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Igor Cornelsen Explains Why Investors Should Look To Brazil


Most financial specialists look to enjoy their retirement with a move to a sunny climate where regular games of golf can make life a little more relaxing and enjoyable. Igor Cornelsen is not an average investment specialist and has looked to enjoy his retirement in a different way to those he worked alongside for decades in the Brazilian banking industry; Cornelsen has looked to the future for his own retirement with a move to Florida, but also maintains his position as a financial expert by working with Bainbridge Investments Inc.


In 2010, Igor Cornelsen decided the time had come to step away from his high profile career with many of the top banks in Brazil and explore the future with a move to southern Florida; despite the move to Florida, Cornelsen stated on Facebook that he decided he should spend around half the year in Brazil to remain active as a member of the financial industry in the country.


By remaining active in the financial markets of Brazil Cornelsen is capable of bringing the best possible options in terms of investing in the country to his many followers who find themselves working with him at Bainbridge Investments Inc. Bainbridge is located in the Bahamas and allows Cornelsen the chance to work from his homes in Florida and Brazil, to remain an active part of the company with the task of bringing the latest and most impressive investment opportunities to the customers of the company.  Snappages really outlines the work that Igor has done since retirement.


Igor Cornelsen believes the financial markets of Brazil are an area that should be explored in a bid to make sure every opportunity for success is given to the investors of Bainbridge Investments Inc. After decades at the highest levels of the Brazilian banking industry Cornelsen believes he has the skills and experience to bring success to each and every investor who feel they would like to explore the investment opportunities provided by the world’s fifth largest economy.