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The FCC regulates telecommunications within and throughout the United States. Everything like radio shows, news broadcasts, cable shows, and even a few internet channels all have to pass FCC standards. The communications company is often under fire for being too strict or not being strict enough when it comes to what people broadcast and watch. Fortunately for the FCC, their latest move has them on the Nice List with many Americans. The FCC is pushing to have broadband internet noticed as a necessity instead of a luxury. If they can get that passed, it will open up the door for inexpensive telecommunication companies, like Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk, to offer lower priced phone services to individuals living on public assistance. There are a few companies that already offer products to those living on assistance, but the passing of this law would open that door wide open and give people many options. Even though the FCC seems to have the interest of the American people at heart, there are some who don’t believe in what the company is asking for. These groups are claiming that if the FCC passes the law, big name telephone companies will be missing out on the business that will be available. Spokesmen for the FCC told the groups that if these big name companies actually cared about those that were financially struggling, they would already offer them plans that don’t cost an arm and a leg. The folks at Boraie Development LLC and the are interested to see how this situation turns out.

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