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PodcastOne Chairman, Norman Pattiz Announces the Launch of Beyond the Darkness, Newest Jericho Network Program

Norman Pattiz didn’t realize that starting a radio syndicated company would successfully grow into one of the largest businesses in the digital audio world. Although, it did and with some really great personalities plus celebrities.


The founder of ¬†Westwood One which is well-known for distributing news, plus it’s actually one of the largest providers for entertainment and sports news to date. What many people do not know is Pattiz’ Westwood One, which “connect[s] people to their passions in life.” (It has done just that for a specific professional wrestler.) All in all, Pattiz has had more than 40 years of radio syndication experience as well.

This includes Pattiz’ money-making media syndications such as the successful PodcastOne. It’s hit the hearts of many multigenerational audiences to date in the broadcasting industry. It’s uniformly all under Pattiz. In fact, last year, “Forbes” magazine honored his ‘celebrity-infused’ greatest creations. The popular PodcastOne has had some celebrities and top sports’ athletes on the show. They include names like Steve Austin and Snooki, Adam Carolla and Shaquille O’Neal,…to name a few. In fact, Pattiz’ has managed and owned and even distributed several NBC radio networks. In addition, this also includes news syndicates such as CNN radio and CBS News, plus others like the syndicated music and talk shows including The Super Bowl, the Mutual Broadcasting System, NFL Football, NCAA Basketball and March Madness. This line-up also has more to it’s roster such as, the Winter and Summer Olympic Games. It includes many other syndicated music and talk shows, as well. (This includes that one pro wrestler as mentioned earlier.)


Opportunities within the ads and marketers

For those who don’t know, it’s live radio; it’s syndicated on certain days of the week. Therefore, you need to have the internet to listen to it or at least download the app on a mobile, or go to iTunes. It has a network with more than 200 shows and that’s just the beginning. It also delivers about $400M monthly along with advertisements which are great opportunities for the partners. That includes direct marketers.


New Blood; within the blood…

There is some “new blood within the blood.” Now, announcing the “connected” WWE pro wrestler and Fozzy singer, Chris Jericho’s podcast Jericho’s Network addition. Pattiz may have something here. Either way, Jericho said he’s “stoked” regarding the new podcast, “Beyond the Darkness.” The new “dark radio” podcast is hosted by two radio hosts and producers whom are known in the radio syndication industry. An even more unique podcast under Pattiz’ and Jericho’s belt. Pattiz’ announced a few weeks ago that this is a podcast within an umbrella of podcasts. He’s succeeded, again, in more ways than one. The success comes in light of the development of Jericho’s Network. Nevertheless, Jericho is ‘stoked’ regarding the new show. He knows how to talk, hence his own podcast show, “Talk is Jericho.” He claims he’s the “gem” of the PodcastOne now, is what Pattiz has said a month ago. Which can safely be said that [Jericho] could be?


Dark Waters; darkness radio

Now, with the announcement of Jericho Network’s new podcast “Beyond the Darkness,” which is hosted by radio co-hosts and radio producers Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, which are ready to tell the dark ghoulish tales/stories with their guests. Therefore, if you like to hear these stories, with background music playing in a ghostly manner, you’ll feel a little ‘unnerved.’ Plus, hearing it while your browsing online or on your mobile phone sounds a little crazy, but that’s what it’s about. It’s entertainment. As long as you’re hearing the show, you may hear Dark Waters, which seems to be a regular on the show already. The newest show on Jericho’s podcast network is engaging and entertaining. This show will challenge all listeners regarding ghosts and ghouls, angels and demons, aliens and monsters and even scare you a bit.


Finally, the tell-all of demonic stories and tall-tales. Recently on the Friday episode which aired on Feb. 10th, Dark Waters, a regular ghost story teller, tells a few dark stories in that particular show. He’s one of the good story tellers. New releases are every Monday. Go to the or the PodcastOne app or even iTunes to tune in, for all the new creepy stories, you can also go to Dark Waters.


Pattiz says, he knew The Jericho Network collection would evolve beyond the wrestling audience. It has already with the paranormal audience now under it’s wing. A huge fan-base of paranormal broadcasting will be experienced. Pattiz’ said that particular network is ‘ “a podcast network’s dream…or nightmare!” ‘ Now Pattiz (and Jericho) can add the paranormal audiences to their list!”

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