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Brian Bonar The Marketing Liasion With The Golden Touch

Everyone loves to be rewarded for their hard work. The highest honor of the Who’s Who Among Executive of Finance went to Brian Bonar for the year 2010. He certainly deserves such an acknowledgment, especially since he has so many personal and professional accomplishments. He is known as a leader, and many respects him due to his leadership abilities. With three decades of management and helping others to realize their full potential, he certainly was a shew-in for this recognition.

There’s something special about Bonar. It’s not because he holds three degrees from various universities, but he is a marketing liaison. He is a risk taker, and he never meets a challenge he cannot find an answer for. He has many affiliations, including the American Finance Association and Dalrada Financial. He has been a CEO working with Dalrada for more than 10 years.

He is concerned about the company’s finances, but he specifically concentrates on their employee benefits packages and overall efficiency strategies. Employee retention is a big part of any companies’ concerns, and he ensures that the employees are well taken care of and happy. Something the company dearly appreciates.

Though many know about Bonar and his professional accomplishments, few know the many times he’s fallen. It’s not how many times you fall, but how many times a person gets back up that counts. He has faced scrutiny and been about to throw the towel in on numerous occasions. However, he never lets things get him down. Take for instance one of his latest ventures.

According to Crunchbase and San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar bought 144 acres of land in a rustic part of Escondido, CA. The land had an old building that had seen better days. While others saw that this place was truly a disaster, he saw in it a pearl that needed to be polished. He hired one of the best French chefs he could, and he went to work cleaning up the land.

Bellamy’s is a French work of art. The naysayers came out in droves, even putting newspaper ads in talking about his bold move. However, Bonar showed them all. Bellamy’s is emerging as a fascinating restaurant and hotel with exquisite food.

Brian is a Scottish entrepreneur that has had his hand in many business ventures over the years. He is known for his expertise in mergers and acquisitions. He started his career working for IBM, and he stayed with them for over 16 years. Using his mechanical engineering degree, he created Beziers Systems, which is still a profitable entity to this day.

He has always been a strategy oriented person, but his co-workers love the fact that he has sales and marketing traits that can enhance any business. Using his extensive experience in the many industries, whatever he touches seems to turn to gold. Certainly, Brian Bonar deserves this award and any more that come along the way.

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