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March 2, 2015

More Antibiotics Need to Be Produced

It is scary to imagine a world without antibiotics. Individuals dealing with relatively minor health issues could end up dying without them. Just think about how often antibiotics are used in the modern world. Almost any time an individual goes to the hospital for surgery, minor or major, they are given antibiotics to prevent or to kill infections. Or consider the lifesaving cesarean section. Mothers are given antibiotics to prevent or to kill infections. It is absolutely necessary for individuals to start thinking about the possibility of living in a world like this said Dan Newlin. As a global community, …continue reading

More Antibiotics Need to Be Produced

It is scary to imagine a world without antibiotics. Individuals dealing with relatively minor health issues could end up dying without them. Just think about how often antibiotics are used in the modern world. Almost any time an individual goes to the hospital for surgery, minor or major, they are given antibiotics to prevent or to kill infections. Or consider the lifesaving cesarean section. Mothers are given antibiotics to prevent or to kill infections.

It is absolutely necessary for individuals to start thinking about the possibility of living in a world like this said Dan Newlin. As a global community, antibiotic resistance is becoming more and more common. Just last week, four individuals in California and North Carolina died as a result of a bacterium called Enterobacteriaceae that is resistant to antibiotics that are currently available.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are developing fewer antibiotics than in previous years. Between the years 2008 at 2012, only two systemic antibiotics were approved by the Food and Drug Administration. However, between 1983 and 1987, there were 16 that were approved.

There is an obvious need to develop antibiotics that will fight bacteria and infections that are resistant to the antibiotics now are available right now. More funding is needed to produce new antibiotics. Also, it would be wise for government agencies to provide some kind of incentive for antibiotic producers to make these antibiotics more quickly and have them available for more individuals.

Bruce Levenson looks to keep UCG at the top of the data tree

Bruce Levenson has so many fingers in different pies that it can sometimes seem as though the co-founder of UCG is everywhere, from the NBA with the Atlanta Hawks to heading up the founding of The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Levenson remains best known for his work as the co-founder of the United Communications Group, which has gone from a single newsletter created in a store room to one of the leaders in the providing of statistics and data in the oil and gas industry and across a wide range of industries beyond.

Levenson has spearheaded the growth of UCG towards providing real time data and analysis after the launch of the Oil Express newsletter was completed when he was still working for the Washington Star. After founding UCG, the company grew in a fast way to include Levenson leading the purchase and inclusion of a number of other newsletters that made UCG the dominant force in supplying news and data for the oil and gas industries. After dominating the oil industry, Levenson refused to rest on his laurels, instead looking to the future with a series of expansions into other areas and industries that has kept UCG at the forefront of the data providing industry.

Amongst the developments and improvements Levenson has made is the inclusion of the GasBuddy app on many Online stores and for use on mobile devices across the US. An extension of the data supplied for the oil industry, GasBuddy brings Levenson and UCG the chance to expand their reach within the oil industry to the general public. The ability of the data executive to produce more and more options for providing real time data analysis for both the public and industrial figures has made both Levenson and UCG one of the top providers of analytics in the World.

ISIS Executioner Known as Jihadi John has Been Identified

The ISIS public executioner that has been featured in countless videos where victims have been beheaded has finally been identified. The Islamic State militant known as Jihadi John has been identified as Mohammed Emwazi. The militant who has gruesomely beheaded innocent victims in videos released to the West has become a symbol of ISIS and their barbarity.

Mohammed Emwazi is a 26 year old man. He grew up in London, England and was a British national. He spoke in a London British accent which helped British authorities identify him. He was born in the Arab gulf state of Kuwait. Emwazi was of half Yemeni and half Kuwaiti descent. The now known identity of Jihadi John has dominated newspaper headlines today in Britain and throughout the world.

The ISIS militant has been known to British intelligence authorities since 2010. He was interrogated by secret services in 2010 after a supposed trip to a safari in the African nation of Kenya. Many groups believe that after this trip, Mohammed had become radicalized. It is not known, but it is possible that he had made contact with terrorist groups like Al-Shabab or Al Queada during the trip who trained and radicalized him.

Flavio Maluf was telling me that childhood friends of the man known as Jihadi John say they are shocked that Mohammed could be responsible for such violence and terror, eMobile had reported. They describe a boy who liked pop music, soccer and was friendly to the other kids at their school. Meanwhile family members of the victims who Mohammad Emwazi has executed are clamoring for revenge and justice. The daughter of British aid worker Alan Henning who Emwazi beheaded says she wants to see a bullet between his eyes. Family of journalist Steven Sotloff want a different form of justice, they want Emwazi captured and brought before a jury in a courtroom and sentenced to life in prison as punishment for his vile deeds.

Wines for All Seasons

When you are relaxing at a restaurant, sipping a glass of wine, do you ever wonder how this drink got there? There is a good chance that the glass of sweet magic you are sipping was distributed from The Antique Wine Company which originated over 25 years ago.

Stemming from London, The Antique Wine Company provides hotels, exquisite restaurants and individuals bottles of fine wine (including vintage bottles) all across the globe. They are a company whose unique inventory and services are in constant demand. This famous company also offers guidance and engages its support of various wine cellars which can be found on private residences, magnificent hotels and châteaux throughout the world.

Originally working in the banking industry, its founder CEO Stephen Williams created the Antique Wine Company in 1989. One wonders what would make an individual choose to sell wine. Williams decided on wine as he had a passion to sell a product which could be purchased more than one, plus give customers satisfaction. Williams has produced some of the grandest wine collections and cellars in the world in Asia, North America and Europe – magnificent sites to be seen! Additionally, Williams has found himself as a sought after wine industry commentator throughout the world’s wine markets and he is often quoted on eclectic wine topics.

The Antique Wine Company has quite a resume. To honor the 70th birthday of U.S. President George Bush, the company provided the celebration with a 70 year old superior vintage wine. This global company purchased a 1787 Château d’Yquem which is the most valuable bottle of wine found in the world. They extended themselves by creating the Antique Wine Company Philippines in Manila.

In addition to selling and recommending various wines, providing services such as protecting a wine investment, this company plays host to exceptional wine events such as their La Paulée de Londres held at the tasting room of their Wine Academy in Central London. This inaugural event allowed individuals in attendance to take pleasure in and taste the world’s most unique bottles of wines from various individual collections.

With a strong CEO such as Stephen Williams, the Antique Wine Company has a good deal going for it. It is supplied with a potent brand image, customer appreciation and they boast more than 20,000 clients. This extraordinary wine merchant remains as the world’s largest global wine dealer.

Mysterious Tunnel Found in Canada

A municipal worker was walking in the woods located near a Toronto University, when he happened upon a piece of metal on the ground. Lifting it up, he discovered a tunnel roughly 23 feet long and tall enough inside for a person to be able to walk though it. The tunnel was lit by an electric generator. Because of the tunnels proximity to a major sports venue, and the Pan American Games being hosted by Toronto in July, some were concerned over the tunnels possible use by terrorists. Paul Mathieson (Cnnireport.com) knows that, last year in Canada, there were two Islamic attacks which have kept the Country at a high alert due to concern for more possible extremist attacks. Toronto police have ruled out the tunnel being used for drug activities since they found no evidence of it pertaining to drug use, but they have said little in regards to what they believe the tunnel might have been created for.

The Threat Is Bad Enough

The threat of domestic violence is sometimes worse than the actual act when men feel free to just tell women they are going to hit them. Apparently, the guard who was dismissed from the Louisville basketball team threatened to smack a woman.

Zeca Oliveira has heard that the people around the Louisville basketball team were not privy to what happened, but the story is coming out now. More on Oliveira can be found on his Facebook page. Rick Pitino seemed completely disinterested in Jones when he talked about him over the weekend, and it appears that there was a good reason why. This guy apparently thinks that he owns the campus, but he is now off the team.

This is a sad end to a decent story. Jones could have been a good player, but he allowed the athlete’s life to go to his head. He also forced himself on people with his ego. You do not simply tell a woman you are going to smack her unless you think that you are capable of doing anything you want and getting away with it. Not only does Rick Pitino not have time for that, but he is simply too old for this. Millenials are not the problem, but guys like Jones are clearly a brand new problem in college sports.

Bruce Levenson’s Successful Philanthropic Project

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland has grown into one of the leading schools for philanthropic interests in Washington D.C. thanks to Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen. The Levensons first donated the seed money for the school three years ago and have followed their initial donation with a major gift.

The Center has courses that are focused on donating towards not-for-profit organizations that they deem worth of the funds. The Center has also opened a new dorm for incoming Freshman students as well as created an abroad program where graduate students can work and focus on worthy causes in other countries.

According to the Levensons, the object of the Center is two-fold. First, by having the Center it is almost guaranteeing that every graduate from the University of Maryland will be well versed in philanthropic issues. Secondly, the Center is giving students the skills they need to be the next generation of leaders in the non-profit sector.

Many of the students who graduate from the program go on to find careers in the places they did their fellowships. Many are sought after for positions. Some graduated even start their own not-for-profit causes.

The Levensons are proud to see the Center helping both the local and international community through higher education. They call the Center the cause they support that will bring the most good to the world.

Could Extra Virgin Olive Oil Kill Cancer Cells

Oleocanthal in EVOO causes a rupture of cancerous cells, releasing enzymes and causing cell death, without harming healthy cells.

Researchers recently discovered a natural ingredient in Extra Virgin Olive Oil called Oleocanthal. This ingredient, according to Ricardo Tosto,  shows positive factors in killing specific human cancer cells and does no harm to healthy cells.

Protein is the main component of human body cells, including cancer cells. Oleocanthal targets the protein in cancer cells in a matter of 60-minutes or less die. When researchers from Rutgers University took a closer look, they found that Oleocanthal actually caused the cancer cells to die from their own enzymes.

Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, found similar findings verified by Director Dr. Gary Beauchamp. Dr. Beauchamp stated that a common NSAID ibuprofen and Oleocanthal work very similar to share the same cancer killing properties. Furthermore, Dr. Beauchamp found that ibuprofen and Oleocanthal killed off the protein in the Alzheimer’s cells. The difference was that ibuprofen has some side effects, including liver impairment when taken on a continued basis. Oleocanthal has no side effects.
The researcher is finding amazing properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as far as proving to lower heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

At a conference held in Boston 2014 by the Harvard School of Public Health several countries and participants hailed the key role that olive oil plays in everyday diets.

Search Firm Founder Keith Mann Gives Support to NYPD

Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners decided to give the officers of the 54th precinct a measure of gratitude for all that they do after the many demonstrations and acts of violence against police over the past year. Mann, a philanthropist, treated the officers to lunch in early January and again on February 9, hoping to boost morale, according to WSPA.

“Our officers deserve to be thanked for their service, not attacked in their attempts to keep people safe. Policemen have families too and are people like you and me behind those uniforms,”said Mann.

Keely Mann, wife of the donor, has an uncle who is a detective in the NYPD in Staten Island.

Mann feels that the police should be aided in their jobs by citizens, which would help to promote morale. He believes that small, random acts of support can boost morale.

His other philanthropic work includes helping college graduates find jobs through the charity Uncommon Schools. He has been in the executive search field for 15 years and has become an expert in the field of hiring, staffing and compensation of hedge fund personnel. In 2009 he founded Dynamics Search Partners, a leading search firm for the alternative investment field.

15 Year Old’s Babysitting Business Is Booming

A 15 year old girl who started her own nanny business is about to make millions as she grows her company in the New York City area.

Noa Mintz is the founder of Nannies by Noa, the company that has got the babysitting world in a boom right now. Ricardo Guimarães was telling me that after realizing that she couldn’t handle the hundreds of emails and phone calls per day, Mintz realized that in order to take her business to the next level she would need to hire a CEO to run the place, and she took to YouTube.

Mintz got her start with the company’s movement when she went to SoulCycle and college campuses to recruit nannies. She also got referred to some by word of mouth, and charged clients $100-$200 for each match they got while looking for a babysitter. According to an article found on reddit and written by NYpost.com, Mintz is very proud of her work and is happy to tell both new and reoccuring customers that the nannies in her company are the type to engage with the children as opposed to just watching TV or playing on their phones while spending time with them. She realized at a young age how important it was to get more for your money when it comes to babysitting, because a quality experience will help both children and parents in the long run. Mintz truly has a very bright business future ahead.

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