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Active Wear is Fabletics

Affordable, unique, and personalized women’s sportswear is what you get each and every time you make a purchase with Fabletics. Fabletics provides women of all shapes and sizes with trendy sportswear and chic accessories for any lifestyle or personality style. Styles and choices are uniquely determined based on personal style and preferences chosen by the customers. Fabletics is where fashion meets comfort and it all comes together in an affordable package delivered straight to your footstep. It really is that simple!

This innovative company was founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler along with the beautiful and inspirational Kate Hudson in July of 2013. Kate Hudson exemplifies beauty, comfort, and the ease of style in her effortless appearance on Twitter. She encourages fitness and fashion through her own lifestyle choices.

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Fabletics is a leader in athletic fashion, but don’t be fooled because it doesn’t end with women’s active wear. Revolutionizing women’s athletic clothing was just the beginning, as Fabletics created FL2 with Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver Hudson, in June 2015. FL2 is the men’s fashion line of active wear that provides men with those comfortable, fashionable and trendy choices. The styles at Fabletics don’t end with active wear. The fashion line on extended its selection by including dresses and swimsuits in March of 2016. Fabletics doesn’t show signs of stopping. The founders are determined to keep pushing the limits of fashion with new trends and styles.

Initially, Fabletics items were solely purchased online through a membership of $49.95 per month. Members are sent the exclusive choices that match their preferences and have the option of buying or skipping a month. When skipping a month, members avoid the monthly charge. Purchasing options changed in September of 2015, when Fabletics opened retail stores in malls in New Jersey, Columbia, and many more. The revolutionizing of active wear has just begun with Fabletics as the founders are always seeking new ways to change the fashion industry.

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