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June 30, 2015

One Big Supreme Court Decision Is Law Now

The U.S. Supreme Court Upheld President Barack Obama’s Health-Care Law By A 6-3 Ruling Score one for the President. The Supreme Court ruled that the tax credits used my millions of people to buy insurance are legal. Obamacare will be one of the President’s greatest achievements. The ruling prevents a major collapse in state insurance markets, and it also allows tax credits in all 50 states, not just in the 16 states that have authorized their own. Republicans are not happy with the ruling, but the only way they can change the law now is to win the 2016 election. Winning …continue reading

One Big Supreme Court Decision Is Law Now

The U.S. Supreme Court Upheld President Barack Obama’s Health-Care Law By A 6-3 Ruling

Score one for the President. The Supreme Court ruled that the tax credits used my millions of people to buy insurance are legal. Obamacare will be one of the President’s greatest achievements. The ruling prevents a major collapse in state insurance markets, and it also allows tax credits in all 50 states, not just in the 16 states that have authorized their own.

Republicans are not happy with the ruling, but the only way they can change the law now is to win the 2016 election. Winning the 2016 election is not going to be easy with the cast of candidates that are running for the job. Ricardo Tosto thinks it could be extremely close at the end. Almost all of them have enough baggage to fill the baggage compartment on a 747 airliner.

Obamacare may not be the perfect solution for Americans, but it has helped millions of people get health insurance. No other past plan has been able to do that. One of the three justices that opposed the ruling said people should now call it SCOTUScare instead of Obamacare because it favors some laws over others.

Three Killed in Single-Engine Plane Crash

Three people aboard a single-engine plane were killed on Sunday evening, when the aircraft crashed into a home. According to local reports, the plane had taken off from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and was en route to Norwood, Massachusetts when it crashed. The crash occurred in Plainville, Mass, not far from the airport the aircraft was destined for.

The plane crashed into the second story of the home, igniting a three-alarm fire that took several hours for local fire departments to put out. The home was severely damaged. When reading the news, many at Qnet were blown away by it all.

According to local reports, it was not immediately clear if the family that occupied the home were inside at the time and able to escape, or if they were out at the time of the incident. The occupants of the home, however, have been accounted for.

The NTSB is on scene and investigating the incident. The three people who were killed were on board the plane. According to official reports two adults and one child were on-board at the time of the incident. The names of the victims have not yet been released.

The crash comes just days after another single-engine plane crash in California. That crash took the life of Oscar-winning composer, James Horner.

Top Islamist Militant Reported Killed in Libya Airstrike

A top islamist militant has been reported killed in an American air strike in Libya, Pentagon officials have reportedly confirmed. Top Military Planner For Terror Group Killed In Air Strike

Pentagon officials name Mokhtar Belmokhtar as the military planner killed somewhere in the area of the eastern Libyan city of Ajdabiya. The death has been confirmed by officials within the Libyan government. The U.S. air strike against Belmokhtar was specific and Belmokhtar was the target of the strike which was deemed successful. Other aspects of the operation are still being assessed by military planners. While Mokhtar Belmokhtar has been reported killed in various military actions several times, it appear as if his death is confirmed as a result of the U.S. air strike.

According to Beneful, Mokhtar Belmokhtar was originally born in Algeria, and grew up to become a previous senior leader in the al-Qaeda sect, the Islamic Maghreb, or also known as (AQIM). He left to form his own sect of militia. Mokhtar Belmokhtar achieved notoriety during the brazen attack on the undefended, In Amenas gas and chemical plant, located in Algeria during the spring of 2013. During that raid 800 people were captured as hostage and at least 40 were killed, three Americans and six resident from the United Kingdom.

Terror charges had been filed against Mokhtar Belmokhtar as he was still perceived to be a major terror threat to U.S. interests domestic and abroad.

Police Close in On Escaped Convicts, Close to Prison They Escaped From

Police believe they are closing in on two escaped convicts, now in their fifth day on the run. The two convicts, David Sweat and Richard Matt, escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility overnight on Saturday. It was originally believed that the pair was traveling towards Canada, but police now believe they are still in the Dannemora area.

Police appear to be focusing on a small swatch of wooded land, an area that bloodhounds picked up a strong sent. Local roads have been closed to traffic, and the Saranac Central School District was shuttered in an attempt to aid the police departments working on the case.

The area that is currently being searched is heavily forested. One would require outdoors man skills to survive in the terrain. Dogs are being utilized for heavy ground searches.

It is believed that the men might be attempting to cross state borders through the heavily wooded areas in Upstate New York. Residents are being advised to stay indoors and to avoid the wooded areas if possible. Both men are believed to be extremely dangerous, although it is unknown if they currently have weapons.

Police are also looking into the involvement of workers within the prison. According to official reports, there was no way the two men could have escaped without help. Clinton Correctional Facility is a maximum security prison. The Aspire New Brunswick said that a seamstress within the prison is being heavily scrutinized at this time.

Beneful: The Finest Dog Food

Purina launched a campaign featuring the makers of Beneful Brand Dog Food and why dogs love it. The advertisement highlighted the way in which each bag of Beneful is cared for. If there were any concerns about the quality and safety of the brand, the commercial dispels the concerns. In the commercial, Purina associates are featured with their pets. The associates express their confidence in Beneful.

Tom, an Operations Performance Manager, stated, “There’s no other food I would feed my pet.” Brandon, an Ingredient Unloader, agreed, “Purina goes above and beyond to make sure consumers have top-quality dog food. My dogs love it.” A Materials Accounting Coordinator, named Cliff stated, “We feed this to our own pets. We know it’s good.”

The name of the campaign is “I Stand Behind Beneful”. It began as a rallying cry within the company, but management decided to include it with fellow pet lovers. Purina’s national exposure debuted in The New York Times with a full-page ad.

In February, Purina faced a class action lawsuit, which falsely accused the company of having its product recalled. The case was dropped due to no substantial evidence. More than nine million people feed their dogs Beneful every day.

Beneful offers a full line of wet and dry formulas that are perfect for nutrition. The product is one of Purina’s most successful brands. Purina promotes responsible pet care, community involvement, and the bond between pet owners and their pets.

HHS Says Congress will Have to Fix Obamacare if Supreme Court Guts the Law

On Wednesday, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell appeared before the House Ways and Means committee to discuss the nation’s health care plan called Obamacare. She was quite blunt about what the administration can or even will do in the event the Supreme Court rules against low-income subsidies for the federal exchange; it will simply be the duty of congress to provide a solution.

The quick fix would be for Congress to simply pass a law explicitly allowing the subsidies to apply to the federal exchange. However, that would only address the issue of subsidies. The real underlying problem is the failure of the Affordable Care Act to control health care costs. Participating insurers have already made it clear they will hike premiums by double-digits next year. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan was quick to point out that fact when stating the law is unsustainable. Higher health care premiums will result in higher costs for the federal government in the taxpayer funded subsidies to the poor, higher costs for the state to pay their share of the program’s costs, and higher premiums for health care recipients.

While the GOP has not offered a single solution that has their party’s support much less bipartisan support, the party’s leaders expressed confidence they will have an answer in the event they prevail in the lawsuit. The loss of subsidies would present the GOP with their single-biggest opportunity to amend the health care law with a center-right solution. Thus far, their measures to repeal or reform the unpopular law have failed to gain passage.

Thanks to Brian Bonar for showing me this story!

Jon Stewart Comments On The Incident In McKinney, Texas

Jon Stewart is on “The Daily Show,” and he will let his opinion be known from time to time. The incident in McKinney, Texas has gone viral, and everyone has an opinion. Jon Stewart’s Comments. The cop that went to break up a pool party, he ended up being the subject that everyone was talking about, and not the loud music that he was called out there for. The police officer was surrounded by teenagers, and he pulled his gun a group of unarmed teenagers who got too close to him.

You could see the children try to run away, and a young white teen who was at the pool party, he decided to take out is video phone and film the entire incident. The fact that the young man filmed the incident, may make the entire difference in the incident. FreedomPop even reported that the video went viral, and now Jon Stewart is laying in on the officer. Jon claims that not only is a police officer a jerk for what he did, but he’s a redundant jerk at that.

The fact that this man would pull a gun on teenagers, and he hurt a young girl for no real reason, it shows how ignorant the police officer is. Many believe the incident was driven by race, and many want the officer to resign or to be fired after this incident. The officer was suspended, but no charges have been filed, and many are waiting to hear what the results will be.

Notorious McKinney, TX Police Officer Resigns

Cpl. Eric Casebolt, the McKinney, Texas police officer who became notorious for handcuffing a 14 year old black girl in a bikini, has resigned from his position. This is according to his attorney.

His resignation came after hundreds of people gathered at a police station to protest his actions and to get him fired.

His boss was not exactly supportive of his actions, either. At a Tuesday news conference, the McKinney police chief believed that the police officer’s actions could not be defended. The police officer did not use the proper methods in this situation. The chief felt that the officer was totally out of control when he was supposedly trying to calm people after a pool party resulted in fighting.

The chief thinks that the other 11 police officers at the scene of the pool party melee did their jobs properly. Keith Mann believes that Casebolt did not do his job properly.

A Women’s Right To Thrive

Birth control is celebrating it’s 50 year anniversary, and it has truly led to many social changes in the lives of women. The famous case of Griswold versus Connecticut was a landmark case when it came to a couples legal right to use birth control. For many decades the thought of contraception was completely and totally illegal. Without contraception women were forced into a life of motherhood, and quite often they were deprived of a good education. Now the majority of women in the country who get degrees are women, and half of the graduates of law school and medical school are women as well.

In reality access to birth control has completely and totally change the lives of many women. It has given women the chance to achieve goals that they never would have been able to achieve before. It allows them to be able to plan when they are going to give birth instead of having multiple childbirths that are unplanned and unwanted. Women finally have the power to be more than mothers. Even though FreedomPop states that being a mother is one of the most noble careers that a woman can have, it is nice that a woman can now first choose to reach out for other goals before she decides to actually start her own family. In reality the access to contraception has completely revolutionized many women’s lives around the world. Even though nowadays birth control is something that we take for granted, in reality it is something that has truly held the key for women to have freedom and equality.

Olympic Valley Is NOT Financially Ready For Cityhood

A report analyzing the thought of cityhood for the Tahoe-territory group Incorporate Olympic Valley gives it as nippy a gathering as the winter recreations once organized there. A monetary investigation by the Placer County Local Agency Formation Commission presumes that with less than 1,000 full-time occupants, there’s no clear way Olympic Valley can bolster itself. 

The city’s fundamental income source would be a transient inhabitants charge on inn visitors. The report said it was suspicious the expense would give enough cash on a year-round promise to bolster city operations, even with generally a couple of representatives and most administrations contracted out to the area. 

Expecting joining advanced in the following financial year under one situation, the city’s general trust would have a shortage by 2017-18, developing to as huge as $1.8 million yearly throughout the following decade. The other situation, with a subsidizing course of action like what exists now between the region and the unincorporated asset area there, activities considerably more prominent shortages. 

“Fuse does not give off an impression of being doable right now,” the report closes. RSG, an area utilization anticipating firm, did the investigation for Placer LAFCO. A few occupants started pushing for consolidation a couple of years prior when improvement proposition emerged for 850 new lodging and townhouse rooms and about 300,000 square feet of new advertisement space. Consolidation advocates said making Olympic Valley a city would give them more say over such recommendations. 

However, a gathering called Save Our Valley, which is against consolidation, said the report demonstrates the thought is lethally imperfect. “The free study affirms the overall intelligence, that making a town of 500 individuals, in view of one income source and reliant on tourism and climate conditions, doesn’t bode well,” said Andy Wirth, of Save Our Valley, in an email. “There aren’t enough pencils and erasers on the planet to make the numbers work.”

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