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Cardiologists Like Edward Honig Are Hard To Come By These Days

Updated for 6/30/2017:
Noted Mets fan Dr. Edward Honig wrote an opinion piece for Skyscraper Sports about the Mets lackluster season. Not exactly cardiology related, but an interesting portrait of the doctor, and definitely an interesting read if you have any interest in baseball. Honig is a long suffering Mets fan.

The world of cardiology is vast and for most people, difficult to comprehend. It revolves around the make-up and functionality of one of the body’s most intricate and complex organs – the heart. So when it comes to your own heart, finding a competent cardiologist like Edward Honig is important to both your comfort level when dealing with heart problems, as well as the trust you have in your doctor to do what is right for you.


A cardiologist performs a wide range of services for patients. From general check-ups and preventative care, to surgery, your cardiologist is a well-trained professional with substantial knowledge of this important organ. Unfortunately, most people put off visiting their cardiologist until a problem presents itself. They fail to be proactive and visit – even annually – for routine checkups to take preventative measures on issues before they present themselves.


While ensuring your doctor is well-versed in the field, you also want to find someone with good bedside manner that takes the time to explain things to you so you fully understand a particular problem. This is what sets Edward Honig apart from many of his peers. He is not only an exceptional cardiologist, but he has a passion for ensuring his patients have a full understanding of everything pertaining to their treatment. He has not lost his compassion for humanity and still sees his patients as people instead of just another item to check off the daily quota list.


Now, finding a cardiologist like Edward Honig can be a frustrating process, but simple to begin. Generally, all you have to do is browse online and compare reviews and experiences that other people have shared. Just be sure that while searching you do your due diligence and take your time reading each and every bit of information available. Because as mentioned above, you do not want someone who is careless responsible for preserving one of the most important organs in your body.

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