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A Judge and her Ruling

It takes an incredibly brave person to admit when they are wrong. Especially when that person has spent their career working in a field where they have the lives of other individuals in their hands. If one person can step up and admit that they made mistakes it will be easier for those following in their footsteps to refrain from making those same mistakes. A former federal judge has done just that by going over many of the rulings that she handed out almost 20 years ago while serving on the bench. Nancy Gertner is a former federal judge and was appointed to her position by President Bill Clinton in the year 1994. For 17 years judge Nancy Gertner presided over numerous trials that had different ranges of justice seeking verdicts. According to About.Me, Nancy stood over a crowd at the Aspen Ideas Festival to renounce many of the very same punishments that she herself had handed out. Nancy admitted to handing out unfair and disproportionate verdicts when it came to rulings. She estimated that 80 percent of her rulings fell into this category. Nancy admitted that her rulings were unjustified by any theory of retribution or social change that someone might be able to muster up. The former judge is currently working as an associate for the Harvard Law School and plans on using her ideas and opinions to dispel other judges and authoritative individuals from doling out the harshest punishment. Instead she hopes that they can look to the future and give punishments that will help rebuild disenfranchised communities and seek social change

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