in two years oil went from over $100 a barrel, to now just $26 a barrel. If this was not enough to scare away investors and floundering oil companies, Mexico’s political instability was also a turn-off for many companies.

Leading the Way

The hopes did not look high for Mexico until Talos Energy stepped in. They were willing to take the big risks where other oil companies would not. And while for a while this seemed like it may have been a mistake, their risk-taking ventures have finally paid off with the discovery of a massive oil well off of the coast of Mexico. Considered a big beast of a well with over 2 billion barrels of oil potentially, Talos has rekindled interest in these shallow-water block auctions, something that will benefit the Mexican economy, and the American one.

A Win-Win

The renewed interest in possible drilling sites is good news during a dire time for Mexico. The revenue they can generate from the feeding frenzy that is likely to ensue can really bolster their economy. This will help America as well because it will increase domestic oil production, and lower the prices that are usually at the whims of unstable foreign politics.

This win-win partnership may not have happened if it wasn’t for companies like Talos Energy and partners, who were willing to take risks and bet on the unknown. Their discovery is likely to spur and inspire others to come to the area and drill for the benefit of all.

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Achievements of Jason Hope in the Technology Industry

Jason Hope is a renowned futurist, philanthropist, entrepreneur and a great investor in the mobile and the medical fraternity. He was born and still resides in Scottsdale in Arizona. He has a great passion for technology, and his career is driven by motivation, innovation, commitment and the desire to achieve more. The great finance analyst and business guru grew up in Arizona Tempe and has always been committed to studying the changing technology.

Jason Hope has a degree in Finance from the famous Arizona University. He performed exemplary well most of his times; he was always focused on how best he can achieve in life. Jason Hope also has a masters degree in Business Administration from the great ASU’s Cary School of Business. He believes that technology is what determines how our tomorrow will be like and his focus is on how he can make the lives of people better.

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Pomegranate finally reveals its powerful #anti-aging secret @ScienceDaily

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) July 11, 2016

Jason Hope is also a great futurist with interests in national politics and Arizona too. He has been able to publish so many articles that have earned him the title of a futurist. He desires to keep growing in whatever route of success that he decides to follow. He is always motivated towards thinking about the welfare of the people and their future. He has been able to invest by giving part of his assets in his journey as a futurist. He is always interested in seeing Arizona people rise and that’s why he has wholeheartedly given back to the community. He has donated a lot of funds in his mission towards making his dreams come true. He supports the movements that advocates for the betterment of our lives and he is always on the frontline pushing for that real change, and his Linkedin.

Humanity future is also another thing that Jason has been working on, and he has been working hand in hand with various humanitarian organizations towards making this a reality. Their mission is to help people live longer and healthier, and he has dedicated his time and resources towards making his dreams come true. He has never given up on humanity. Jason has placed his hopes and commitments on technology, and he believes that it is the future. His career has always focused on human welfare, and he has also invested in mobile apps, computer software, gaming software and many other technological devices that use the knowledge of technology.

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Talos Energy’s Recently Huge Joint Venture

A recent report was made by Bloomberg News concerning the joint venture of Houston’s Talos Energy LLC, Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas, and London’s Premier Oil Plc. On May 21, 2017, these companies started drilling an offshore oil well along the waters of Mexico, according to Premier Oil. This is the first in approximately 80 years of the offshore exploration well besides Petroleos Mexicanos.

Premier Oil also stated that the Zama-1 well, which is located off the state of Tabasco within the Sureste Basin, have approximately 100 million to 500 million crude barrels. According to Charlie Sharp, an analyst of Canaccord Genuity Ltd., for this year’s sector and due to Mexico market’s implication, Zama-1 is one of the most interesting wells being drilled.

It will take up to 90 days to complete the drilling costing $16 million to Premier. These three businesses won rights for this project in 2015 during the first round of the bidding following Mexico’s vote to open to private investment their ailing oil industry. Premier also stated that the well’s operator is Talos in which owns 35% in this venture, Sierra owns 40%, and they owns 25%.

About Talos Energy

Found in 2012, Talos Energy,, is an oil and gas organization based in Houston, Texas. They explore and produce offshore hydrocarbons in offshore Mexico and the US Gulf of Mexico.

This company was formed through the partnership of Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management in order to buy assets in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast regions with the emphasis on exploitation, asset optimization, and exploration within and around their assets. They are also involved in various business development activities, such as the farm-ins and JVs in which their 10.2 million acres of seismic inventory are utilized to economic optimization.

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Andrew Rolfe Changing Port Elizabeth Forever

The Ubuntu Fund is changing the world by helping educate children that are most at risk today. It’s a global effort that Andrew Rolfe began and has worked diligently toward bettering the world in fair access to quality education services. Here is some information about what he has done.


Having begun in Africa, Andrew has long been concerned with the children of South Africa. In 2011 his endeavors had donated $100,000 to the education fund. This success rate has come largely at the hard work of the foundation which uses a careful model to evaluate those beneficiaries of the fund.


At 49 years of age, Andrew Rolfe has served as a managing director at Towerbrook Capital Partners L.P. Since 2011. He works in the financial sector to create strategic investment opportunities to his clients. His education ended at Harvard, where he graduated with his MBA in business and just prior, received his B.A. from Oxford University. This created a well educated and seasoned veteran of the category he specializes in. As his love of finance and business, as it relates to the international market grew, so did his desire to fix problems.


As such, he served as president of Gap Inc’s international growth team, where he first began to understand the dynamics of nations that are so impoverished that they lack basic access to quality education. That education is essential if a country is going to contribute to the world as a whole financially and offer services that other nations might need. This, combines with a thirst to help those in need, led him to the Ubuntu Fund that provides exactly what those nations in need.


Today, the Ubuntu Fund serves Port Elizabeth’s children that are in desperate need of help for education. Training programs have branched off of the foundation to allow those that are progressing through the development to train those that are just beginning. Much like a well-oiled machine in any business, this serves the fund well and has been essential in the successful collection of donations that have helped the people of Port Elizabeth to begin to go in the right direction.