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Safe Implants Developed by Dr. Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid is a renowned plastic surgeon in San Diego, California. He is much sought after by his clients, many of whom were already aware of his reputation in the industry, and have been referred to him by their friends and family. He performs safe, flawless, and natural looking reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, and gluteal augmentation implants.

He received his formal education at Harvard University, as well as Johns Hopkins University, and later was awarded a Research Fellowship at its School of Medicine. Dr. Mark Mofid is duly board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Mofid always puts safety first and foremost in his practice, and he is committed to the medical safety of his clients who are considering a procedure. He will perform only those procedures that are deemed to be medically safe to perform. His outstanding reputation, his knowledge of science, and his innovative approach to cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and gluteal implants have earned him a great deal of respect of his peers, as well as his clients.

Dr. Mark Mofid spends a great deal of his time performing research. He is constantly looking to improve upon some of the less than perfect methods, that have been used in the past. In the case of implants, which have been problematic to many people in the past, he has developed a safer, and more scientifically advanced gluteal implant. It is superior to its predecessor in many ways, one of which is that it will not leak. That has been a big medical safety concern to many people who were considering implants.

With all of the expenditure of his time and money on research, Dr. Mark Mofid has made a large impact on how some people now perceive the industry. Clients will have a greater level of confidence, knowing that there are now better, and safer alternatives and treatments available to them today, versus in the past.

Are You Likely to Suffer a Heart Attack?

Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death today. Statistics show that 610,000 people in the U.S die from this condition each year. Reports also indicate that every year 735,000 men and women suffer from heart attacks and 21,000 of these cases are recurrent heart attacks. With these high instances of heart attacks, it is necessary to educate the general public on what causes this condition and how to prevent it. A recent survey showed that the highest percentage of people reported that chest pains were the first symptoms they experienced before suffering a heart attack.

However, most people do not act on the early warning that their bodies give them. As a result, forty-seven percent of people die away from the hospital. Visiting a physician is not only necessary but strongly recommended as well.

Symptoms and Causes of Heart Attacks
Physicians are known to do a thorough assessment to determine the risk of heart attack. They must consider several factors that could make you prone to heart attacks. Such factors are age, race, cholesterol levels in your body and gender. The physician will also put into consideration whether you have diabetes or high blood pressure. Smoking is another risk factor.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you reduce the chances of suffering from a heart attack. Ensure that you eat healthily and exercise more often. Like any other condition, heart attacks will always present some symptoms that should act as a warning to the individual. These symptoms include:
• Chest pains which bring a great deal of discomfort.
• Trouble breathing.
• Body pains in the upper part of your body such as your arms.
• Dizziness, nausea and cold sweats.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, you might want to consult with your doctor. You can reduce the risk of heart attacks by living a healthy lifestyle of taking physical exercise, quit smoking and go for checkups on a regular basis.

Preparing for a Preventive Life Line Screening

Cardiovascular diseases are a big problem for the American Population. Most cardiovascular problems begin with atherosclerosis, a problem, that detected early might lower the risk of future heart diseases. The patient can benefit after screening by applying some lifestyle changes or taking certain drugs, if necessary.

Life Line Screening is a health company that offers a thorough health screening to find any existing cardiovascular problems early on. The test looks for any underlying or developing heart problems such as irregular heartbeats, peripheral arterial disease, and aneurysms. The Life Line wellness company was founded in Texas in 1993. It is a company committed to improving the lives of individuals.

What to Expect When Going to a Screening

Upon arriving at the office, the welcome desk greets clients. A check-in-form is completed and, if necessary, payments are made. Paperwork is completed and turned in. The client waits for the technician to call them. Between tests, the client might have to return to the waiting room. A blood test is done which consists of having a blood sample taken with a finger stick. Body measurements might be taken. A bone density screening is done. For that shoes and socks are taken off and placed on an ultrasound machine. Bone density screening is only included in some screening programs. For a peripheral arterial disease screening, a technician places a pressure cuff around the upper arm and ankles. Electrodes are placed for the atrial fibrillation on the client on the collarbones or the wrists, as well as the ankles. This measures the electrical system of the heart for any irregularities. For a carotid artery screening, the client lies on the exam table. Placing gel on the neck, the technician runs a transducer on the neck to see the carotid arteries and assess the blood flow inside of them. In the abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, the gel is placed on the abdomen and, with the transducer, the technician checks for enlargements in the abdominal aorta. When the screening is complete, blood tests are given to the client, and the other results are given out through mail in 15 days. Meanwhile, the patient can share their results with their doctor. Life Line Screening also offers other tests, such as vitamin D, testosterone deficiency, thyroid disease, kidney disease, and type 2 diabetes screenings.

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Prevention is the best way to treat a disease. Symptoms of diseases may be absent, but the internal damage of the cardiovascular system is running and one day manifests. It is better to find out on time and take steps to prevent further complications. That is what Life Line Screening is all about.

Dr. AviWeisfogel: Specialist in Dentistry and Sleep Disorder

Sleep plays an instrumental role in maintaining good health and ensuring well-being. Getting enough and quality sleep at the appropriate time helps sustain physical and mental health as well as safety and the quality of life. Specialists recommend seven to nine hours of sleep every night and sleeping for periods lower than six hours may adversely impact a person’s health and appearance.

Recently, sleep technology has turned out to be an intriguing field of science. Specialists like Dr. AviWeisfogel have facilitated studies and research in this area, aiding the pioneering studies in dental sleep medicine. The endeavor has assisted patients across the world overcome sleep disorders. Dr. Wesfogel is an experienced dentist who is also knowledgeable in the field of sleep disorder and has the desire to share his skills with other practitioners. This has been his primary motivation towards the establishment of Healthy Heart Sleep, a channel that has influenced collaborations with other professionals with similar interests.

Dr. Weisfogel has successfully handled complex sleep-related problems including slip apnea. He resorted to educate other colleagues and physicians on how to diagnose and treat the condition. He founded the Unlimited Sleep Patient, which later became a platform where physicians could trade their knowledge in dentistry and sleep. Another brainchild of Dr. Weisfogel, Dental Sleep Masters, was established to handle a combination of sleep and dentistry disorders.

Due to his desire to assist fellow physicians achieve excellence in sleep medicine, Dr. Weisfogel operates a comprehensive health program comprised of daily communications through texts, phone calls, and emails. When he is not busy running his Old Bridge Dental Care practice, the sleep disorder specialist engages in sports. He is a desirous basketball enthusiast and a strong supporter of the New York Knicks. The doctor also follows major tennis events including the French Open and Wimbledon.



Cardiologists Like Edward Honig Are Hard To Come By These Days

Updated for 6/30/2017:
Noted Mets fan Dr. Edward Honig wrote an opinion piece for Skyscraper Sports about the Mets lackluster season. Not exactly cardiology related, but an interesting portrait of the doctor, and definitely an interesting read if you have any interest in baseball. Honig is a long suffering Mets fan.

The world of cardiology is vast and for most people, difficult to comprehend. It revolves around the make-up and functionality of one of the body’s most intricate and complex organs – the heart. So when it comes to your own heart, finding a competent cardiologist like Edward Honig is important to both your comfort level when dealing with heart problems, as well as the trust you have in your doctor to do what is right for you.


A cardiologist performs a wide range of services for patients. From general check-ups and preventative care, to surgery, your cardiologist is a well-trained professional with substantial knowledge of this important organ. Unfortunately, most people put off visiting their cardiologist until a problem presents itself. They fail to be proactive and visit – even annually – for routine checkups to take preventative measures on issues before they present themselves.


While ensuring your doctor is well-versed in the field, you also want to find someone with good bedside manner that takes the time to explain things to you so you fully understand a particular problem. This is what sets Edward Honig apart from many of his peers. He is not only an exceptional cardiologist, but he has a passion for ensuring his patients have a full understanding of everything pertaining to their treatment. He has not lost his compassion for humanity and still sees his patients as people instead of just another item to check off the daily quota list.


Now, finding a cardiologist like Edward Honig can be a frustrating process, but simple to begin. Generally, all you have to do is browse online and compare reviews and experiences that other people have shared. Just be sure that while searching you do your due diligence and take your time reading each and every bit of information available. Because as mentioned above, you do not want someone who is careless responsible for preserving one of the most important organs in your body.

High-Fat Or Low-Fat Cheese Controversy Put To Rest

Going contrary to what both the food industry and health experts have claimed over the years, recent studies indicate that eating high-fat cheese can be just as healthy as eating low-fat cheeses. In fact, they may be even more healthy based on the latest research findings in Alzheimer and dementia-related diseases and the following New York Times article

Danish Cheese Producers And Their Industry Findings

Leave it to the Danes, one of the world’s most popular producers of cheese, to come up with telling studies indicating the above. After a 12-week study given by Denmark’s dairy industry, 139 volunteers were segmented according to three distinct groups. Three ounces of regular-fat cheese was given to the first group of volunteers, a second group received cheeses that contained 13 percent to 16 percent fat and the last group received the lowest fat content samples of cheeses.


After the 12-week period was over, researchers found no difference in LDL, or bad cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin, fasting glucose or any blood chemistry in any group. There were also no changes in body weight.


In contrast, a slight increase in HDL, or good cholesterol, was found in the group that ate regular content fat cheese. As testament to the work, this particular study appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. If anything should be curtailed, then perhaps the exorbitant amount of salt infused into cheeses should be more closely monitored and not the fat.


Other Food Myths Debunked

Naturally, these findings do go contrary to traditional mindsets that have helped vilify other food groups such as the noble egg, red meats and dairy products in general. In addition, what was once considered as evil, the low-carbohydrate Atkins eating style, has in recent years been gaining more and more recognition as an acceptable mode of eating regimen by famous institutions and organizations such as the American Heart Institute and the American Diabetes Foundation.

Perhaps, after a few more years of research has been undertaken, people will revert back to what was once considered normal eating habits.

A Look at the New Yoga Book

Recently at IFA, a consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, Germany, Lenovo revealed the new Yoga Book. The Yoga Book is a 2 in 1 mobile productivity device that is an innovative way of taking on both the tablet and laptop market. Due to be released in October, This device is set at a price point that will make it a competitor in the tablet market, as well as giving ultra portable laptops a run for their money.

The 10.1, full HD tablet hybrid runs an Atom processor, has 4 gigs of RAM, and 64 gigs of storage space. As far as operating systems go you can choose the android version for $499 or go for the Windows 10 version for $549, both completely reasonable prices. Weighing just 1.5 pounds, The new Yoga Book is the perfect device to carry with you everywhere.

When you open the Yoga book you’re greeted with a normal touchscreen on the top, but the bottom is blank until you push a button and the Halo keyboard appears. The Halo keyboard is a touchscreen keyboard like you’d find on an iPad, but the finish makes it feel less slick and more like a keyboard. The keyboard takes some getting used to, but when you do, it works well and is very responsive. Turning the keyboard off leaves you with a surface to use the stylus, or a ball point pen and piece of paper, to write on. Using a pen on paper is surprisingly responsive. The stylus should work well with apps like Photoshop or Lenovo’s note taking app. Like the rest of the Yoga series, the Yoga Book can be positioned in laptop mode, tabletop mode, or folded all the way over to tablet mode.

If you’re looking for a portable, lightweight productivity device in the near future, you should definitely consider the Lenovo Yoga Book. It’s a versatile computer/tablet that sits a much better price than either the Microsoft Surface or the Apple iPad. With a beautiful, solid design the Yoga Book is sure to catch you eye.

AIDS Could Be Treated In Zimbabwe

A village in Zimbabwe might hold the answer to curing AIDS. The people of the village have discovered how to end the disease in a manner that doesn’t take a lot of money and that is low-tech. This is an area where people frequently see people who are dying of AIDS. They have to see the torture that the diseases causes. Those who are infected with HIV have to take their medications, which can be expensive. In order to help defeat the disease, the village is making sure those medications are being dispensed.

When the medications are taken as they are supposed to be, then they can help remove the infection from the blood system and boost the immune system. However, if the medications are not taken, then the virus can come back with a vengeance. It’s about time an area takes control of a situation, recognizing that there are medications that can help with diseases. There are people who can’t afford the necessary medications that are needed for them to get better, and when a city or country doesn’t help those people, then it’s like the area is telling that person to go ahead and die. When there is support, then it can mean the difference between simply surviving and living. Those with HIV and AIDS see hope in the future if they have the means to treat the illness.

Zika Virus Concerns Rise as Summer Approaches

The Zika virus has become front-page news as its spread into Brazil continues. This virus is easily propagated by infected mosquitoes, and pregnant women are the most vulnerable targets. Birth defects and other health issues can plague these mothers and babies as they’re born into this world. Every country today is concerned about the Zika virus, and governments are slowly taking action.

The United States Congress has yet to lay down their plans for a health country as the Zika virus is poised to move north from South America. Legislators adjourned for a two-week recess that begins on Memorial Day weekend before any decisions could be made. Although there are no major concerns about infections in the United States today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other medical professionals are cautioning everyone that the virus’s spread is likely.

Rio, Brazil, is set to host the international Olympics in July of 2016. Without a plan to eradicate the virus through vaccines and other pathways, the Zika virus is bound to spread. Scientists are concerned that visitors to the Olympics will become vectors for the disease. Anyone who is infected at the games could return home with the virus. As a result, the virus spreads across the world at a rapid pace.

The Zika virus will continue to make headlines until a cure can be found. Scientists are hoping to streamline this vaccine process as the Olympics approach. Healthy athletes and Brazilians will allow the games to continue with hope for victims of this devastating infection.

Spring Cleaning In Time For Passover With Handy

Passover is a very special time of the year for my family. We want our to be as clean as possible in order to welcome in the holiday. We know that a clean house is a great house. This year, however, I’ve been so busy with our new baby that I haven’t had as much time to make the house as clean as I would like it to be. So that’s why I started to investigate the possibility of hiring a cleaning lady. I could really use some help during this time of the year to make my house look even better when we have our seders in our home.

Help From Handy

I went looking for a cleaning service to hire and it was really hard to to find one. After two tries with people who didn’t seem to know what they’re doing, I decided it was time to try a new approach. This is why investigated online and found that people were recommending Handy. Handy is an app that does the legwork in searching out a cleaning service for people. I know the importance to finding reliable help. As I found out firsthand, it can be very hard to find a service that is right. Handy makes it easier for people like to locate the right kind of cleaning services for our needs.

Working With Them

After a short time spend online with Handy, I was able to find many listings in my area alone. I was so pleased. Rather than the need to interview multiple people, all I had to do was call one company. I called a company I found listed on the site and the results have been marvelous. The cleaning service showed up at my door exactly when I asked them to come. I went shopping for our seder. In turn, they spent that time cleaning my house to my specifications. I came home and found they had followed all of my instructions. My house was just as I had wanted it to be. I am so happy I chose to work with Handy.