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Andrea McWilliams: The Story Of A Highly Successful Political Fundraiser

Andrea McWilliams is known across the U.S as a leading political fundraiser and lobbyist. Her strategies have proved to be very effective in raising the targeted funds within the stipulated time. The Austin-based fundraiser has actively involved in various issues from the private sector to public sector and proved to be the most effective personality in fundraising in the recent times. She is also featured in many national and international news media including BBC, CNN, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, FOX News, etc.

Andrea McWilliams is highly influential in Texas political circles, and she is also the founder of McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants. Her success in lobbyist has helped her to be named as the top lobbyist in Texas by the Austin Business Journal in 2009. Andrea McWilliams and her husband, Dean McWilliams, the co-founder of the firm are actively involved in various policy making both legislative and regulatory for their clients. Interestingly, they have represented both Republicans and Democrats in lobbying and fundraising.

She has campaigned and lobbied for philanthropy as well. She has included in many non-profit philanthropy organizations’ boards including Rise Across Texas Challenge, HeartGift, the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Mexi‚ÄďArte Museum, Arthouse, the Waterloo President’s Council, Pioneer Farms, etc. Andrea McWilliams is involved in campaigns for organizations working for Cancer and Breast Cancer treatment and research including KillCancer and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. To support the Center for Child Protection, she showcased her dancing skills in “Dancing With The Stars” fundraising event.

Her efforts have helped her to win Austin Business Journal’s “Profiles in Power” award and the “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist” award from the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Andrea McWilliams also received “Woman of Distinction” Award from Girl Scouts of Central Texas. Additionally, she got Style Setter” award by Austin Fashion Week.