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The Difference Between Term and Permanent Freedom Life Insurance

When choosing a life insurance plan, you have the option of getting either a term life insurance plan or a permanent life insurance plan. Term life insurance only lasts for a specific amount of time. It is good for when you have a limited budget or if you want your life insurance to cover a specific time limited cost. This can be anything from the education of your children to the payment of debts before a certain date. Keep in mind that although term life insurance is generally cheaper when starting out, simply because fewer people die in that amount of time, it can still be more costly in the long run if you want to renew it after your life insurance expires. This is because when you are older, there is a bigger likelihood of dying, and if you are getting a new plan, they can charge you more. You may need a medical examination in order to renew your plan as well. However, you can skip the medical examination if you get a convertible term life insurance, which is life insurance that lets you convert it to premium permanent insurance when it expires without a medical exam, in return for higher premiums. Visit to know more.

Your other option is to just get permanent life insurance. This is a good idea if you just want life insurance and you do not want to set an expiration date for it. On the other hand, it costs more at the beginning. The good part is that you do not have to pay higher premiums for when you get older, as you are set in the premium that you pay when you are younger. In addition, with a permanent plan, you can start accruing savings that you can use in order to pay your premiums at a later date if you cannot afford to do so.

When looking for life insurance, get one from a company like Freedom Life Insurance. Freedom Life Insurance offers many plans for all kinds of needs and people. Freedom Life Insurance has one goal, and that is to make people like you happy. They are a great choice for life insurance.

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Troy McQuagge-The Golden CEO

Troy McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida and started his career in sales, with bias towards health insurance sales. He started out with All State Insurance in 1983 before moving on in 1995 to join UICI/Health Market.

USHEALTH and One Planet Awards

McQuagge then took up a job in 2010 with USHEALTH Group’s subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors, coming as the subsidiaries Chief executive officer and President. USHEALTH is a firm that sells health insurance to a wide demographic of people, with their main focus being on owners of small businesses and those engaged in self -employment. The organization is headquartered in Ft. Worth, Texas and has an objective of providing its target market with innovative health insurance cover by providing excellent customer service coupled with insurance covers that are competitive in the market and affordable to those who take them up. McQuagge got nominated for the One Planet Awards after leading USHEALTH Advisors to unprecedented growth and profitability.

One Planet Awards

Early this year in January, Mr. McQuagge was awarded the Chief Executive Officer of the year award(Gold Winner Category) in the One Planet Awards, the awards is a world award program that honors excellence in the business and also professional fields in all the industries from anywhere around the world. Entry to participate is open to all organizations worldwide and includes categories for both profit and non-profit entities, private companies and even public entities, organization size also does not matter, both established and startup organizations can participate.


The awards acknowledge businesses for excelling in professionalism and business and has awards conferred in various categories which include executive awards, like the one McQuagge won, Public Relations , Marketing, other categories include Corporate Communications, Team awards and awards for a new product or service. In accepting his award, Mr. McQuagge said he was honored to have won the awards and dedicated the award to everyone at USHEALTH Group, saying it the company’s testimonial in its commitment towards helping their customers to solve the problem of having an affordable healthcare insurance cover that can grow in tandem with the growth of their healthcare insurance cover needs.

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The Insurance Products Offered by USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group is a leading insurance provider in the US. It offers a wide variety of plans that suit the changing and diverse needs of clients. The plans are more affordable than the comprehensive ones. USHEALTH Group’s family of companies also have plans for those customers who are willing and can afford for a specific cost-sharing level. The firm has a particular selection of distinct diseases and accident plans. It has flexible, reliable and affordable solutions. Besides, USHEALTH Group is committed to the customer satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter the kind of health coverage its customer choose, the bottom line is that they help the clients enhance their protection with their portfolio of products. Some of the policies they offer include accident coverage, critical illness, income protector, life insurance, specified diseases, short-term disability income, dental and vision plans. In places where there is a high turnover of the customer, and reduced customer loyalty, USHEALTH Group’s family insurance companies create a long-term companionship, which makes them dependable and trusted to deliver its promises.

The USHEALTH Group’s family insurance companies have a subsidiary known as USHEALTH Advisors. It offers the distinct sickness, supplemental and life insurance products. The Group’s customers are assured of an exceptional buying experience in the world of health, driven by a trusted and permitted USHEALTH Advisor Agent. USHEALTH Group is recognized as world business leader in customer care and innovation. That is made possible by the personal attention commitment from the team of experts at the Group. Consequently, the group receives more families, individuals and small business initiatives who want the company to meet their insurance desires.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge possesses a B.A. degree from the University of Central Florida. He has worked in various insurance companies like All state insurance Company, Student Insurance division of United Insurance Companies and UGA. In 2010, Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH and pursued his ambition of restructuring the company’s distribution agency. He succeeded in his mission; hence, was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of the company in 2014. Freedom Life Insurance Company and other subsidiaries of USHEALTH also enjoy the leadership of Troy McQuagge. Troy has steered the company to profitability, competitive health insurance products, and massive growth. Know more:


How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Policy

Settling on the right form of life insurance can sometimes be confusing but is also a very important decision for all people to make.Freedom Life Insurance is crucial for people looking for life insurance plans to have the right knowledge that will assist them in choosing the appropriate insurance solutions that will best suit their needs. People should consider having a term life insurance in the case that they require life insurance for only a specified period. With the help of a term life insurance, an individual can match the duration of their term policy with the duration of their need. For instance, if a person has small kids and wants to secure their education future, they can purchase a term life insurance of 20 years. If a person wants the insurance to be able to repay a debt that can be paid off in a particular time period, they need to only purchase a term policy for only that period.

If an individual has a limited budget and requires a huge amount of life insurance, it is advisable that they choose a term life insurance.Freedom Life Insurance insurance plan pays only in case you pass on while the term of the policy is still active. In case the client is still alive as the term comes to an end, the coverage also steps unless they renew the policy or even buys a new one. This form of insurance is not similar to permanent insurance whereby a person can build up equity as cash savings. It is also advisable for an individual to consider convertible term policies if they believe that their financial needs may in the future change. This insurance plan enables a client to change to permanent insurance without the need for a medical examination.

It is however important for all life insurance customers to note that premiums are at their lowest when a person is young and then goes up as they get older. There are many companies that offer people life insurance policies at affordable rates. An example of such companies is Freedom Life Insurance. The company is involved in offering life insurance products and services. It also provides health, credit, accident as well as annuities products.

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Ushealth Advisors, the Desirable Destination for Every Employee

USHealth Advisors is one of the most active subsidiaries of USHealth Group Inc. It was founded in 2010 to specifically undertake marketing of product portfolio to enhance service delivery by the parent company. It is headquartered in Texas not far from USHealth Group, and also has various offices spread across the country in such areas like New Jersey, Texas, and Orlando among others. The satellite offices, just like the main office, have adequate staff that has always worked to ensure that the company offers exceptional service to the clients.

This company is described as an equal employer given that it employs agents that work freely and independently without being subjected to supervision. The agents hired by USHealth Advisors are always willing to work diligently and to help people without any kind of discrimination. Working with USHealth is a rare opportunity and those who get that chance always put it to a good use by being a good and dedicated employee. The company offers its workers various privileges which are very hard to come by for an employee.

Still talking about the privileges, those who get to work with USHealth Advisors enjoy exorbitant salaries. The first time agents get to walk home with a whopping salary of $90,000 at the end of every month. When the agent gains the status of a senior employee, this salary gets raised. It is the expectation of the company that these agents return the favor by giving their all to their duties to maximize the company gains. This insanely huge salary should be acting as a motivation for work.

Using keyword tool is the most convenient way to find data about Ushealth Advisors. With “Ushealth Advisors Agent Login” as the keyword, the tool comes handy in the analysis of massive data related to this company. Through the keyword tool, one will be able to get accurate images, search terms as well as top search words related to Ushealth Advisors. The tool also offers CPC, global search volume and competition for specific keywords and this has been very resourceful for online marketers, SEOers, and SEMers among other users. Visit Xrepublic at Facebook.

Troy McQuagge: Awarded for Being a Good Leader

USHEALTH Group is one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States. They offer high-quality insurance plans to everyone, and its affordability and reliability are what makes them different from the rest. The company currently has 15 million active customers, and they also employ a team of professionals who are working directly with their customers every day. Customers praised the excellent customer service from the USHEALTH Group, and they highly recommend the products and plans from the company. With the use of word of mouth advertising, the number of customers that the USHEALTH Group has kept on increasing.

Troy McQuagge, the chief executive officer of the USHEALTH Group, is responsible for the changes that are being implemented in the company. He wanted the USHEALTH Group to become more customer-centric, and thus, he greenlighted some policies that would protect the rights of their customers. It was also his idea to hire professionals who would handle the query and concern of their customers. Because of the excellent leadership that he is showing the employees at the USHEALTH Group, he was awarded the CEO of the Year award. The award was given by One Planet Awards, a prestigious award-giving body that recognizes the contribution of corporate executives around the world. They have several criteria before they award the recognition to an individual, and the judges thought that Troy McQuagge is the one that they are looking for, so they unanimously decided to hand him the award.

As this year’s recipient of the most prestigious award, Troy McQuagge cannot hide the delight on his face. He thanked everyone who supported him to get this award and promised that he would continue to do his best to serve the people who are putting their trust to USHEALTH Group. Troy McQuagge joined the health insurance company in 2010, and in just a short period, he was promoted to become the company’s chief executive officer. Under his leadership, the USHEALTH Group managed to post high revenues and profits, and it continued for the next few years. He contributed a lot to the growth of the company, and he even made it possible for other businesses to invest in the USHEALTH Group. It resulted in the USHEALTH Group’s increase in corporate value, and more people are starting to buy stocks from the company.

Troy McQuagge has several plans for the USHEALTH Group this year, and it involves the introduction of more health insurance plans that are suitable for everyone, regardless of their age and income. Troy McQuagge also stated his desire to put more professionals who will be working directly with their clients, because he believes that an excellent customer service is a secret in a successful business. Know more:

USHealth Advisors Have a Unique And Helpful Approach for Customers

These days, one of the most talked about topics in health is insurance. People do need health insurance more than ever these days. However, one of the major issues that people have to deal with is the lack of options they have when it comes to health insurance. For one thing, different people have different needs when it comes to health insurance. Learn more about USHealth Advisors: and

Therefore, if they are going to pay for the health insurance, it is important for them to get their needs met. Otherwise, they will be actually wasting their money. Fortunately, there is a group that is willing to provide the options to the customer. This group is called the USHealth Group.

One thing that makes USHealth Group so helpful is that they understand and treat every distinct person as an individual. They understand that each person has individual needs and is willing to help them find something that is going to get as close to possible to meeting these needs. Read more: USHealth Advisors Memphis Team

They are also very effective when it comes to getting people the health insurance they need so that they can be taken care of in the best way possible. One thing that is frustrating is when people are referred to a policy that does nothing to meet their needs.

UsHealth Advisors is willing to help customers of all walks of life. For one thing, they do not let the income bracket of the customer stop them from helping them. They are willing to work to meet the needs of people who may not have the most money.

It is common to have to worry about all of the efforts that go into meeting some high premium. Fortunately, USHealth Advisors is able to talk to the customer and refer them to something that is going to bring them the benefits they need at an affordable price.