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Alexei Beltyukov – Paving the way to Success

Alexei Beltyukov left the medical career that he was pursuing to enter the world of business. He began attending the French business school, INSEAD in 1995 and earned his MBA in 1997. From 1998 to 2003 Alexei worked as an associate of McKinsey & Co. and was later promoted to Engagement Manager.

Since 2003, with a true entreprenurial spirit, Alexei has gone on to explore several different avenues of business, founding and co-founding an extensive list of successful companies. From 2003 to 2004 he was Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for an investment company, Brunswick Capital, and an Executive Director for a management company, Renova Project. Later, he later became the CEO and a Board Member for Renova Project.

Not stopping there, he went on to start A-Ventures, New Gas Technoligies, Mechanicus, and Endemic Capital. In addition to the businesses he has helped start, Alexei Beltyukov serves on the Board of Directors of FORO Energy as an observer.

Alexei’s most recent venture is Solvy, an online math resource for high school students and their math instructors. This software program will provide students with tips and hints on how to conquer the mystery of math and using math to solve real life problems. The biggest advantage for the student is the ability to get immediate feedback after they solve a math problem. From an educator’s point of view, teachers will be able to assess their student’s math abilities easier and can provide extra help where needed.

Not only is Alexei Beltyukov a successful entrepreneur, he is a philanthropist as well. Wanting to help the institution that he credits with his success, he helped set up the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD. The scholarship is to give financial aid to Russian students who might otherwise be unable to attend school. Alexei and his classmates have donated more than $150k to INSEAD. As Vice President of the Skolkova Foundation, Alexei Beltyukov also helps provide government grants to other entrepreneurs seeking business start-up capital in Russia.

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