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July 29, 2015

FreedomPop Expands Service, Offers Unlimited WiFi in U.S.

The internet exists as a monolith at this point in time, so much so that it is hard to remember a time when unlimited wireless internet access wasn’t common place. Some people alive today grew up without the internet, others grew up with slow ‘dial up’, and now another generation will grow up with the ability to connect wirelessly no matter where they are in the country. FreedomPop, a freemium cell phone provider, is jumping into the fray with their company by offering unlimited wireless internet access to their customers for a mere $5 a month. This plan will take …continue reading

FreedomPop Expands Service, Offers Unlimited WiFi in U.S.

The internet exists as a monolith at this point in time, so much so that it is hard to remember a time when unlimited wireless internet access wasn’t common place. Some people alive today grew up without the internet, others grew up with slow ‘dial up’, and now another generation will grow up with the ability to connect wirelessly no matter where they are in the country. FreedomPop, a freemium cell phone provider, is jumping into the fray with their company by offering unlimited wireless internet access to their customers for a mere $5 a month. This plan will take advantage of hotspots all over the country and compete with data plans that are four and five times that cost. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, however, as FreedomPop is setting the record straight on what it means to be a mobile carrier company.

FreedomPop was established in L.A. way back in 2012 as a tech start up with designs on becoming a hot mobile phone carrier company. After getting a large amount of seed money from the founder of Skype FreedomPop would go on to explode in growth. Now, in 2015 FreedomPop has one million users on their network and they are beginning to expand across the ocean and into Europe’s most crowded mobile phone market: the United Kingdom. The entire path of FreedomPop’s growth has been charted by tracing their freemium sensibilities, offer a lot for a little to their customers and eating the costs when appropriate. FreedomPop gives users free access to a limited amount of texts, mobile data, and voice calling with absolutely no strings attached. Customers pay only when they go over their allotted amount, decide to upgrade, or opt to purchase any one of FreedomPop’s multiple add on plans such as phone insurance or roaming data.

Their decision to offer wireless internet all over the United States for only $5 a month will give FreedomPop a leg up in the market. This maneuver will utilize 10 million hotspots that cover “90% of the top 100 metros” according to CEO Stephen Stokols. An application will be available for download on the Android and iOS operating systems that will aid users in their ability to auto connect in a way that is “on par with Google”, according to Stokols once more. This almost free wireless access makes complete sense when you stop to consider how much data is consumed by users who have access to wifi at their current location.

FreedomPop is currently on track to grow well past their million subscriber month with their launch outward into the U.K. The wireless internet roll out plan should also see those numbers boosted for the long term. As more and more consumers become informed on their mobile carrier knowledge we shouldn’t be surprise to see more companies opt for the ‘pay what you need’ route. Freemium is beginning to become the new standard in several industries and it may only take the work of FreedomPop to make it happen here for mobile wireless services.

Hulk Hogan Disappears from WWE Website

The most iconic face of professional wrestling appears to have been erased from the history books, at least in the eyes of the WWE website according to James Dondero. If you visit the professional wrestling website today, you will see no mention of Hulk Hogan anymore. No mention of his history, no more merchandise for sale, and no mention that he is one of the judges on the popular live Tough Enough television series.

While the Hulkster posted a tweet the day before telling fans that the universe will sail him where he is supposed to go, no one is quite sure what happened overnight. Hulk Hogan is by far the one iconic symbol of a company that spans decades, and he is still as popular today as he was when he fought in those epic battles against Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania. The speculation seems to be surrounding an interview the Hulk gave back in 2012, but this is really just speculation.

The website had been selling Hulk tee shirts and all types of his memorabilia for years. Fans show up at these events week after week still wearing the apparel of the Hulk. To simply erase him from the website completely is serious. This is not only a huge financial loss for the WWE, it could damage their reputation with young fans who still look up to the Hulk. No one at the WWE would respond to questions concerning his disappearance from the website, but word will surely be out soon enough.

Qnet: A Company on the Rise

Any business owner or entrepreneur will agree that marketing is necessary for the success of any business. A good marketing plan will bring business and customers to your doorstep. If you work with companies like Qnet, profiled by BsuinessForHome here, that can happen for your business.

In today’s world of marketing ecommerce is essential in running a successful business and expanding that business across the world. Qnet offers products in different markets. As one of the direct selling companies in Asia, they provide endless opportunities through their ecommerce platform.

On their website you can find information on different products they market, along with a wide variety of information about their company. For instance, if you want to learn about direct selling, their time line, charity or compensation you can find out about it on their website. At the bottom you can read about their code of ethics, terms of use, disclaimers and other areas you may be interested. The Qnet website has all the information you need to understand this company.

With any multi level marketing and direct selling company you decide to work for, it’s the responsibility of the individual to research the company and make sure you understand all company policies and agreements. Never sign or agree to something you don’t fully understand simply because you expect to make money.

In conclusion, although I have never worked with Qnet, I have done extensive research for this particular article. What I have learned is this, when it come to direct selling or multi level marketing, you have to understand the risk involved. When people don’t get the results they expect, they claim it was a scam. I for one believe that Qnet is not a scam even though they don’t have an office here in the United States. I think some people feel cheated when they invest money and don’t make that money back, within a certain amount of time. All in all you have to be smart and make the best decision.

Joseph Bismarck: the Monk Who Won in Business

Joseph Bismarck is a business man who thinks that spirituality and business go hand in hand. His methods have proven to quite successful and his ideas among a light summary of his life and achievements can be found in a article from Bring on the Random titled “Joseph Bismarck Believes In Business With Spirituality Added”. 

He once believed that he was content to be a monk living in the Philippines, but then decided to try business. He applied his philosophy as a monk that he was very devout in following with methods of business and was was successful. Some notable achievements of his were being the Managing Director for the QI group in the year 2008 and an important part of Qnet funding. 
The secrets that helped propel him to these positions he shares with us. He says that it is important to be a team player and to have integrity. He also shares with us that success is not equivalent to material possessions and that to be successful in business one must have a spiritual awakening in relation to business. 
His leadership skills are also good; Joseph Bismark governs his employees in a more relaxed setting. He views the usual management style is something that he needs to repair. He is also a great person; he is a motivational speaker and has a peace-loving mindset. 
He was a monk from age nine to seventeen, when he decided to try business. Bringing the peace-loving mindset of his teachings to the corporate world resulted in a great success for him.

North American Spine Offers Proven Pain Relief

Back pain can be hard to cope with. Many people find that problems with their spine can make it hard for them to carry out activities each day and function well. The result can be an impaired ability to work and do other daily tasks such as cooking dinner or caring for family members. Fortunately, there is a way to help relieve pain that may result from spinal issues. Certain medical procedures have been developed that have been shown to reduce and even entirely eliminate pain from problems with the spine. A qualified surgeon can show the patient how such procedures can easily help them feel better and get rid of their spinal problems.  One such company is North American Spine. North American Spine is Dallas, Texas based group that has helped thousands of patients regain form and function. Their work was recently featured on KFOR, a Dallas based NBC affiliate where viewers were given the opportunity learn all about the AccuraScope® procedure, a medical procedure that has been developed by the group and can help people rid themselves of back and neck pain without the need for back or neck surgery that may otherwise have a very long recovery time and still not work as well. The procedure is typically finished in under an hour and provides the patient with the ability to avoid a very long recovery process that is typical with more common forms of back and neck surgery. Patients who have undergone the procedure often find that pain relief is nearly immediate. Many patients are literally able to walk out of the clinic within a few hours of the procedure and resume the daily activities easily.  North American Spine has been located in the Dallas, Texas area for over five years. During this time, the doctors here have worked hard to make sure that their patient’s needs are fully served. P Patients can work with the company in order to be able to confront any problems they may have as a result of ongoing medical conditions such as problems with spinal alignment and back tissue inflammation that can make it hard for many to get through an ordinary day. The doctors at North American Spine can offer such patients a way out of their problems and help them overcome such issues, often with surgery that carries very little risk and has been shown to work extremely well.

Vijay Eswaran, Inspirational Businessman

Entrepreneurship is a trade that is quite difficult for anyone to achieve. For someone like Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian descended from Indian emigrants, this seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream. Yet, at 52 years old, he managed to found and run his own multinational conglomerate, write best-selling books, and speak to many of his fellowmen about how they can succeed. Truly, Vijay Eswaran is an exception to the rule, and he wants to help others succeed as well as he does.

Eswaran teaches through his books and his speeches that people should do their best to make a difference in the communities they live in. In his bestselling book ‘Sphere of Silence’, he emphasizes the importance of slowing down and taking in the sights and sounds of life, such as listening to people and searching for a direction. Promoting ethical and proactive behavior, his beliefs are quite similar to the famous pacifist leader Mahatma Gandhi. Such beliefs have been considered deviant to traditional business practices, but Eswaran has been praised for making it work.

He also pushed for political and economic reform in his home country of Malaysia, as well as India. It was his belief that closing off businesses to avoid competition and overlooking smaller businesses are responsible for the economic decline in India. In Malaysia, he encouraged the Indian population to speak up and actively participate in government affairs. Through his written and spoken words, he managed to inspire many people to become proactive politically and economically.

For his efforts in innovative business practices, Eswaran has received many awards. In 2013, he received the MBA, an award that recognizes Malaysian businessmen who have made breakthroughs in business. In addition, he has earned the NGI and GBIM awards, and has been hailed as one of the greatest leaders in Asian business. He attributes his success to the efforts of his fellow employees at his company, the QI Group, of which he is the founder and executive chairman.

Eric Pulier: Technological Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is a multi-faceted businessman. He is a giant in the tech world, having started up over 15 and served as chairperson for over 15 companies. He is also a philanthropist, a public speaker, a published author, and a family man. Eric was raised in Bergen County, New Jersey and that is where he got his start getting familiar with computers. In the fourth grade, Eric had programmed his first computer. In high school, he created a database computer. In 1984, he was accepted to Harvard University where he went on to study American and English Literature. While at Harvard, he wrote for the infamous school paper, “The Harvard Crimson”. While going to school at Harvard, he also took some classes on the side at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

After graduating magna cum laude from Harvard University 1988, Eric moved to Los Angeles, California where he started up his first technological-based company. He founded People Doing Things (PDT) in 1991 which was a company that used technology to deal with issues such as health care and education. His next company was called Digital Evolution, which he founded in 1994. That company went on to later merge with US Interactive LLC. Eric was also the driving force behind building the site Starbright World, which is a private social networking site for children who have an issue with chronic illnesses. A few years later, Eric moved on to a prestigious project. He was asked to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in Washington DC.

Not only is Eric Pulier an entrepreneur in the technological community, he is also a philanthropist. He donates both time and money to several non-profit organizations. He also serves as a board member for a summer camp called The Painted Turtle, which caters to children who have chronic illnesses. He is also a member of the board for X-Prize Foundation, a committee that works to solve some of humanities greatest issues.

Brian Bonar’s Diversified Success in the Midst of Recession Recovery

Brian Bonar holds several positions as President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director, Chairman, CEO and CFO of a professional employment organization (PEO) services company called Trucept (a.k.a. TREP) Inc. This means that they trek the records of the insurances and taxes as well as directing the work activities during the day. For a fee, the provide services such as recruitment coaching, employees training, payroll taxes and unemployment and insurance claims management. Dr. Bonar has been involved with several other similar companies, including the founding of American Management Services LLC and serving as the Director of the business solution company, Dalrada Financial Corporation for 20 years.

TREP assists employees through three other companies that it controls, STASI (Smart Track Automated Services Inc.), Smart Trek Service Solutions Corp and Smart Trek Services Inc., which is also subsidized by STASI. Dr. Bonar has helped TREP to expand its services to include assistance with HR (human resource) management and especially to include companies that offer diversified financial services such as healthcare staffing and drug testing. As a result, he is considered to be the visionary whom TREP credits for leading them to become more prosperous than they otherwise might have become.

Dr. Bonar’s role with TREP now is to oversee the company overall as its head and to ensure that it’s general reputation is maintained. His ways of expanding their clients has helped to ensure that their assets remain secure and his ways of increasing their openness to new sets of clients have ensured that TREP is a very difficult company to beat in the competition.

Dr. Bonar can be considered to be a role model not just among the employees in his companies but also to other potential entrepreneurs who aspire to work in the financial field. Dr. Bonar’s passion for what he does shows through not only the expansions that have occurred under his leadership but also his willingness to provide his own and pass on his ways of business coaching to his own employees. Another thing that makes someone like Dr. Bonar so remarkable is that he has managed to become extremely successful during the time of recovery from the Great Recession, when it is still considered to be quite difficult to become successful. He has followed the current trend of diversification within businesses and combined it with ensuring that his employees are on the same page with his business coaching techniques.

It is everyone’s hope that the future of Dr. Bonar’s influence will last for at least quite awhile. No one can replace Dr. Bonar but his coaching techniques are showing the hope that it will be easy to pass on to business owners and entrepreneurs for generations to come.

The Legal System and Lawyers in Brazil

The Brazilian law is more or less that of civil law tradition. The legal system relies on statutes where the Federal Constitution is the principle and highest law in the country. The adjustments of the constitution only take place via a Constitutional Amendment known as Emenda Constitucional. Typical legislation has to be in compliance with legal norms and can be made at municipal, state or federal levels. Most of Brazilian Law developed from Portuguese Law due to the effect of the colonial period.

Currently, Brazil has qualified and competent attorneys in different fields of law. The lawyers have a thorough background in various proceedings that represent a broad range of clients in Brazil and all over the world. They have up to date knowledge with the current advancements in various fields, and they provide maximum attention to their clients as they are their principle concern.

In rare cases, you will find competent Brazilian lawyers who handle international cases in Brazil. Locating a lawyer who is an expert in international cases at the same time in areas such as internet law, intellectual property and corporate law can be even more daunting. Some law firms in Brazil have customized their services and offer hearing for international cases and legal translators in major locations. Different top lawyers can help you in primary legal specialties including family law, collection services, business law, intellectual property and many more.

Lawyers like Ricardo Tosto know that other Brazilian legal firms offer legal services instantly in Brazil with assistance from their team in different parts of the world. A Brazilian lawyer helps in different areas of the law as they also assist clients through the whole process. Ricardo Tosto knows that this includes from the time the lawyers start the case strategy to when they attend possible hearings in your place. In case it is an international case, you will cut costs on travelling while you get comprehensive information on the proceedings of the case on the firm’s website.

The Order of Attorneys of Brazil is an association of lawyers who are in charge of managing the legal profession in Brazil. It was established in 1930 and have its national headquarters in Brasília, Federal District. It has a total of 847,921 lawyers as at 2013 and all graduates from the University, who like to act on behalf of clients in a court of law, are required to sign up at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. Those who are registered accordingly can offer legal services and make representations before the Court.

The Threat of FreedomPop

Everyone has heard of the big names in mobile phone services: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T. However, a new name is emerging: FreedomPop. This new, stand alone business offers the same services as Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T, but with a difference: the cost is much lower and the services can be used alone. This means that the 10 million WiFi hotspots that FreedomPop offers can be accessed without a full phone coverage plan. The hotspots can also be accessed whether the user has a carrier or not, and it’s only five dollars no matter what the consumer’s other costs for a data plan. The five dollar WiFi access offers instant connection to Google and FreedomPop hotspots in the USA. Some of the big name retailers (Burger King and Starbucks, for example) are partnering up with FreedomPop for the use of these hotspots, which seems to show that other carriers are cooperating with this new business.

If big brand phone carriers weren’t already scared, the factoid that FreedomPop is about to open up a UK branch should scare them. With as much competition in the UK as there is, FreedomPop is starting small with a SIMcard only service. No WiFi hotspots are available yet, but the SIM cards carry the same limits as what has been described the most basic plan in the UK. In addition, there has been heavy reinforcement on free calls internationally – including 60 countries outside the UK. Any data that remains unused at the end of the month in the UK will rollover to the next month. How many other services offer this kind of coverage for such a low price?

And FreedomPop in the UK seems to cut out the middle man, accounting for the low prices. Much of the business is done online, with no need for consumers to drive to a store to see the prices or features of any plan. Without buying data in the same way many other businesses do, FreedomPop offers a large plan for a fraction of the big names.

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