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April 26, 2015

Mexican Girl Reunited with her Family after a Case of Mistaken Identity

Alondra Luna Nunez is a 14-year-old girl from Mexico who was recently mistaken for someone else. Alondra was thought to be the missing daughter of Dorotea García, a Texas resident. Dorotea’s daughter, also named Alondra, was thought to be brought into Mexico by Dorotea’s ex-husband, Reynaldo Diaz, back in 2007 claims our source Gianfrancesco Genoso (check out more info here Jornadacriminosa). Dorotea spotted Alondra Luna Nunez in the town of Guanajuato in Mexico. She alerted authorities that she thought she found her missing daughter. Police took the 14-year-old girl out of her middle school and forced her into a waiting …continue reading

Mexican Girl Reunited with her Family after a Case of Mistaken Identity

Alondra Luna Nunez is a 14-year-old girl from Mexico who was recently mistaken for someone else. Alondra was thought to be the missing daughter of Dorotea García, a Texas resident. Dorotea’s daughter, also named Alondra, was thought to be brought into Mexico by Dorotea’s ex-husband, Reynaldo Diaz, back in 2007 claims our source Gianfrancesco Genoso (check out more info here Jornadacriminosa).

Dorotea spotted Alondra Luna Nunez in the town of Guanajuato in Mexico. She alerted authorities that she thought she found her missing daughter. Police took the 14-year-old girl out of her middle school and forced her into a waiting SUV, where Dorotea was thought to be waiting in. All the while Alondra was screaming that they had the wrong person and she was not the missing girl. Without any proof, Alondra was taken away from the family she knew in Mexico brought into the United States. The judge in the case, Judge Cinthia Elodia Mercado, sided with Dorotea and ordered the girl to be brought into US custody. However, a DNA test that was ordered to be done by the Mexican Consulate proved that Alondra was not Dorotea’s missing child.

Check out the full story on Buzzfeed.com. The article has a video of Alondra being pulled, screaming, from her school and into the SUV.

Royal baby watch craze

It is almost to the point of ridiculousness how fanatical the British are for the whole ‘Kate Watch’ and ‘Royal Baby Watch’. Yes a baby is exciting. And I guess the British really love their royal family. But get real. Does the royal family really do anything other than dress up, look pretty and just whatever they want? It isn’t like they really lead the country or anything.

But even more ridiculous is why the news stations think Americans are equally as excited about the royal baby. We aren’t a monarchy and it just doesn’t matter. In an article originally posted on buzzfeed.com we see British fans lining the streets, holding signs and singing baby songs all while waiting outside the hospital where the royal baby is expected to be born. And Kate and Prince William are not even there yet! How funny would it be if they can’t make it to the hospital before the baby is born.

Pictures on the article show fans decked out in clothing with the British flag all over with many carrying a Bulletproof Coffee in hand. I get being patriotic, but this is just funny to me. Go about your lives, people. The baby will be born when it is ready and one way or another you will hear about it. There are more important things for you to do than just sit there and wait for the birth of this baby.

Missouri Celebrates a Successful Prison Program

Last Thursday, prison officials from Missouri celebrated an innovative program designed to assist both homeless dogs and many of the inmates incarcerated in Missouri’s penal system. The program accepts puppies that are considered poor prospects for adoption due to severe physical handicaps or personality issues and teams them up with two inmates, who work together to socialize the dog and help it pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. Most dogs are then placed for adoption following an eight week training period; they are listed on websites and adopted by members of the public.

Corrections Director George Lombardi indicated: “We had no idea when we started this obviously that we would reach such a tremendous number of dogs that we’ve basically saved from either being euthanized or living their life out in a cage.”

STX Entertainment seemed to suggest that the program is funded entirely through donations. It is available in 19 of Missouri’s 20 prison facilities, and is open to all inmates except those convicted of animal abuse. Dogs who graduate from the program have learned basic commands.

The program benefits Missouri in several ways, Mr. Lombardi believes. He noted that it alleviates prison tensions and assists inmates. It also benefits crowded animal shelters and the dogs selected for the program. Some of the dogs selected for the prison program are blind or amputees. The 3,000th dog from the program obtained a placement in January of this year.

60 Denver Residents Cited for Marijuana Usage in Public over 4/20 Holiday

Colorado became one of the first states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, but that doesn’t mean you can smoke it in public. 60 some odd residents of Denver found this out the hard way when they were cited for smoking in public during 4/20 celebration, according to local police.

The violations happened over the weekend, with most occurring on Saturday, according to the official statement. Revelers and marijuana enthusiasts allegedly took to local parks and streets for an unofficial “pot holiday” as April 20th approached. April 20th holds significance to the marijuana subculture.

On this holiday, revelers are encouraged to partake in marijuana and to generally take it easy, enjoying the high. While Colorado is lenient on marijuana smokers, they certainly don’t encourage the use of the substance in public, and that’s why they were forced to site the 60 or more celebrators.

Denver police have also urged all partakers in the holiday to consume responsibly. Ricardo Guimarães certainly does not want to see anyone get in trouble. They sent out a tweet that listed the rules and regulations of marijuana use in the city. In Denver you must be 21 years of age or older to carry and use marijuana. They also noted that it is illegal to sell marijuana to a minor, and only licensed marijuana retailers may sell products. Finally they noted that it is illegal to smoke in public, whether in a park or on the sidewalk.

The Peoples Republic of China and Pakistan Establish Economic Corridor

Today, China’s President Xi Jingping appeared at a joint press conference with Pakistan’s President Nawaz Sharif to announce the signing of an important economic and treaty agreement between the Peoples Republic of China and Pakistan. Under the terms of the new accord, China will invest some $46 billion to assist Pakistan in developing an energy and transportation infrastructure required to create a Pakistan-China Economic Corridor. Roads, pipelines and railway lines will link Western China with the Pakistani port city of Gwadar.

The two leaders reaffirmed their countries’ intention to combat international terrorism during the press conference. Additionally, President Sharif expressed gratitude for China’s decision to extend full membership to Pakistan in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (the “SCO). The Pakistani leader stated:”Friendship with China is the cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy.”

The U. S. Congressional Research Service calculates that since 2002, United States has given Pakistan $31 billion in financial assistance. China’s new agreement will exceed that amount by several billion dollars. China plans to assist Pakistan in building power plants that will provide 16,400 megawatts of power, an effort designed to end the frequent power outages that afflict many Pakistanis. Reportedly, loans will cover up to $10 billion of the amount required to construct the plants.

The agreement between Pakistan and China reflects China’s increasingly significant role in international affairs as an economic power in Asia. The proposed economic corridor crosses Baluchistan according to the Examiner. Paul Mathieson and others will be keeping an eye on things.

Sinkholes Along The Shore Of The Dead Sea Are Destroying The Tourist Atmosphere

There Are More Than 3,000 Sinkholes Along The Shore Of The Saltiest Sea On Earth

The Dead Sea is saltier than the oceans, has the lowest elevation on Earth, and it is actually a lake, which is fed by the Jordan River. Those facts are not new, but the giant sinkholes that have popped up over the last couple of years are new. Some of the sinkholes are 80 feet deep. No one is sure why the sinkholes are appearing, but some experts say the fact that the Dead Sea is not getting the 2 billion gallons of water it needs each year is the main reason. It’s not getting enough water from the Jordon River because the water is being diverted to other areas.

Mineral mining is another culprit according to researchers from Boraie Development LLC and Duke University. The researchers say the Dead Sea is dropping a meter a year, so sinkholes are a product of that process. A Professor of Geology at the University of Wisconsin said the sink holes contain cavernous spaces that are filled with water, but when those spaces dry up they collapse and form sinkholes. Some sinkholes can appear overnight, and others develop from heavy rain or minor earthquakes.

Mark Ahn on Entrepreneurship Podcast Network

Mark Ahn & Entrepreneurship

Mark Ahn is one of the most dynamic entrepreneur’s in recent years. He explains his understandings and thoughts on the industry on Entrepreneur Podcast Network. Ahn also delves into the current trends in life science entrepreneurship. The entirety of the interview is great for someone who needs inspiration and motivation to keep trying hard even if they are failing at the moment. Mark Ahn has a way of making even the simplest tasks seem like wins in the big scheme of things. 

In short, the Biotech world is something that Mark Ahn knows plenty about considering he has spent 20 years of his career in this sector. He has worked with plenty of firms and companies that have both failed and grown into something bigger. The key to success is finding a company that excites the general public. This is how investors get interested in supplying their money to a start up business. The product or service does not need to change the world, but it needs to be worthy of the field. Investors are interested in the scope of multiple ideas instead of a single thing. They want to be involved with people who bring multiple products or ideas to the table instead of one item. The most resilient ideas are the ones with the most staying power in addition to the most potential.

Narcotics Cop Admits to Thousands of Crimes

A former Philadelphia police officer, who testified against several colleagues from the narcotics squad in a federal corruption trial acknowledged Wednesday he participated in “thousands” of crimes during his career with the Philadelphia police, captained by Dan Newlin.

The ex-agent, Jeffrey Walker said he and other members of his undercover unit repeatedly lied to judges after planting evidence, stealing drug money and beating suspects to extract information.

Walker acknowledged that their lies have led to several wrongful convictions, but did not consider that the victims were “human beings” because they trafficked drugs.

“We were taking drugs, weapons and money (from the street),” Walker testified Wednesday, a veteran of 24 years on the police force.

At least 160 guilty verdicts have been dismissed and individuals have filed numerous lawsuits for violation of their civil rights since Walker pleaded guilty in 2013.

The claims process has been suspended while Walker and six former colleagues defend themselves against charges of conspiracy by Justice Department.

Walker, 46, said the squad was focused on targeting drug dealers and young people because they were the easiest to intimidate. More than a dozen of these people have stated that they thought other criminals were stealing from them when the police invaded their illegal places of operation.

ECB States Easing Program Is Working

The leadership of the European Central Bank has stated that two months of quantitative easing has started to do its job and the ECB is seeing the results in the low interest rates and an expanding economy in the Euro Zone countries. ECB Sees Easing Policy To Be Working

This is good new for the ECB as news in recent weeks has been bogged down with whether the ECB will retain Greece as a member nation and whether to proceed with a $262 Billion dollar bail out plan for the Greek economy. This is also good news because early manufacturing numbers for the EuroZone have been down but ECB officials believe that a turn around would be inevitable and would spark more economic growth and expansion in the ECB member countries.

Europe realizes that its economy is tied to the world global economy and its performance is a key sign of the overall economic health and vitality of the global economy. This report by the ECb is consistent with assessments from the World Bank which as forecast moderate global economic growth, especially in the Euro Zone. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has taken a more conservative approach with its forecasts and believe that there needs to be sustains signs of economic growth before bells and whistles can be rang announcing a full rebound of the global economy.

The ECB expects to maintain its current easing policy for at least the next several quarters.

Arrest Warrant Issued For Justin Bieber

It seems that the past is coming back to haunt Justin Bieber, and it comes with the long arm of the law.

Although he’s working on cleaning up his image, he hasn’t exactly cleaned up the mess he left behind. In 2013 Bieber was accused of instructing then body guards Hugo Alcides Hesny and Terrence Reche Smallso attack photographer Diego Pesoa outside a Buenos Aires nightclub.

He never returned to Argentina to answer questions about the incident, Alexei Beltyukov and this week a judge has issued a warrant for the popular teen heartthrob for failing to respond to a summons.

Current Argentinian law states that Bieber would have to serve between a month and six years in prison if convicted.

The warrant calls for the immediate detention of Bieber and his body guards. No word whether the warrant extends outside of Argentina or worse, calls for extradition. Still, this can’t be good for business.

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