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Bruce Levenson Gives Back To The Community

United Communications Group, a Maryland-based information publishing company, is supporting many philanthropy initiatives. Since their inception in 1977, the team at this corporation has excelled as an exceptional news and data analytics provider while simultaneously serving local and national communities. According to Bruce Levenson, who is the co-founder of United Communications Group, participating in charitable causes is an important component of the company’s business philosophy. Educational Community Outreaches Shortly after their launch, United Communications Group started their volunteer endeavors by serving as the corporate sponsor of the Washington D.C.-based I Have a Dream Foundation, which is a outreach dedicated to helping inner city children prepare for their higher education dreams. Over a twelve year span, the employees act as mentors, pals, and tutors as they support students with a variety of events throughout each school year like sports games and picnics as well as celebrations and accomplishments. Moreover, by partnering with educators, The United Communication Group’s volunteers inspire children to excel academically. Remarkably, following the completion of the program, the I Have a Dream Foundation provides roughly sixty youth with full college tuition. Resolving Crisis Situations September 11 After the collapse of the World Trade Centers, Levenson contributed $150,000 on behalf of the United Communications Group to the Pentagon Relief Fund and the New York Fireman’s Fund. In addition, this prominent entrepreneur led an event with roughly 700 employees that would stimulate Washington D.C. and New York City’s tourist revenue. Hurricane Katrina With the utilization of an collection of emergency related resources, Levenson and his team facilitated the relocation of nine families from New Orleans, Louisiana to the Washington D.C. vicinity. This meticulously coordinated movement involved helping individuals with finding jobs, supporting children during school transitions, providing furniture for apartments, and donating approximately $80,000 to families awaiting government assistance. Indonesian Tsunami Following this devastating event, United Communications Group partnered with AmeriCares to contribute roughly $110,000 for the development of a fully equipped primary care facility that would serve the most impacted areas. Earthquakes in Haiti and Japan In order to support families during the unexpected earthquakes, Levenson led an emergency relief initiative that involved delivering medical supplies to the victims residing in Japan and Haiti. Additional Volunteer Efforts The employees at United Communications Group participate in many volunteer projects alongside their crisis interventions and educational outreaches. These additional charitable efforts include proving supportive homes for trouble youths, participating in Red Cross blood drives, supplying food and clothing to underprivileged families, preparing high school students for competitive and enriching careers, partnering with businesses to improve public school schools, and donating toys to children organizations. About Bruce Levenson Levenson is one of the primary leaders of United Communication Group where he is presented with the opportunity to oversee the operations of each partner company across the United States. With a degree from Washington University and American University as well as thirty years of business experience, he is well-equipped to drive the corporation to unprecedented success.

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