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Bruce Levenson’s Successful Philanthropic Project

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland has grown into one of the leading schools for philanthropic interests in Washington D.C. thanks to Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen. The Levensons first donated the seed money for the school three years ago and have followed their initial donation with a major gift.

The Center has courses that are focused on donating towards not-for-profit organizations that they deem worth of the funds. The Center has also opened a new dorm for incoming Freshman students as well as created an abroad program where graduate students can work and focus on worthy causes in other countries.

According to the Levensons, the object of the Center is two-fold. First, by having the Center it is almost guaranteeing that every graduate from the University of Maryland will be well versed in philanthropic issues. Secondly, the Center is giving students the skills they need to be the next generation of leaders in the non-profit sector.

Many of the students who graduate from the program go on to find careers in the places they did their fellowships. Many are sought after for positions. Some graduated even start their own not-for-profit causes.

The Levensons are proud to see the Center helping both the local and international community through higher education. They call the Center the cause they support that will bring the most good to the world.

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