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Brian Torchin: The Value of Using a Recruiter for Medical Staffing Needs

Brian Torchin continues to make waves in the field of healthcare through his company, Health Care Recruitment Counselors Staffing. The function of HCRC Staffing is to provide recruitment solutions in the medical field. Torchin was a chiropractor, and that is how he saw the need that the industry has regarding hiring the right professionals. He started the recruitment agency to provide services that will facilitate quality recruitment of experts in the medical field. The company offers consulting services as well.

Getting Candidates Ready

One service that HCRC Staffing provides is preparing candidates that are starting out in the medical field. Finding a job right after college is challenging. Even with increasing demand for professionals in the industry, it is not easy to pinpoint the right place to work. Torchin, on his blog, explains that a staffing firm is the best solution when looking for a job. An agency like HCRC ensures that candidates don’t just have credentials, they have the it-factor that potential employers are looking for. More than having the right skills, job seekers need to know how to present themselves to employers. With their counseling services, HCRC Staffing puts work into molding the ideal candidate for specific jobs.

Torchin’s Success

Brian Torchin has a blog on that he uses to advise clients and candidates on various matters of staffing in the medical industry. He offers insight on how various medical professionals can improve the industry and attar better candidates. Torchin’s passion for the industry is what makes him so good at what he does. He believes in establishing communication networks with clients. It is imperative to understand what a client wants and respect it. His work ethic is one reason HCRC Staffing’s customers prefer him. To quote Dr. Mayer Green from Consultants of America, “…we can honestly say that Torchin’s integrity, professionalism, and honesty are unmatched. By a long way, he is the number one recruiter in the U.S.”

A Broad Clientele

With his experience, Torchin can gauge what clients need and readily provide it. Currently, HVRC Staffing has expanded to Europe and Asia to add to their American market. The staffing firm has worked with just about every player in the medical industry from urgent care centers to private practices to hospitals. All these clients have different needs when it comes to hiring. Torchin and HCRC Staffing makes sure that they understand the necessities of clients before they offer solutions.

Efficient Staffing

Using a staffing company is efficient as Brian Torchin revealed in a recent interview. He said that the longer an institution stays without the necessary medical staff, the more money it loses. With a recruiter like HCRC, it is possible to get the experts you need very fast. As a matter of fact, Torchin was quoted saying that he can provide staffing in 48 hours. With the comprehensive database of qualified candidates that HCRC Staffing has, that does not seem farfetched at all. Brian Torchin is available on social media through both Twitter as well as Google +.

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