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Adam Sender’s Gift To The Art Community

The world of art collecting is a fantastic and mysterious place. It is a place where collectors amass the best works of all historical eras, including today. Each collector goes on a great journey to find each piece. Every piece has a specific and special story. Hedge fund manager turned art collector Adam Sender has brought together some of the finest pieces of art ever created. The amazing thing is, he allows others the joy of seeing his collection.

The setting is Miami. Adam Sender sends out invitations for his friends and associates toto take pleasure in viewing his collection. Of his over 1000 works, he has put on display hundreds of them for others. The selling prices of his pieces number into the millions of dollars. It is important to share the gift of art. The artist crafted it for people to see, otherwise why create it in the first place? Sender understands this concept, and puts it to good use.

He also has a knack for spotting up and coming artists. Some of his pieces were purchased way under the value that they are today. The ability to spot the trends in the ever changing art world is a fine skill indeed. He has continuously loaned pieces out to various museums, including the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art. Young artists such as Frank Benson and Diana Al-Hadid are the staple of his collection, but you can find great pieces by Sarah Lucas and Cindy Sherman. Often, the works he chooses to put on display have never before been see publicly in the United States. He truly wants to share these works with the world.

I respect and appreciate what Mr. Sender has done for the art community. He could hoard his collection in his basement somewhere, letting their beauty accumulate dust. This is not what he does. These works were purchased with his own money. It is by his own volition that the previous works can be shared with the public. What would happen if he had not purchased them? I can bet that they would not on display for all to see. Adam Sender is an art collector, but he is also a sharer of history. Most importantly, he is a humanist, and worthy of recognition.

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