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January 30, 2015

After Two Years on The Run, The Man Who Found the $400 Million Gold Treasure Has Been Arrested

In 1857, the SS Central America, a freighter that travels between Central America and the East Coast and also named as “Ship of Gold,” sank into the Atlantic Ocean with 12 tons of gold on its cargo hold during a hurricane. The said shipwreck was very famous during that time as it contributes to the economic crisis – Panic of 1857. In 1988, over a century later, Thompson made a history when he discovered the shipwreck and recovered the gold bars and coins worth more than $400 million. However, he has been sued by many of his investors in both …continue reading

After Two Years on The Run, The Man Who Found the $400 Million Gold Treasure Has Been Arrested

In 1857, the SS Central America, a freighter that travels between Central America and the East Coast and also named as “Ship of Gold,” sank into the Atlantic Ocean with 12 tons of gold on its cargo hold during a hurricane. The said shipwreck was very famous during that time as it contributes to the economic crisis – Panic of 1857.

In 1988, over a century later, Thompson made a history when he discovered the shipwreck and recovered the gold bars and coins worth more than $400 million. However, he has been sued by many of his investors in both state and federal courts, which also include the Columbus Dispatch. His investors claimed they never received a cent from the treasure after Thompson sold almost all of it.

In 2012, an injunction was issued by a federal judge against Thompson and he was ordered to provide the profits and the location of the treasure. Eventually, a warrant of arrest was issued after he failed to show up on a court appearance. Thompson and his girlfriend, Antekeier, were on the run.

While hiding from the authorities, a handyman recognized them when he serviced their home in Florida and reported them to the authorities. After searching their home, the authorities found thousands of dollars in cash hidden in pipes and buried underground. They also found a bank statement with $1 million balance under his known alias name- Harvey Thompson.

Thompson’s business partner told the Associated Press that he never stole money and that most of the money he made from selling the gold, about $50 million, went to legal fees and loans. Currently, the couple is held in Florida and will then be sent over to Ohio for their court proceedings. Sergio Andrade Gutierrez is interested to see how it all turns out.

FreedomPop and Its Free Services

As reported by the Wall Street Journal

FreedomPop is a telecom company that describes its mission as delivering “fast and free mobile services to all Americans.” Headquartered in Los Angeles it was established in July 2011 by Stephen Stokols (CEO) and Steven Sesar (COO). It went public in October 2012, when it began selling its first smartphones. A month later, FreedomPop began offering mobile and wireless internet services.

In April 2013, FreedomPop partnered with Sprint and now provides the company with wireless data voice and text services. It began selling and supporting iPhones that were compatible with Sprint in April 2014. In July 14, FreedomPop began offering free 4G data, text, and voice plans to tablet users. These plans are currently available both to people buying a tablet from FreedomPop and to people who have BYOD (bring your own device) Sprint devices. The main downside is that, so far, FreedomPop sells and operates o only within the United States. 

Partnering with Sprint lets FreedomPop keep its own costs down, since it can use Sprint’s infrastructure, which means that FreedomPop’s subscribers can use their devices anywhere Sprint operates — assuming said devices are compatible with Sprint. FreedomPop also sells smartphones. In 2013, these went $99 to $199 per phone. A customer can get a phone with no contract, 200 minutes that could be used anytime, unlimited texting, and 500 megabytes of 4G data per month — free. Paid plans in 2013 could get a client 2+ gigabytes of data for $18 per month and unlimited calling for $10 a month. By contrast, Verizon in 2013 charged $40 a month for unlimited texting and calling and $60 a month for 2 gigabytes of data. In other words, it was charging $100 for the same services that FreedomPop was offering for $28.

For its next trick, FreedomPop will be adding a new plan that uses 10 million WiFi hotspots. Users will be able to access FreedomPop WiFi from such places as Starbucks and Panera Bread. They will also get unlimited data, voice, and texting for just $5 a month. FreedomPop also plans to sell a WiFi-only phone that will cost around $50. The new plan will be more of a supplement to other services as opposed to a customer’s only plan. Consumers can find FreedomPop Photon hot spots on Amazon or download the FreedomPop app on Google Play or iTunes.

Johnathan Veitch And Occidental College

Previous to Jonathan Veitch taking over as president for Occidental College, the school struggled mightily to maintain any sort of continuity or structure. In fact, between 2009 and 2005, the school saw four different presidents. However, since August 2009, Jonathan Veitch has served as president, helped strengthen the school itself, increase enrollment and also improve the bond between the school and the local community. This is not all a fluke though, as Jonathan has proven successful in previous stops and he is using an assortment of different methods to improve the community and school as a whole.

For starters, Jonathan has been able to jump on the fact that President Obama did study at Occidental College for two years, ranging from 1979 up until 1981. Due to this press, the school has seen a large number of diverse applicants and the student body is one of the most diverse in the state. The school has also weathered the recession rather nicely and it has not seen a major drop off of students. In fact, the school actually increased enrollment when most other universities throughout the country saw a drop.

Now, before Veitch took over as president, the local community looked at Occidental as more of a party college with large housing complexes right off of campus. However, the school has drastically changed in the last decade or so and now this is no longer how the local community sees the school. When he took office, Veitch realized the importance of strengthening the bond between the school and the community itself, which is why at his first meeting with the community in the fall of 2009, he informed the community leaders that he wanted to grow the school moderately and organically. He also wanted to limit the construction of the school beyond what the current grounds were, so it would not deteriorate the value and feel of the community itself.

Veitch also saw the need to improve transportation throughout the school. Previously, it has proven difficult for individuals off of campus to make their way onto campus, so he brought in the commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation in order to improve the green methods of transportation, including improved bike paths, better pedestrian plaza and sustainable methods for bringing students in and out of campus. This has helped drastically in increase the total number of students who can now attend.

Former Highway Patrol Officer Pleads No Contest To Nude Photos

Sean Harrington, former California highway patrol officer, who sent himself and fellow officers nude photos of women charged with DUI, faced two felony charges when he entered court Tuesday morning with his attorney. The first charge was unauthorized access to a computer, and the second for copying and forwarding computer data. He faced a three year, eight month prison sentence if convicted.

Harrington pleaded no contest, after entering a plea deal, and received a reduced sentence. Instead of serving hard time, under the plea arrangement Harrington’s punishment will be a three year felony probation period, and a suspended 180 day sentence. Although Harrington, under the deal, receives no jail time, he will be a convicted felon for the rest of his life, and his law enforcement career is over.

Harrington is married, a father of two, and resigned from his position as a highway patrol officer with the California Police Department after being charged by prosecutors. Prosecution occurred after prosecutors learned Harrington took photos of two women with their phones and forwarded their pictures to his personal cell phone after one of the women filed a complaint. He then proceeded to send the photos of the women to fellow colleagues.

From what Fersen Lambranho Bloomberg.com) has read, while Harrington and his attorney Michael Rains say Harrington has taken responsibility for his actions, Rick Madsen, attorney representing the women, said one of the women is contemplating further action against Harrington. In the meantime Harrington must attend violence prevention courses, and is due back in court in March.

Brazil’s Financial Expert, Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian Investment Adviser and the owner of Bainbridge Investments. His job, and main goal in the financial world, is to help investors succeed long term with their investments. His advice is well known and well respected in the financial world, both in and out of Brazil.

He’s active in Brazil, which boasts one of the top ten economies on Earth. A major reason for this is its food production, one of the largest in the world. Brazil has been on the world stage a lot recently, and will continue to be there. They just hosted the World Cup for soccer, and in 2016 they’ll be hosting the Summer Olympics. So Igor Cornelsen’s knowledgeable financial advice will be helpful to those wanting to get in on investing in the economy of a country with over two hundred million people in it.

One of the most important pieces of advice Cornelsen offers is to network with native Brazilians. He says they tend to be friendly and happy to offer advice to outsiders, something people should definitely take advantage of. He also advises investors to pay attention to China’s economy, since the two countries economic well-being tends to be linked.

A final piece of important advice from Igor Cornelsen is to change how you look at investing entirely. Many people think they’re going to invest a bunch of money in one hot company and make a ton of money right away. This generally isn’t realistic. A better approach is more patient and diverse, relying on many small investments over a longer period of time.

When investors are patience, according to Cornelsen, they can yield returns of several hundred percent. They just need to be patient and look at what they’re doing over the long term.

Brazil is a key economy for investors, and Igor Cornelsen is one of the top local players in this market. As such, it is wise for all investors to pay attention to his advice. By doing so they increase their chances of making real money over the long term. Happy investing!

Jared Haftel Is The Man With A Plan

There are few people who can say that they went through four years of Duke University. However, this is what Jared Haftel did when he went to the school from the years of 2005 through 2009. This gave him the time to get three Bachelor’s degrees. He had managed to do all of this in the time that it takes most people to earn just one degree. However, he managed to get a degree in Mathematics, Science, and Economics. This would suit him well in the work world.

Jared found a summer internship for himself in Credit Suisse in 2008. This was a great and transformative experience for him. He was able to pick up many skills and very valuable experience while he was at the bank. He was able to use this experience of tracking commodities while at the internship to learn more about how this world worked and how to do well within it.

Now, Jared has been able to parlay his internship into a full time position with Bank of America as an investment banker. He has used the skills that he gained while at Credit Suisse in order to learn more about what he would be doing at Bank of America.

People who are this driven are often able to work their way up into the corporate world with ease. He found that having the various degrees as well as the experience of the internship made it possible for him to work for just about anyone.

Jared accredits a lot of what he was able to accomplish as a result of his resume and the things that he accomplished in life. As a matter of fact, he feels that the work experience is the kind of thing that really counts in today’s hiring world. He doesn’t really believe that putting accomplishments from college or even high school are as important to potential employers as the work experience is.

There are a lot of reasons to put information about your college degrees in the resume, particularly if you have several of them like Jared does. However, there is no reason to put too much information about clubs, groups, or community service done while in college. These are all great things that should be done for their own sake, but they are simply not as important to the resume or landing high powered jobs according to Jared. Since he is the one who has made this much progress, it is wise to take the advice that he has to offer on the situation.

Professor Mark Ahn Shares His Leadership Wisdom

Professor Mark Ahn, a prominent business and ethics consultant in the dynamic sphere of biotech, recently shared his views about leadership. He drew upon his extensive experiences in the pharmaceutical industry and the academic realm in highlighting a few short, insightful modern leadership trends.

How can people develop exceptional leadership skills? Professor Ahn suggests they must focus on several seminal points. As an adjunct professor and entrepreneur, he distilled several enduring principles that inspire leading institutions today into five guidelines.

First, his advice includes studying and following in the footsteps of proven role models, the people who already display the qualities of effective leadership everyone in a particular field seeks to emulate. Second, he extols the importance of maintaining integrity, since a lack of that particular attribute has resulted in disaster for many once highly respected institutions. Third, Professor Ahn commends the importance of displaying good judgment in one’s career, a quality he views as incorporating strong character and bravery with a lack of rigidity in action. Fourth, his analysis points to the paramount importance of exemplifying leadership; don’t just verbalize certain qualities, he indicates, actually practice them. Fifth, Professor Ahn reminds everyone that humility still plays a role in modern society. Without that virtue, a leader cannot genuinely empathize with customers and employees.

In summing up his observations, he remarked that effective leadership does not arise in his opinion as an innate talent. Rather, he views the process of leadership as one in which a person develops important skill sets through practice and hard work. His optimistic assessment gives rise to the hope than anyone with sufficient determination and resolve can become a better leader.

Professor Ahn offered his recent comments in an article carried in PR Newswire.

If You Don’t Payback Students Loans In Two States You Lose Your Driver’s License

Montana And Iowa Are Tough On Student Loan Offenders

Most people think the student loan system is broken. How can the United States expect to stay on top of the world when the U.S. educational system has so many holes in it. One of those holes is how money is loaned to students and how that money is repaid. Most graduates have more debt than they can back in a reasonable amount of time. And to add to the stress, states like Iowa and Montana will revoke a person’s driver’s license if they fall behind on loan payments.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that kind of law has some serious consequences attached to it. Laws like this one perpetuate an already difficult financial situation. But, The Montana Department of Justice is serious when they say student loans defaulters face “indefinite driver suspension until student loan association notifies Motor Vehicle Division of compliance.”

The Department of Motor Vehicles in Iowa has almost the same legislation in place. Iowa law says that the State will suspend a person’s driver’s license when they receive a certificate of noncompliance from the College Student Aid Commission regarding default on an obligation to pay back student loans. Fersen Lambranho understands that every student with loans wants to pay, but at times, life gets in the way.

Greece Ready to Demand Debt Forgiveness

The aftermath of the latest round of Greek elections became apparent this Sunday as left-leaning candidate Alexis Tsipras emerged triumphant from the contest. Over 80 percent of votes cast have now been counted, and Tsipras’ party has a 36 percent to 28 percent lead over incumbent prime minister Antonis Samaras’ party.

The leftist Syriza Party may not win a majority of the 300-seat Greek parliament. In that case, a coalition government will have to be formed. What is clear at this point is that the more conservative New Democracy Party is definitely now out of power.

The leading issue in the campaign was the promise of Syriza to end the austerity measures imposed on them by the E.U. in the interests of making good on the bailout loans they received years back. Victor Tsipras’ promise to end “five years of humiliation” was quite popular among the electorate. It has raised fears among European leaders, however, that he will make good on his pledge to demand debt forgiveness. This kind of a total loss of bailout money would hurt the E.U. economy and could scare leaders away from giving out new bailout funds in the future.

As Brian Torchin understands it, Europe has over 240 billion euros on the line. Greece has suffered from benefit cuts amid tax hikes for five years. Neither side seems likely to back down. Thus, we can expect some kind of a stand off and souring of relations to ensue.

The Various Lines of Beneful Dog Food

There are four types of dry dog food in the Beneful dog food line. The first is :

Beneful Healthy Smile- which cleans your dog’s teeth and helps give him fresh breath. This dog food is nutritious because it is made from bits of chicken for protein, rice for energy, bits of carrots for vitamins, yogurt, and parsley which is turned into kibble.


Beneful Healthy Fiesta- Our vitamin filled blend with bits of chicken for protein, bits of rice for energy and bits of vegetables and avocado.


Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies-this mix is especially made for puppies. It has plenty of calcium from real milk being used in the mix to help to develop their teeth and bones. It has chicken for protein, rice for energy, and bits of vegetable for added vitamins, everything they need to grow up to be healthy and happy. It seems to be very popular given the attention it gets on Wikipedia.


Beneful Healthy Weight-helps your dog get to and keep a good weight for their age and size. This mix has 10% less calories than the other dry foods. This mix has rice for energy, chicken for protein, soy, and bits of vegetables for vitamins and apples for vitamins to make sure your dog has all the nutrition it needs while maintaining it perfect weight and lean amount of muscles.


Beneful also makes a line of wet dog foods that include dishes that come in 10 inch tubs or 3 oz. cans like: Chopped Blends with Beef, Chopped Blend with Chicken, Chopped Blend with Lamb, Chopped Blend with Salmon- these four are made with the meat, rich and vegetables in one serving.


Then they decided to get fancy and do some Gourmet cuisine. Here is their newer line:


There is also Beneful Mediterranean Style Medley- comes with Lamb, Tomatoes, Brown Rice and Spinach in a Sauce that your dog will love.


Beneful Romana Style Medley- comes with Chicken, Carrots, Pasta and Spinach in a sauce that your dog will love.


Beef and Chicken Medley, Beef Stew, Chicken Stew, Roasted Turkey Medley, Savory Rice and Lamb Stew, Simmered Beef Entrée, Simmered Chicken Medley,


Beneful Hearty Roasters- Beef, Pork, and Turkey with green beans, sweet potatoes, and meat.


Then they also have dog snacks-Healthy Smile Ridges, Healthy Smile Twists,


Beneful Baked Delights –Heartfuls, and Stars with Bacon and Cheese, Stars with Chicken and Cheese, Hugs, and Snackers


It is unbelievable how far dog food has come in recent years. You don’t have to worry about your dog eating healthy or eating by products. This food is made from meat, vegetables, pasta and rice. They are eating as well as their owners.

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