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Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala Recognized as Top Executive

One of the leading organizations in evaluating finance professionals recently recognized Madison Street Capital co founder and chief operating officer Anthony Marsala as among the top professionals under the age of 40. Each year, the association evaluates the contributions and accomplishments of all finance professionals. Marsala was selected as a top professional due to meeting a number of significant criteria that make up a top financial professional. Marsala was recognized for qualities such as leadership, vision and superior performance. One of the things that makes his recent recognition quite remarkable is the fact that he was selected among over 100 candidates. Therefore he has proven to stand out among the top finance professionals.

Marsala emerged as a top professional in finance through a number of steps. His first step in becoming a finance professional began in college when he studied the field and eventually graduated with a degree in Finance. He would then work in the field by participating in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and consulting. This experience eventually led him to start his own investment banking firm. Once starting his firm, he would then begin building it as a leading financial services company. Madison Street Capital was formed and established its reputation as a firm that serves the needs of a number of businesses throughout the entire world.

Ever since starting his firm, Anthony Marsala has helped give his firm an international presence in terms of providing high quality financial services for a number of businesses. He has helped Madison Street Capital become a well known and renowned firm in Asia, Africa and Europe. Therefore Marsala and his firm have helped make themselves a top firm to go to when looking to get accomplish important tasks such as raising capital, valuating businesses as wells as making mergers with other companies to provide more products and services.

Madison Street Capital specializes in investment banking by offering a number of services in corporate finance. The firm helps a number of different types of businesses in just about every industry. At Madison Street Capital, businesses of all sizes benefit from the services offered which include business valuation, consulting and mergers and acquisitions. This firm offers assistance to companies that specialize in industries such as biotech, technology, wholesale distributing, food and agriculture, medical devices and pharmaceutical products and services. With the wide range of industries served, Madison Street Capital is able to ensure that all types of companies reach their maximum financial potential.

This information was found in a recent article in the Chicago Tribune

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