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USHEALTH Advisors are a team of marketers for the USHEALTH Group Company. They specialize in marketing the health insurance that their company offers.


The USHEALTH Advisors marketing team has had the BBB accreditation since 17th April 2013. The BBB rating system is a business profile that allows companies to handle customer complaints easily and efficiently.

Therefore, the BBB files at USHEALTH Advisors assist the team in handling any kind of customer care issues which are attributed to the marketing team. For example, if the consumers of USHEALTH complain that they are not getting the professionalism they desire when they contact the USHEALTH Advisors team. Another example of a complaint is when they do not receive expert calls or texts from the marketing team. These complaints will automatically trigger the professional and expert handling of the BBB system. The customers will get an apology and their issues will be addressed. However, the USHEALTH Advisors team has decided to deal with these problems in a long-term manner through professional and competent training for the agents.

USHEALTH Advisors salary

Averagely the USHEALTH Advisors salary is approximately 200,000 dollars annually for a Business Owner and 70, 341 dollars annually for a Licensed Agent. An Insurance Agent gets approximately 97,393 dollars every year and a Marketing Representative gets paid 75,000 dollars per year. Sales Representatives get approximately 95,000 dollars annually and Sales executives get 98,223 dollars annually. While outside sales representatives and the account manager are paid 100,000 dollars yearly a sales consultant is paid 74, 945 dollars annually. Most USHEALTH Advisors think this remuneration package is quite fair.

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How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Policy

Settling on the right form of life insurance can sometimes be confusing but is also a very important decision for all people to make.Freedom Life Insurance is crucial for people looking for life insurance plans to have the right knowledge that will assist them in choosing the appropriate insurance solutions that will best suit their needs. People should consider having a term life insurance in the case that they require life insurance for only a specified period. With the help of a term life insurance, an individual can match the duration of their term policy with the duration of their need. For instance, if a person has small kids and wants to secure their education future, they can purchase a term life insurance of 20 years. If a person wants the insurance to be able to repay a debt that can be paid off in a particular time period, they need to only purchase a term policy for only that period.

If an individual has a limited budget and requires a huge amount of life insurance, it is advisable that they choose a term life insurance.Freedom Life Insurance insurance plan pays only in case you pass on while the term of the policy is still active. In case the client is still alive as the term comes to an end, the coverage also steps unless they renew the policy or even buys a new one. This form of insurance is not similar to permanent insurance whereby a person can build up equity as cash savings. It is also advisable for an individual to consider convertible term policies if they believe that their financial needs may in the future change. This insurance plan enables a client to change to permanent insurance without the need for a medical examination.

It is however important for all life insurance customers to note that premiums are at their lowest when a person is young and then goes up as they get older. There are many companies that offer people life insurance policies at affordable rates. An example of such companies is Freedom Life Insurance. The company is involved in offering life insurance products and services. It also provides health, credit, accident as well as annuities products.

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Ushealth Advisors, the Desirable Destination for Every Employee

USHealth Advisors is one of the most active subsidiaries of USHealth Group Inc. It was founded in 2010 to specifically undertake marketing of product portfolio to enhance service delivery by the parent company. It is headquartered in Texas not far from USHealth Group, and also has various offices spread across the country in such areas like New Jersey, Texas, and Orlando among others. The satellite offices, just like the main office, have adequate staff that has always worked to ensure that the company offers exceptional service to the clients.

This company is described as an equal employer given that it employs agents that work freely and independently without being subjected to supervision. The agents hired by USHealth Advisors are always willing to work diligently and to help people without any kind of discrimination. Working with USHealth is a rare opportunity and those who get that chance always put it to a good use by being a good and dedicated employee. The company offers its workers various privileges which are very hard to come by for an employee.

Still talking about the privileges, those who get to work with USHealth Advisors enjoy exorbitant salaries. The first time agents get to walk home with a whopping salary of $90,000 at the end of every month. When the agent gains the status of a senior employee, this salary gets raised. It is the expectation of the company that these agents return the favor by giving their all to their duties to maximize the company gains. This insanely huge salary should be acting as a motivation for work.

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Troy McQuagge: Awarded for Being a Good Leader

USHEALTH Group is one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States. They offer high-quality insurance plans to everyone, and its affordability and reliability are what makes them different from the rest. The company currently has 15 million active customers, and they also employ a team of professionals who are working directly with their customers every day. Customers praised the excellent customer service from the USHEALTH Group, and they highly recommend the products and plans from the company. With the use of word of mouth advertising, the number of customers that the USHEALTH Group has kept on increasing.

Troy McQuagge, the chief executive officer of the USHEALTH Group, is responsible for the changes that are being implemented in the company. He wanted the USHEALTH Group to become more customer-centric, and thus, he greenlighted some policies that would protect the rights of their customers. It was also his idea to hire professionals who would handle the query and concern of their customers. Because of the excellent leadership that he is showing the employees at the USHEALTH Group, he was awarded the CEO of the Year award. The award was given by One Planet Awards, a prestigious award-giving body that recognizes the contribution of corporate executives around the world. They have several criteria before they award the recognition to an individual, and the judges thought that Troy McQuagge is the one that they are looking for, so they unanimously decided to hand him the award.

As this year’s recipient of the most prestigious award, Troy McQuagge cannot hide the delight on his face. He thanked everyone who supported him to get this award and promised that he would continue to do his best to serve the people who are putting their trust to USHEALTH Group. Troy McQuagge joined the health insurance company in 2010, and in just a short period, he was promoted to become the company’s chief executive officer. Under his leadership, the USHEALTH Group managed to post high revenues and profits, and it continued for the next few years. He contributed a lot to the growth of the company, and he even made it possible for other businesses to invest in the USHEALTH Group. It resulted in the USHEALTH Group’s increase in corporate value, and more people are starting to buy stocks from the company.

Troy McQuagge has several plans for the USHEALTH Group this year, and it involves the introduction of more health insurance plans that are suitable for everyone, regardless of their age and income. Troy McQuagge also stated his desire to put more professionals who will be working directly with their clients, because he believes that an excellent customer service is a secret in a successful business. Know more:

Preparing for a Preventive Life Line Screening

Cardiovascular diseases are a big problem for the American Population. Most cardiovascular problems begin with atherosclerosis, a problem, that detected early might lower the risk of future heart diseases. The patient can benefit after screening by applying some lifestyle changes or taking certain drugs, if necessary.

Life Line Screening is a health company that offers a thorough health screening to find any existing cardiovascular problems early on. The test looks for any underlying or developing heart problems such as irregular heartbeats, peripheral arterial disease, and aneurysms. The Life Line wellness company was founded in Texas in 1993. It is a company committed to improving the lives of individuals.

What to Expect When Going to a Screening

Upon arriving at the office, the welcome desk greets clients. A check-in-form is completed and, if necessary, payments are made. Paperwork is completed and turned in. The client waits for the technician to call them. Between tests, the client might have to return to the waiting room. A blood test is done which consists of having a blood sample taken with a finger stick. Body measurements might be taken. A bone density screening is done. For that shoes and socks are taken off and placed on an ultrasound machine. Bone density screening is only included in some screening programs. For a peripheral arterial disease screening, a technician places a pressure cuff around the upper arm and ankles. Electrodes are placed for the atrial fibrillation on the client on the collarbones or the wrists, as well as the ankles. This measures the electrical system of the heart for any irregularities. For a carotid artery screening, the client lies on the exam table. Placing gel on the neck, the technician runs a transducer on the neck to see the carotid arteries and assess the blood flow inside of them. In the abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, the gel is placed on the abdomen and, with the transducer, the technician checks for enlargements in the abdominal aorta. When the screening is complete, blood tests are given to the client, and the other results are given out through mail in 15 days. Meanwhile, the patient can share their results with their doctor. Life Line Screening also offers other tests, such as vitamin D, testosterone deficiency, thyroid disease, kidney disease, and type 2 diabetes screenings.

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Prevention is the best way to treat a disease. Symptoms of diseases may be absent, but the internal damage of the cardiovascular system is running and one day manifests. It is better to find out on time and take steps to prevent further complications. That is what Life Line Screening is all about.

USHEALTH Group: Affordable and Reliable

Insurances are not just another expense that you have to pay – they are essential in every household because they provide peace of mind to everyone who purchased an insurance plan. Accidents, disasters, and even death happen unexpectedly, and insurance protects us from paying too much. People are changing their perception towards coverage, and more people are getting a plan for their family because they never know when a disaster or an accident would strike. Of all the insurance policies available in the world today, health insurance policies are the most in demand. It is also one of the handiest insurance policy available, because of its flexibility. Hospitalization and recovery are covered by health insurance policies, and it comes very handily especially if one travels frequently or has a family member who easily contracts diseases. Those without health insurance tend to pay much, and in a worst-case scenario, the payment for hospitalization results in bankruptcy. Read more XRepublic at

The USHEALTH Group is one of the largest insurance health companies in the United States today. They are also regarded as one of the most reliable businesses offering affordable health insurance policies. The company is headquartered in the city of Fort Worth, Texas, and more than 15 million people are benefitting from their insurance plans. The total number of policies given away by the USHEALTH Group is worth billions of dollars, and it is applicable for the next 50 years.

Since the establishment of the USHEALTH Group, they worked so hard to gain the people’s trust. They believe that trust is the first thing that has to be established to do great business, and they are right. Most of their clients have been working with them for several years, and because of the excellent customer service that they provide, these customers keep on coming back, tagging along with the family members and friends who would like to get their insurance plans from the HEALTH Group. Through the years of operation, the USHEALTH Group transformed into one of the largest companies in the United States, and it is also one of the leading companies in the insurance industry.

The USHEALTH Group employs talents who deal professionally with clients. They have undergone training which makes them suitable for the job, and they are trained to understand every insurance policy that the USHEALTH Group has to offer. The employment of these professionals also helps propel the USHEALTH Group into new heights, as more and more people are already transferring to them from other insurance companies because of their complete insurance plans available at a lower price.



Louis Chenevert Impact at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a known businessman who has held the position chairman and the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. During his time of service to the organization, he achieved great success. It’s believed that hard work triggered the success and undying belief in his ability to bring change in the industry. Under his guidance, this has enabled the organization to achieve great success in the period of economic recession. Unlike other agencies that were unable to withstand the pressure of the war, UTC was not affected much it continued with their undertakings.


Many organizations got affected and either closed the doors or reduces the employees. However, for the UTC they got hold of their staff without inflicting any negative impact in their lives. It was an essential step as the employees developed an inner belonging to the organization where they get dedicated to offering more to the group. The company, on the other hand, has benefitted from the move as they have had experience workers who can deliver services and goods at the required level. The organization ranking manifests it among the leading organizations in the industry. They now stand a better chance to rival the competitors. Louis places the companies name among the leaders in the aeronautical industry.


Among the notable success of the company is the maintenance of military and commercial clients. It is based on the fact that the company manufactures high-quality helicopters with more aggressive and long-lasting engines. Also, UTC Company also produces refrigeration and air conditioner. Other purposes of the group include the landing gear, brakes, flight controls and actuators.


Chenevert is a global leader who has been used by various organizations in the in management. His excellent leadership and knowledge in the vehicle industry get attributed to the many groups he has served. Besides being used in policy implementation and the administration of companies like the Pratt & Whitney and General Motors have prepared him well to serve in his capacity. Besides being a product of HEC Montreal guarantees him the right skills in all the administrative purposes of the organization. Surely Chenevert is a man to watch in the 21st century. His excellent skills and experience are a significant factor that will make him get more popular across the world.

Dr. AviWeisfogel: Specialist in Dentistry and Sleep Disorder

Sleep plays an instrumental role in maintaining good health and ensuring well-being. Getting enough and quality sleep at the appropriate time helps sustain physical and mental health as well as safety and the quality of life. Specialists recommend seven to nine hours of sleep every night and sleeping for periods lower than six hours may adversely impact a person’s health and appearance.

Recently, sleep technology has turned out to be an intriguing field of science. Specialists like Dr. AviWeisfogel have facilitated studies and research in this area, aiding the pioneering studies in dental sleep medicine. The endeavor has assisted patients across the world overcome sleep disorders. Dr. Wesfogel is an experienced dentist who is also knowledgeable in the field of sleep disorder and has the desire to share his skills with other practitioners. This has been his primary motivation towards the establishment of Healthy Heart Sleep, a channel that has influenced collaborations with other professionals with similar interests.

Dr. Weisfogel has successfully handled complex sleep-related problems including slip apnea. He resorted to educate other colleagues and physicians on how to diagnose and treat the condition. He founded the Unlimited Sleep Patient, which later became a platform where physicians could trade their knowledge in dentistry and sleep. Another brainchild of Dr. Weisfogel, Dental Sleep Masters, was established to handle a combination of sleep and dentistry disorders.

Due to his desire to assist fellow physicians achieve excellence in sleep medicine, Dr. Weisfogel operates a comprehensive health program comprised of daily communications through texts, phone calls, and emails. When he is not busy running his Old Bridge Dental Care practice, the sleep disorder specialist engages in sports. He is a desirous basketball enthusiast and a strong supporter of the New York Knicks. The doctor also follows major tennis events including the French Open and Wimbledon.



Louis Chenevert Leaves An Indelible Mark At The United Technologies Corporation (UTC)

When leaders leave an organization, their memories are quickly forgotten. However, this is not the case with Louis Chenevert, a transformative leader whose legacy at UTC continues to be envied. Chenevert is a business executive and innovator whose portfolio projects massive success. His career highlight includes enhancing the growth of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a company worth $100 billion, where he served as the president and CEO. Initially, Louis worked for General Motor as the general manager of St. Therese operation. Later, he joined Pratt & Whitney, a business unit of UTC. After working for the company for 6 years, Louis was appointed to serve as the president of the entire division, a position he held for 7 years before being elected the president and CEO of UTC.

Within a year, Louis Chenevert had achieved tremendous success. One of his achievements at UTC is the acquisition of Goodrich. He led the acquisition negotiations that resulted in purchase the company at a consideration of $18.4 billion. Louis fueled growth at UTC by investing in technology and people. His mission was to see the company grow and soar to greater heights. To promote a culture of investing in people, Louis spearheaded UTC’s Employee Scholar Program. This program supports employees interested in advancing their education in various fields. Since 1996, over 40,000 UTC employees have benefited from the program, as they have graduated with degrees in their respective fields. Chenevert allocated resources to cutting-edge technologies for purposes of promoting innovation.

The other notable achievements made by Louis Chenevert include success of Pratt & Whitney’s tender to supply F-35 engine to the US government and building the GTF engine that cost $10 million. Under the visionary leadership of Chenevert, Sikorsky, an aerospace unit of UTC, grew to become the leading helicopter manufacturer in the US. These impressive achievements were highlighted by Forbes, which mentioned that Chenevert was responsible for the success of the company. It went on to state that the leader has increased the market share of UTC. The celebrated leader left UTC in 2014. He was succeeded by Edward Kangas, who was an independent director. At UTC, Louis established a solid foundation that has continued to deliver impressive results even in his absence. Presently, he is an exclusive advisor at the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs Group. He targets opportunities in the industrial and aerospace industries.

Changing Lives At Market America Events

People are changing lives at Market America Events this season. Nothing is more powerful than the feeling that comes from attending these seminars of a lifetime. You and other people who are ready to make their future brighter, you need to attend one of these incredible celebrations of success in life. Market America has been changing the way people think of business since their earliest days.

In this country, no other business opportunities provides more independence to more people than the Market America programs. America has so many people searching for success, it was inevitable that someone would come up with such a great way to dream build for the future. Market America Events are life changing, but also self affirming. We try to make the individual person see their own bigger picture. Our goals are structured so that anyone can take a chance, without risking themselves or anything important. Instead, we teach people to build their dreams with what they have and then work their way to the top. Market America is about showing people the path to their own person success, not the road to someone else’s dreams. Building success is something everyone can achieve, but only a few eagles ever dare.

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