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The Success of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Many companies engage in selling bottled water these days. Just by walking a short distance, you are likely to notice various brands pretty fast. The bottled water industry got estimated at more than 100 billion dollars across the world. Currently, the Italians are highest consumers of bottled water, although other countries follow closely.


Most of these current firms nowadays try to incorporate something unique into their bottled water, some label to make them more conspicuous than the rest. The firms will claim that their water is unique and instilled with some good that you can’t resist. Maybe the water has been enriched with vitamins that make it stand out from the rest. Or perhaps the firm will advertise their bottled water using their distinct process of filtration.


So, what makes Waiakea Water stand out from the rest? Waiakea Water utilizes the Hawaii language in their brand name. Waiakea originates from the words “wai akea” meaning “broad waters.” It is a beautiful way to include the culture of Hawaii into the firm and endorse the good feeling that comes with buying Hawaiian. Nonetheless, Waiakea takes it a step further. The process of filtering is what makes the company stand out from the rest of the water firms.


Launched in 2012, Waiakea has made some progress in the industry using their invention. Waiakea Water is founded on a TBL platform. The water they sell is usually volcanic water. The water gets filtered using the process of the water going through 14,000 feet of permeable volcanic rock in the Mauna Loa volcano raising the coolness factor. See This Page to learn more.


Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a water brand with its origin in Hawaii. Waiakea uses the ecological power of volcanos to produce amazing bottles of water. Amidst a quick bottling process and the incorporation of the natural minerals, Waiakea Water rotates around pure water and satisfied customers. The company is not limited to Hawaii or the United States. It supplies to countries and distributors who intend to taste the high-quality water from Waiakea. With each sip, consumers know they are indulging themselves in a part of unique islands and pure water created to perfection.


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Chenevert Celebrates His Success And More

He proudly walked to the podium with his hand outstretched. He grabbed the award that was offered to him as everyone in the room beginning clapping for his achievements. He smiled, waved, and everyone hollered all the louder. Soon he was in the center of the room cutting the cake and drinking the wine that was brought to this wonderful celebration. After the festivities were over, he stood at the door shaking hands with all of those who decided to attend and show him their support. Louis Chenevert has always dreamt this would happen. Now that it was here, he found it overwhelming.


This celebration marked the end of Chenevert’s run as CEO of United Technologies Corporation. In a mixture of excitement and sadness, he went to his office and began pondering all the things that were said about him that night.


They spoke about how when he first arrived, the entire industry was in upheaval, but through his wisdom, he was able to save it. He began reflecting back on those decisions and realized how good they were in the business sense. Visit This Page to learn more about Chenevert.



Thinking about it now, he remembers how United Technologies Corporation had to offset their deficit by promoting business in other sectors. He decided the best way to do this would be to expand into the military and corporate contract world, as well as branch out into refrigeration, elevation, and heating.


Chenevert accomplished gaining military contracts by purchasing them from his former company Pratt & Whitney. Within just a few years, United Technologies Corporation was the leading provider of helicopters for the military and private sectors. To compete in the world of refrigeration and heating, United Technologies Corporation had to purchase the world’s oldest elevation company, Otis. However, the real game-changer was when United Technologies Corporation acquired Goodrich for a jaw-dropping $16.3 billion.


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These moves gave stockholders confidence that United Technologies Corporation was stable during a volatile economic downturn. They all then saw stock prices rise from $37 to $117. When this happened, UTC was valued at $63 billion. Chenevert could smile knowing he did a good job. Read: Chairman Chief Executive Officer Louis Chenevert Recognized With The Public



How Matthew Autterson Has Used His Business Skills To Help Denver Nonprofits

Matthew Autterson is a businessman who is lives in the greater Denver, Colorado, area. In 1979 he graduated from Michigan State University and earned a degree in finance. He returned to school in 1981 when he attended the graduate tax program that is offered at the University of Denver. His professional career started at Resources Trust Company (RTS) which is a Colorado-chartered trust company. He worked for this company until 2001 and, through climbing up the corporate ladder, he eventually earned the role of president of the company.


After leaving RTS, Matthew Autterson joined GL3B Partners Limited, LLP as their managing partner. This company, which is privately owned, he oversees the company’s operations which involved real estate, securities, and investing in other privately-held businesses. He is also now, as of July 2013, the president and chief executive officer at CNS Biosciences, Inc. This company is a drug development company that specializes in neuropathic pain drugs. The drugs they develop are both early-stage and clinical-stage. He has been with this company since it was founded by Dr. Scott Falci.


Due to his extensive experience in business, Matthew Autterson has helped a number of nonprofit organizations meet their mission goals. He is presently on the board of directors for Falci Adaptive Biosystems, a position he acquired in September 2013. This nonprofit helps people who have neuromotor disabilities gain independence. The devices they create allow these people to interact with and control things in their environment. The devices they build are developed through partnerships the nonprofit has established with both medical centers and engineering firms.

Another nonprofit that Matthew Autterson helped for many years was YPO. For over 16 years he was a member of this nonprofit and also held the finance chair for its Rocky Mountain Chapter. This is a global organization which helps chief executive officers increase their knowledge and grow in their abilities to run a company. Additionally, they show these chief executives how to have a positive impact on the communities they operate in and their own personal connections as well, such as family. Visit This Page to learn more.


The Denver Zoo is a very popular attraction in Colorado. For 10 years Matthew Autterson volunteered his time and expertise to the organization that runs it, the Denver Zoological Foundation. He served on their board as the vice chairman of finance where he was one of the ones leading their efforts in regard to animal welfare.

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What You Need To Know About Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is professional in finance. He specialized in the same field from the University of Michigan State. His entrance to the arena of business was when he was employed at Trust Corporation. He spent much of the time in the company and gained a lot of experience that helped him pushed for his career. He became part of the team that formed Colorado State Chartered in the year 1982 and steer ahead of the company to its success. The company was providing services to several customers that were based in the New York together as part of the Integrated Resources Inc. In the year 1986, Matthew Autterson was made the president of the company through his commitment and the skills that he had in handling the challenges that were arising in the financial sector. Matthew drove the company to become great through his belief of dedicating much time to the work to provide standard services to the clients.


Matthew worked in the company for three years when the firm was rebranded as SunAmerica after being absorbed by Resources Trust Company. Matthew Autterson is currently the head of the CNS Bioscience and also acts as the chief executive. Furthermore, he is a member of the board of the company the move that was boosted by his pragmatic ideas that he has and the way he handles the clients of the firm. The company was set up with the aim of creating a sound foundation for the development of drugs for the treatment of neuropathic pain. CNS Bioscience was founded by Scott Falci M.D to handle the challenges of the disabilities particularly neuromotor.


The step by the company has made the disable become part of the society through different programs. The strategy that Matthew put in place within the company has gained a lot of support from the various part of the United States. Furthermore, through the effort of Matthew, the firm has skilled experts who coordinate the matters that of crucial benefit to the company. Aside, the company has partnered with wheelchair therapist to boost the condition that disables people are living in. Matthew through his charitable firms stands with an ambition of transforming the society and bring equality to all people regardless of the condition. Find More Additional Here.


Matthew Autterson has come up with many opportunities that are many benefits to the disabled group with the aim of integrating them as part of the society.



The Accomplishments of Matt Autterson

Matt Auterson currently serves as a board member and the president and CEO of CNS Bioscience Inc. The company was founded in 2013 by Scott Falci, M.D. CNS and is a drug development company that evaluates neuropathic pain medications in their clinical trial stage.


Autterson is also a FAB (Falci Adaptive Biosystems) board member and a prominent figure in the business community of Colorado. Autterson’s involvement in FAB is a clear reflection of his desire to provide philanthropic support to his community. FAB is committed to helping those with neuromotor disabilities connect with their communities and participate in activities that will increase confidence and promote well-being. He has also served in leadership roles in Denver, and Matthew Autterson has been on the board of directors for Denver Hospice, Denver Zoological Foundation and Denver Zoo.


Matt Autterson also has extensive experience in financial services, and has spent 25 years in the industry after beginning his career in the 1980s following college graduation. During this time, he served as president for one of the biggest charted financial institutions in the United States.


Matthew Autterson is a Michigan State University graduate, and has a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He then went on to attend the University of Denver’s Graduate Tax Program, and began his career at First Trust Corporation. After leaving First Trust in 1982 he collaborated with other professionals to charter a Colorado State trust company, which was a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc., a company based in New York. Autterson become president of Resources Trust Company in 1986. Fiserv from AIG acquired Resources Trust Company in 2001. The company had over $20 billion in custodial asserts and more than $1 billion in deposits. Find More Information Here.


Autterson’s leadership positions have assisted many in the Colorado business community to achieve their professional goals, and his efforts have aided in bettering the financial climate of the state. In addition to being part of the board for Denver’s zoo and zoological foundation, Matt Autterson has previously served as a member of the World Presidents Organization and the Young Presidents Organization to help train those who are interested in taking on leadership roles in the future.


USHEALTH Advisors are a team of marketers for the USHEALTH Group Company. They specialize in marketing the health insurance that their company offers.


The USHEALTH Advisors marketing team has had the BBB accreditation since 17th April 2013. The BBB rating system is a business profile that allows companies to handle customer complaints easily and efficiently.

Therefore, the BBB files at USHEALTH Advisors assist the team in handling any kind of customer care issues which are attributed to the marketing team. For example, if the consumers of USHEALTH complain that they are not getting the professionalism they desire when they contact the USHEALTH Advisors team. Another example of a complaint is when they do not receive expert calls or texts from the marketing team. These complaints will automatically trigger the professional and expert handling of the BBB system. The customers will get an apology and their issues will be addressed. However, the USHEALTH Advisors team has decided to deal with these problems in a long-term manner through professional and competent training for the agents.

USHEALTH Advisors salary

Averagely the USHEALTH Advisors salary is approximately 200,000 dollars annually for a Business Owner and 70, 341 dollars annually for a Licensed Agent. An Insurance Agent gets approximately 97,393 dollars every year and a Marketing Representative gets paid 75,000 dollars per year. Sales Representatives get approximately 95,000 dollars annually and Sales executives get 98,223 dollars annually. While outside sales representatives and the account manager are paid 100,000 dollars yearly a sales consultant is paid 74, 945 dollars annually. Most USHEALTH Advisors think this remuneration package is quite fair.

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How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Policy

Settling on the right form of life insurance can sometimes be confusing but is also a very important decision for all people to make.Freedom Life Insurance is crucial for people looking for life insurance plans to have the right knowledge that will assist them in choosing the appropriate insurance solutions that will best suit their needs. People should consider having a term life insurance in the case that they require life insurance for only a specified period. With the help of a term life insurance, an individual can match the duration of their term policy with the duration of their need. For instance, if a person has small kids and wants to secure their education future, they can purchase a term life insurance of 20 years. If a person wants the insurance to be able to repay a debt that can be paid off in a particular time period, they need to only purchase a term policy for only that period.

If an individual has a limited budget and requires a huge amount of life insurance, it is advisable that they choose a term life insurance.Freedom Life Insurance insurance plan pays only in case you pass on while the term of the policy is still active. In case the client is still alive as the term comes to an end, the coverage also steps unless they renew the policy or even buys a new one. This form of insurance is not similar to permanent insurance whereby a person can build up equity as cash savings. It is also advisable for an individual to consider convertible term policies if they believe that their financial needs may in the future change. This insurance plan enables a client to change to permanent insurance without the need for a medical examination.

It is however important for all life insurance customers to note that premiums are at their lowest when a person is young and then goes up as they get older. There are many companies that offer people life insurance policies at affordable rates. An example of such companies is Freedom Life Insurance. The company is involved in offering life insurance products and services. It also provides health, credit, accident as well as annuities products.

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Ushealth Advisors, the Desirable Destination for Every Employee

USHealth Advisors is one of the most active subsidiaries of USHealth Group Inc. It was founded in 2010 to specifically undertake marketing of product portfolio to enhance service delivery by the parent company. It is headquartered in Texas not far from USHealth Group, and also has various offices spread across the country in such areas like New Jersey, Texas, and Orlando among others. The satellite offices, just like the main office, have adequate staff that has always worked to ensure that the company offers exceptional service to the clients.

This company is described as an equal employer given that it employs agents that work freely and independently without being subjected to supervision. The agents hired by USHealth Advisors are always willing to work diligently and to help people without any kind of discrimination. Working with USHealth is a rare opportunity and those who get that chance always put it to a good use by being a good and dedicated employee. The company offers its workers various privileges which are very hard to come by for an employee.

Still talking about the privileges, those who get to work with USHealth Advisors enjoy exorbitant salaries. The first time agents get to walk home with a whopping salary of $90,000 at the end of every month. When the agent gains the status of a senior employee, this salary gets raised. It is the expectation of the company that these agents return the favor by giving their all to their duties to maximize the company gains. This insanely huge salary should be acting as a motivation for work.

Using keyword tool is the most convenient way to find data about Ushealth Advisors. With “Ushealth Advisors Agent Login” as the keyword, the tool comes handy in the analysis of massive data related to this company. Through the keyword tool, one will be able to get accurate images, search terms as well as top search words related to Ushealth Advisors. The tool also offers CPC, global search volume and competition for specific keywords and this has been very resourceful for online marketers, SEOers, and SEMers among other users. Visit Xrepublic at Facebook.

Troy McQuagge: Awarded for Being a Good Leader

USHEALTH Group is one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States. They offer high-quality insurance plans to everyone, and its affordability and reliability are what makes them different from the rest. The company currently has 15 million active customers, and they also employ a team of professionals who are working directly with their customers every day. Customers praised the excellent customer service from the USHEALTH Group, and they highly recommend the products and plans from the company. With the use of word of mouth advertising, the number of customers that the USHEALTH Group has kept on increasing.

Troy McQuagge, the chief executive officer of the USHEALTH Group, is responsible for the changes that are being implemented in the company. He wanted the USHEALTH Group to become more customer-centric, and thus, he greenlighted some policies that would protect the rights of their customers. It was also his idea to hire professionals who would handle the query and concern of their customers. Because of the excellent leadership that he is showing the employees at the USHEALTH Group, he was awarded the CEO of the Year award. The award was given by One Planet Awards, a prestigious award-giving body that recognizes the contribution of corporate executives around the world. They have several criteria before they award the recognition to an individual, and the judges thought that Troy McQuagge is the one that they are looking for, so they unanimously decided to hand him the award.

As this year’s recipient of the most prestigious award, Troy McQuagge cannot hide the delight on his face. He thanked everyone who supported him to get this award and promised that he would continue to do his best to serve the people who are putting their trust to USHEALTH Group. Troy McQuagge joined the health insurance company in 2010, and in just a short period, he was promoted to become the company’s chief executive officer. Under his leadership, the USHEALTH Group managed to post high revenues and profits, and it continued for the next few years. He contributed a lot to the growth of the company, and he even made it possible for other businesses to invest in the USHEALTH Group. It resulted in the USHEALTH Group’s increase in corporate value, and more people are starting to buy stocks from the company.

Troy McQuagge has several plans for the USHEALTH Group this year, and it involves the introduction of more health insurance plans that are suitable for everyone, regardless of their age and income. Troy McQuagge also stated his desire to put more professionals who will be working directly with their clients, because he believes that an excellent customer service is a secret in a successful business. Know more:

Preparing for a Preventive Life Line Screening

Cardiovascular diseases are a big problem for the American Population. Most cardiovascular problems begin with atherosclerosis, a problem, that detected early might lower the risk of future heart diseases. The patient can benefit after screening by applying some lifestyle changes or taking certain drugs, if necessary.

Life Line Screening is a health company that offers a thorough health screening to find any existing cardiovascular problems early on. The test looks for any underlying or developing heart problems such as irregular heartbeats, peripheral arterial disease, and aneurysms. The Life Line wellness company was founded in Texas in 1993. It is a company committed to improving the lives of individuals.

What to Expect When Going to a Screening

Upon arriving at the office, the welcome desk greets clients. A check-in-form is completed and, if necessary, payments are made. Paperwork is completed and turned in. The client waits for the technician to call them. Between tests, the client might have to return to the waiting room. A blood test is done which consists of having a blood sample taken with a finger stick. Body measurements might be taken. A bone density screening is done. For that shoes and socks are taken off and placed on an ultrasound machine. Bone density screening is only included in some screening programs. For a peripheral arterial disease screening, a technician places a pressure cuff around the upper arm and ankles. Electrodes are placed for the atrial fibrillation on the client on the collarbones or the wrists, as well as the ankles. This measures the electrical system of the heart for any irregularities. For a carotid artery screening, the client lies on the exam table. Placing gel on the neck, the technician runs a transducer on the neck to see the carotid arteries and assess the blood flow inside of them. In the abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, the gel is placed on the abdomen and, with the transducer, the technician checks for enlargements in the abdominal aorta. When the screening is complete, blood tests are given to the client, and the other results are given out through mail in 15 days. Meanwhile, the patient can share their results with their doctor. Life Line Screening also offers other tests, such as vitamin D, testosterone deficiency, thyroid disease, kidney disease, and type 2 diabetes screenings.

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Prevention is the best way to treat a disease. Symptoms of diseases may be absent, but the internal damage of the cardiovascular system is running and one day manifests. It is better to find out on time and take steps to prevent further complications. That is what Life Line Screening is all about.