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Almost 1,000 Miners Resurface After 30 Hours

The Beatrix gold mine is located in the small, South African town of Theunissen. The nearest city is Welkom. Recently, 955 South African gold miners became trapped underground, when a severe storm caused a detrimental power outage. The miners’ lifts could not bring miners on the night shift back up to the surface world without electricity.

The miners stayed underground for over a day, however, they are reported to be unharmed after being rescued. Engineers worked tirelessly for several hours to provide sufficient power to hoist the miners up and out of the mine shaft. Finally, the miners, who had been underground since Wednesday morning, were hoisted out of the hole, when power was restored to the mine.

Ambulances appeared on the scene, alongside anxious family members who had been there since word of the mine’s power outage had spread. Fortunately, none of the miners had procured anything over minor injuries and had not fallen ill to any diseases. A spokesman for the owners of the mine, Sibayne Gold, announced that everyone was out, and reported merely cases of dehydration and high blood pressure, “but nothing serious.”

Both Silbayne and emergency medical employees had been supplying the miners with enough food and water to survive the power outage. The growing concern for those involved in the rescue were miners who were scheduled to take medication. The mine’s engineers were called to the situation and exhausted their efforts over the course of a few hours to restore power to the machines set to raise and lower the miners underground.

By the following day, one cable had been repaired and 65 miners were rescued. That evening the remaining gold miners followed suit, resurfacing to the happy faces of their friends and loved ones all around.

The AMCU, or Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union considers the incident an extreme occurrence due primarily to how many workers were involved. All of the captured gold miners were at risk while trapped underground. Just last year, a group of gold miners died when a mine collapsed on top of them near Johannesburg, after all.

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