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Being Successful in Your Career by Ignoring the Freudian Experts

There are many frustrated people in workforces these days. Forbes reports that 52.3% of Americans are unhappy at their job. Many people, when going into school, listened to what their parents or teachers said was the high paying career. They did not consider what they actually would enjoy doing. Perhaps this explains the wide spread misery on the job. Mainstream psychology based on Freud says that we are a product of our desires and environment. If we can alter our environment, than we can alter the individual. Most American education models are based on this principle.

Freud’s rival, Carl Jung, thought differently. While agreeing that environment does play a role, Jung felt that there are certain natural traits or preferences that each person possesses that do not change with their environment. In other words, if you are naturally a creative person, you will always be bored with a practical environment, no matter how often you are exposed to it. Jung’s work was developed further by the mother daughter team Myers-Briggs to create the 16 personality natural type system. While many experts criticize it as not accurate, the Myers-Briggs psychological test remains one of the top tools that businesses and individuals use to evaluate their brain.

Business Insider published an excellent article about what personalities correspond to what jobs. This tool can be used by the job seeker to decide if their current career is a good fit for them, or if they need to consider making a change. Dr. Dario Nardi of UCLA further fine-tuned Myers-Briggs work to come up with an extremely accurate cognitive function test that helps individuals find their best fit personality. The nice thing about the keys2cognition test is it separates cognitive functions from just the ordinary personality type tests. Ordinary personality type tests often fail to distinguish between internal and external processing. Combining Dr. Nardi’s test with the Business Insider chart can be a helpful way for a disgruntled worker to see where they might be falling short in their career. Another more extensive resource for good jobs matched with the Myers-Briggs assessment is Truity. Truity offers an extremely thorough list of jobs for each Myers-Briggs type, so you will never lack for options in exploring an ideal and enjoyable career.

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