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Avaaz is Determined to Tackle World Plastics Pollution Head-On

A frightening environmental crisis has been building around the planet in recent decades and it may have already reached a critical point. It’s the pollution of our oceans and rivers with billions of tons of plastics. The synthetic substance is choking sea creatures, clogging streams, rivers and tributaries while also poisoning the food chain.

This is exactly the kind of entrenched world problem that a group called Avaaz will not take sitting down. Avaaz is the largest and most active online activist organization in the world. It has an international membership approaching 50 million concerned global citizens. The group is now embarking on an aggressive fundraising campaign so that it can take on the plastic pollution crisis head-on.

Avaaz has a three-part plan. They intend to hire plastics experts and send them to 10 rivers around the world where plastics have been identified as major pollutants. Once the experts access the magnitude of the problem, they can devise a plan to reverse the problem.

Avaaz also wants to launch a massive public information campaign to raise awareness about the mounting threat of plastics. And third, Avaaz wants to send lobbyists to work with government officials in those countries where the 10-most plastics polluted rivers are located.

The plastics effort is typical of the kind of projects Avaaz tackles. But the group also does so much more. Other examples are major programs to fight poverty, provide aid to refugees from war-torn countries and advocating for the rights of people that are politically oppressed by authoritarian governments.

Avaaz has been doing its good work since it was founded in 2007. The group has achieved amazing results. It has solved or alleviating some of the world’s most pressing and entrenched problems.

Anyone living anywhere in the world with access to a computer and the Internet can join Avaaz by signing up on the group’s website,

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