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A Few Bad Apples

Policemen and policewomen have, undoubtedly, one of the hardest jobs known to mankind. They risk their lives and safety every day in the name of upholding the law. Unfortunately, there are a few people who give wearing thathonorable badge a bad name. Police brutality has been in the news a lot lately. Unfortunately for the brave men and women who serve, citizens have decided to wrangle all of the police into the ‘brutality’ club. An article released by The Huffington Post chronicled the long and drawn out history that this great nation has had with police brutality. Unfortunately, this history is extensive. The article touched on many of the women who used their stories and their voices to alert the rest of the world to what some of the bad police apples were doing. While the article goes in depth to what these brave women suffered from and endured, what it does not cover is how the great cops often times go unnoticed. People are often times so quick to play the blame game or want someone to burn at the cross that policemen and women who uphold their duty are often looked over. Sam Tabar agrees that the recent tension between citizens and police have more problems to solve than one. It is not just about police brutality, but about building trust between a community and the men and women who are sworn to protect it.

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