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Blind Autistic Teenager Becomes Homecoming King at South Plantation High School

Robert Woodruff, 17, also known as “Dr. Bob” and “Dr. Cookies,” was recently crowned homecoming king at South Plantation High School, school which is located in Florida.


When the administrators from South Plantation High announced the 17-year-old as the winner, his classmates became excited and deeply moved. Robert, who is autistic and blind, enthusiastically “campaigned” at his school. He passed out fliers, pasted posters around the school and urged students to support him. Robert, who is also an exceptional student with a GPA of 3.9, hopes that he has motivated other students with disabilities. The teenager has also participated in famous plays. For example, he recently played the “Pied Piper of Hamelin”, which was part of South Plantation High’s “Shrek the Musical.”


Robert has a very prominent reputation in his school. Students love him because of his personality and his merits. According to James Woodruff, Robert’s father, he dreaded the times when his son was going to start high School. James thought that Robert would suffer from bullying, but he was wrong. Christy Henschel, the principal of South Plantation High School, thinks that Robert represents what it is to be homecoming king. Isaac Sankersingh, a very good friend of Robert, sees his friend as an icon. Sankersingh also thinks that Robert is the epitome of South Plantation High School. He represents this school in very aspect.


Robert is definitely a character, and he has earned his reputation. Sankersingh, for example, says that he encountered Robert during a bad day. It was his birthday, and he was forced by his instructors to attend a play after school. Robert, in order to console his future friend, congratulated him for his birthday and gave him cookies. Hence, this is how Robert obtained the nickname of “Dr. Cookies.” The nickname “Dr. Bob” derives back since Robert was a freshman. His science teacher named him like this. Also, Robert attends every single event from his school, whether athletic or artistic.


Life has not been easy for Robert and his parents. Robert had to prove that he was fit for conventional classrooms. Thus, he had to take a lot of exams, and his parents had to deal with a lot of meetings and with administrators. According to Henschel, Robert is very independent. He has actually exceeded her expectations and is doing very good in school. But he does need some assistance, like in mathematics. Robert has an aid that accompanies him to his math class. He reads for him. Since Robert cannot rely on photographs, he has to record conversations. Robert wants to go to college. He will go to Florida Gulf Coast University in order to study broadcasting. Robert’s passion is broadcasting; he loves the radio. The teenager is also fond of music from the 1960s and 70s. Frank Sinatra is one of his favorite musicians.




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