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Betsy Devos Has Lauded Black Colleges As Being The Pioneers Of Choice

Betsy DeVos is the new Secretary of Education. This was announced by President Trump recently. She has recently released a statement which illustrates the proposals of her administration that will help to develop the underserved communities.

This statement mentions that Black Colleges and Universities have historically been the real pioneers with regard to school choice.

According to Los Angeles Times, she believes in providing more options to students. She feels this will ensure that they get greater access along with much greater quality. More options will help the students to flourish.

Historically speaking, these Black Colleges and Universities can be considered as those institutions were set up in the aftermath of the American Civil War. Hence they allowed citizens and all races to study.

This is why Betsy DeVos is considering these colleges and universities as the pioneers for providing “school choice.”

In fact, she is trying to ‘advance God’s kingdom.’ This is possible only through the system of human schools.

Betsy DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos, who is the son of the founder of Amway. She has been in business all her life.

She has advocated school choice for a long time. She knows that she was able to send her kids to any school of her choice. But there are many people who do not have this opportunity. Hence she wants that all should be given this option for making a choice. This is why she has always favored voucher programs and charter schools.

Besides, she has also realized that for many parents, it is not easy to pay tuition fees. She has always been known for her philanthropy. Hence she has taken a few students under her tutelage in Michigan. This number has been steadily growing over the years.

Betsy DeVos has a long range vision when she talks about the option of school choice. She realized that the education received by her, her children or even her husband had made them who they are. She believes that only public schools are having the capability of imparting that education. Besides, it should be everyone’s right and not be limited to only a chosen few. This is why she has always been strongly advocating for this cause.

Betsy DeVos also believes that the present education scenario is not enough to fulfill the American dream. Hence children have to be given the right kind of education in order to achieve the American dream. This is why public schooling is so important. Now that she is the Secretary of Education, she plans to turn her dreams into reality. She also wants the federal reserves to be diverted in that direction so that this kind of education becomes accessible to all.

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