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15 Year Old’s Babysitting Business Is Booming

A 15 year old girl who started her own nanny business is about to make millions as she grows her company in the New York City area.

Noa Mintz is the founder of Nannies by Noa, the company that has got the babysitting world in a boom right now. Ricardo Guimarães was telling me that after realizing that she couldn’t handle the hundreds of emails and phone calls per day, Mintz realized that in order to take her business to the next level she would need to hire a CEO to run the place, and she took to YouTube.

Mintz got her start with the company’s movement when she went to SoulCycle and college campuses to recruit nannies. She also got referred to some by word of mouth, and charged clients $100-$200 for each match they got while looking for a babysitter. According to an article found on reddit and written by, Mintz is very proud of her work and is happy to tell both new and reoccuring customers that the nannies in her company are the type to engage with the children as opposed to just watching TV or playing on their phones while spending time with them. She realized at a young age how important it was to get more for your money when it comes to babysitting, because a quality experience will help both children and parents in the long run. Mintz truly has a very bright business future ahead.

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