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Brown Modeling Agency makes the news

Tonight was the night that came together perfectly with the help of the community. The Formula One Party that housed the launch of the Brown Modeling Agency went off without a hitch and introduced the city of Austin to a new source of talent. With Tameca Jones providing vocals throughout the night, all attending celebrated the launch with optimism as they watched the talent Brown brought to the table strut down the runway.

The world of fashion and talent can be very competitive. Headquartered in Austin, Brown Modeling Agency is set to make waves in the industry. With top names in the industry at the reigns, this is one agency that is set to provide the highest quality of talent around. With brand names such as Louis Vuitton, Toyota, L’oreal and hundreds of others under their belt you can see why only those seeking the best use Brown Modeling Agency.

Launched officially in September 2015, Brown has already developed a status for itself as being the best. All of the models are prepped on the larger market level with the guidance of Justin Brown, CEO and founder of the talent agency. From acting to modeling, they shape and mold their talent to be able to have them dominate any performance they are put in.

After merging with Heyman Talent-South to become a full-service agency, Brown has branded itself as the “go-to” agency for high quality talent. Michael B. Bonnée has his focus on the theatrical division while Justin Brown focuses on the fashion division. Combined both form one of the largest talent agencies under one roof in Texas alone.

Looking to become a fashion model? Need expert advice on how to rise to the top and stand out from all the others? In the digital age it may just be as easy as sending photographs. Traditionally scouts would go looking for talent but those who are confident and secure can boost themselves into the limelight by sending a portfolio of photographs to an agency such as Brown Modeling Agency.

If interested in becoming a model or a theatrical talent, there is only one unfailing place to go. Don’t be afraid to thrust yourself into the lead, it’s all about confidence. With experience behind them and two bright young men at the helm, Brown is only going to dominate the talent sphere in Austin and spaces beyond. After merging together just one short year ago, some say that Brown Modeling Agency has already revolutionized the talent industry.

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