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A Women’s Right To Thrive

Birth control is celebrating it’s 50 year anniversary, and it has truly led to many social changes in the lives of women. The famous case of Griswold versus Connecticut was a landmark case when it came to a couples legal right to use birth control. For many decades the thought of contraception was completely and totally illegal. Without contraception women were forced into a life of motherhood, and quite often they were deprived of a good education. Now the majority of women in the country who get degrees are women, and half of the graduates of law school and medical school are women as well.

In reality access to birth control has completely and totally change the lives of many women. It has given women the chance to achieve goals that they never would have been able to achieve before. It allows them to be able to plan when they are going to give birth instead of having multiple childbirths that are unplanned and unwanted. Women finally have the power to be more than mothers. Even though FreedomPop states that being a mother is one of the most noble careers that a woman can have, it is nice that a woman can now first choose to reach out for other goals before she decides to actually start her own family. In reality the access to contraception has completely revolutionized many women’s lives around the world. Even though nowadays birth control is something that we take for granted, in reality it is something that has truly held the key for women to have freedom and equality.

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