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Igor Cornelson’s Three International Investing Tips for Brazil (& Beyond!)

Igor Cornelson is an investor and well-known retired banker from Brazil. He has released three very helpful tips to help you maximize your gains and avoid common pittfalls when investing in the Brazillian market. After finding an authorized bank to assist with both foreign exchange and local regulations, the tips can also be applied generally to international investing, as many countries likely have similar pitfalls.

  1. Be sure to research all of the currency laws and restrictions, as they vary greatly depending on the type of transaction. It is important as an investor to know the restrictions.
  1. Network with the local natives. Brazil businesses thrive through relationship based sales and networking with the locals. In fact, One in four of Brazilians between the ages of 18-64 are “self-starters” in business. Brazil as a culture is open and conversational; the aforementioned “self-starters” would gladly provide invaluable feedback and advice whenever solicited. Outside of Brazil, networking with locals in their native country who are business savvy can help you gain insight into the local market.
  1. Get ready for a lot of issues with regulations (otherwise referred to as “red tape”). The Brazilian government has a lot of said “red tape“. As mentioned in the first tip, you will want to make sure you are familiar with the restrictions specific to the type of transaction as well. The Brazilian government is known for having lots of restrictions but under-performing, so issues are quite common.

The Brazilian market is indeed growing, but it is still quite delicate in the economic waters. It’s quite telling that even after retiring from banking and moving to Florida, Igor Cornelson still has a Brazilian investment firm helping international investors. His sage advice has helped many grow their personal investment portfolio while navigating the tricky waters of international investment.

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Troy McQuagge: Recognizing a Hardworking Man’s Effort

The chief executive office of the USHealth Group, Troy McQuagge, was given the Gold Winner distinction and the CEO of the Year award during the culmination of the One Planet Awards. The award is given by the One Planet Awards, one of the most prestigious award giving bodies in the corporate world. The award is being given to honor every industries around the world showcasing excellent performance in doing business and profession. The award giving body is encouraging every organization on the planet to submit eligible nominations, and it includes a vast array of organizations including private and public organizations, profit and non-profit organizations, and even small startups and large corporations.

Troy McQuagge became a part of the USHealth Group in 2010 and he set his goal to turn the company from a small scale performer to one of the most competitive companies in the industry. He managed to rebuild the company’s distribution agency, becoming one of the top performing arms of the USHealth Group. He succeeded in reshaping the USHealth Advisors arm, and because of his achievements, he was elected as the company’s president in 2014. His leadership with the USHealth Group resulted to the success of the company, and he registered record breaking profits and revenues. The company grew exponentially under his leadership, and his tenure resulted in the right management of all the smaller arms working under the umbrella of the USHealth Group. The company also became one of the most competitive in the health insurance market, and the number of customers who are getting insurance policies from them swelled to more than 15 million people. Troy McQuagge stated how grateful he is receiving the award, and he added that he will keep on doing his best to contribute for the company’s success. He also thanked the employees working for the USHealth Group, and he highlighted that they are the ones to be thanked for the success that the company is experiencing. He added that without them, the company would never be able to do such feat, and every small contribution that each employee makes results to the success of the USHealth Group.

According to Troy McQuagge, the award that was given to him is a testament to the commitment of the USHealth Group to provide affordable and reliable healthcare to every person in the United States. The coverage that the USHealth Group provides shows how the company cares for the people.

The USHealth Group is a health insurance provider in the US. They are known to provide affordable and reliable health insurance plans to customers, and gives them the freedom to customize their coverage. The USHealth Group has transformed to become one of the most competitive in the industry. Visit:

Troy McQuagge-The Golden CEO

Troy McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida and started his career in sales, with bias towards health insurance sales. He started out with All State Insurance in 1983 before moving on in 1995 to join UICI/Health Market.

USHEALTH and One Planet Awards

McQuagge then took up a job in 2010 with USHEALTH Group’s subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors, coming as the subsidiaries Chief executive officer and President. USHEALTH is a firm that sells health insurance to a wide demographic of people, with their main focus being on owners of small businesses and those engaged in self -employment. The organization is headquartered in Ft. Worth, Texas and has an objective of providing its target market with innovative health insurance cover by providing excellent customer service coupled with insurance covers that are competitive in the market and affordable to those who take them up. McQuagge got nominated for the One Planet Awards after leading USHEALTH Advisors to unprecedented growth and profitability.

One Planet Awards

Early this year in January, Mr. McQuagge was awarded the Chief Executive Officer of the year award(Gold Winner Category) in the One Planet Awards, the awards is a world award program that honors excellence in the business and also professional fields in all the industries from anywhere around the world. Entry to participate is open to all organizations worldwide and includes categories for both profit and non-profit entities, private companies and even public entities, organization size also does not matter, both established and startup organizations can participate.


The awards acknowledge businesses for excelling in professionalism and business and has awards conferred in various categories which include executive awards, like the one McQuagge won, Public Relations , Marketing, other categories include Corporate Communications, Team awards and awards for a new product or service. In accepting his award, Mr. McQuagge said he was honored to have won the awards and dedicated the award to everyone at USHEALTH Group, saying it the company’s testimonial in its commitment towards helping their customers to solve the problem of having an affordable healthcare insurance cover that can grow in tandem with the growth of their healthcare insurance cover needs.

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USHEALTH Advisors are a team of marketers for the USHEALTH Group Company. They specialize in marketing the health insurance that their company offers.


The USHEALTH Advisors marketing team has had the BBB accreditation since 17th April 2013. The BBB rating system is a business profile that allows companies to handle customer complaints easily and efficiently.

Therefore, the BBB files at USHEALTH Advisors assist the team in handling any kind of customer care issues which are attributed to the marketing team. For example, if the consumers of USHEALTH complain that they are not getting the professionalism they desire when they contact the USHEALTH Advisors team. Another example of a complaint is when they do not receive expert calls or texts from the marketing team. These complaints will automatically trigger the professional and expert handling of the BBB system. The customers will get an apology and their issues will be addressed. However, the USHEALTH Advisors team has decided to deal with these problems in a long-term manner through professional and competent training for the agents.

USHEALTH Advisors salary

Averagely the USHEALTH Advisors salary is approximately 200,000 dollars annually for a Business Owner and 70, 341 dollars annually for a Licensed Agent. An Insurance Agent gets approximately 97,393 dollars every year and a Marketing Representative gets paid 75,000 dollars per year. Sales Representatives get approximately 95,000 dollars annually and Sales executives get 98,223 dollars annually. While outside sales representatives and the account manager are paid 100,000 dollars yearly a sales consultant is paid 74, 945 dollars annually. Most USHEALTH Advisors think this remuneration package is quite fair.

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Ushealth Advisors, the Desirable Destination for Every Employee

USHealth Advisors is one of the most active subsidiaries of USHealth Group Inc. It was founded in 2010 to specifically undertake marketing of product portfolio to enhance service delivery by the parent company. It is headquartered in Texas not far from USHealth Group, and also has various offices spread across the country in such areas like New Jersey, Texas, and Orlando among others. The satellite offices, just like the main office, have adequate staff that has always worked to ensure that the company offers exceptional service to the clients.

This company is described as an equal employer given that it employs agents that work freely and independently without being subjected to supervision. The agents hired by USHealth Advisors are always willing to work diligently and to help people without any kind of discrimination. Working with USHealth is a rare opportunity and those who get that chance always put it to a good use by being a good and dedicated employee. The company offers its workers various privileges which are very hard to come by for an employee.

Still talking about the privileges, those who get to work with USHealth Advisors enjoy exorbitant salaries. The first time agents get to walk home with a whopping salary of $90,000 at the end of every month. When the agent gains the status of a senior employee, this salary gets raised. It is the expectation of the company that these agents return the favor by giving their all to their duties to maximize the company gains. This insanely huge salary should be acting as a motivation for work.

Using keyword tool is the most convenient way to find data about Ushealth Advisors. With “Ushealth Advisors Agent Login” as the keyword, the tool comes handy in the analysis of massive data related to this company. Through the keyword tool, one will be able to get accurate images, search terms as well as top search words related to Ushealth Advisors. The tool also offers CPC, global search volume and competition for specific keywords and this has been very resourceful for online marketers, SEOers, and SEMers among other users. Visit Xrepublic at Facebook.

USHEALTH Group: Affordable and Reliable

Insurances are not just another expense that you have to pay – they are essential in every household because they provide peace of mind to everyone who purchased an insurance plan. Accidents, disasters, and even death happen unexpectedly, and insurance protects us from paying too much. People are changing their perception towards coverage, and more people are getting a plan for their family because they never know when a disaster or an accident would strike. Of all the insurance policies available in the world today, health insurance policies are the most in demand. It is also one of the handiest insurance policy available, because of its flexibility. Hospitalization and recovery are covered by health insurance policies, and it comes very handily especially if one travels frequently or has a family member who easily contracts diseases. Those without health insurance tend to pay much, and in a worst-case scenario, the payment for hospitalization results in bankruptcy. Read more XRepublic at

The USHEALTH Group is one of the largest insurance health companies in the United States today. They are also regarded as one of the most reliable businesses offering affordable health insurance policies. The company is headquartered in the city of Fort Worth, Texas, and more than 15 million people are benefitting from their insurance plans. The total number of policies given away by the USHEALTH Group is worth billions of dollars, and it is applicable for the next 50 years.

Since the establishment of the USHEALTH Group, they worked so hard to gain the people’s trust. They believe that trust is the first thing that has to be established to do great business, and they are right. Most of their clients have been working with them for several years, and because of the excellent customer service that they provide, these customers keep on coming back, tagging along with the family members and friends who would like to get their insurance plans from the HEALTH Group. Through the years of operation, the USHEALTH Group transformed into one of the largest companies in the United States, and it is also one of the leading companies in the insurance industry.

The USHEALTH Group employs talents who deal professionally with clients. They have undergone training which makes them suitable for the job, and they are trained to understand every insurance policy that the USHEALTH Group has to offer. The employment of these professionals also helps propel the USHEALTH Group into new heights, as more and more people are already transferring to them from other insurance companies because of their complete insurance plans available at a lower price.