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October 13, 2015

Notre Dame Lacrosse Team: O.W.L.S. and Matt Landis

The John Wooden quote: “Never mistake activity for achievement.” was told to the Notre Dame Lacrosse team when they went to meet young lacrosse players at a Playing for Peace event in Chicago. This sport clinic event that was cohosted by the Outreach with Lacrosse and Schools (or O.W.L.S.) took place on September 24 of this year with the goal of providing a free event for any young lacrosse players to enjoy and to get useful information. Playing for Peace has a goal of using sports to unite people from all backgrounds in a peaceful manner using sports. With the …continue reading

Notre Dame Lacrosse Team: O.W.L.S. and Matt Landis

matt landis notre dame

The John Wooden quote: “Never mistake activity for achievement.” was told to the Notre Dame Lacrosse team when they went to meet young lacrosse players at a Playing for Peace event in Chicago. This sport clinic event that was cohosted by the Outreach with Lacrosse and Schools (or O.W.L.S.) took place on September 24 of this year with the goal of providing a free event for any young lacrosse players to enjoy and to get useful information. Playing for Peace has a goal of using sports to unite people from all backgrounds in a peaceful manner using sports. With the partnership with O.W.L.S. who particularly are a group who want to bring lacrosse to inner city and low income areas, this health clinic was focused on these areas of which Chicago is one of them.
matt landis black and white
Last year the Notre Dame lacrosse players visited St. Malachy school in Chicago as well, making this visit a somewhat tradition. O.W.L.S. Lacrosse have also attended Notre Dame Lacrosse games with about one hundred and twenty-five lacrosse players and their families attending the Irish vs. Syracuse game. A small group of the out risk kids who are a part of the O.W.L.S. events are selected to also attend the Notre Dame Lacrosse Skills Camp during the summer months. Sixty-five kids from the west side and south side of Chicago went to the Playing for Peace Event; getting to enjoy the live dj, the lacrosse skills tips, and the tips for building good rapport, teamwork, and relationships off and on the lacrosse field. Read the full article here.
matt landis epoch lax
Matt Landis is number 43 on the Notre Dame lacrosse team and is a defense player. He was born in Pelham, New York state to Robert and Norma Landis. He attended and graduated from Pelham High School where he excelled at sports. He volunteered, played hockey, lacrosse and football at Pelham High School.
matt landis notre dame
In 2010 Matt Landis accepted a scholarship to play lacrosse at Notre Dame. He attends the school’s Mendoza College of Business and has a GPA of 3.41. At six foot two and at one hundred and ninety five pounds Mr. Landis is a defensemen to be reckoned with. His size and level of skills has made him a star defensemen for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Lacrosse Team. His hobbies outside of sports and academia include: golfing, volunteering, skiing, skeet shooting and reading.

World Class Digital Marketing By White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a mainstream media agency located in Miami, Florida. It was founded in 2011 by three Danish business persons with vast experiences in online and offline marketing. These business persons had an ambitious goal of conquering SMB market in Latin America and the U.S that grows daily at a high rate. It aimed to provide quality product and service that has never been experienced in the region before. The online agency deals with Digital Marketing and truly delivers solutions about online marketing that are tailored to specifically serve small and medium sized businesses across America and the world at large.

The agency has been acknowledged in North America as one of the fastest growing digital agencies. The realization of growth has been realized by a good reputation of steering cost-effective and fruitful search marketing campaigns while proving world class customer service and experience. The online agency is specialized in tracking all its client’s marketing efforts ensuring tremendous success achievement. From once a small boutique-like agency to a world class online marketing agency has helped many companies across America grow their businesses by actively and extensively utilizing its online marketing tactics and suitable proprietary marketing tools.

Throughout its existence in online marketing and service provision, the agency uses client tracking tools that are decent and effective. These tools include Google Analytical Integration, Competitive intelligence, Keyword-level call tracking, and a proprietary reporting software. This combined ensure that the acknowledged agency is accountable to all its clients at the end of every month. Another aspect to note, an aspect that has turned out to be a winning formula towards its success is combining domestic and offshore presence with a highly skilled, trained, experienced and bilingual staff who share their online marketing experiences with the agency’s valued clients. This offers the clients an opportunity to benefit from proven concepts than testing new unproved ideas.

To mention just but a few reviews about quality advisory and online marketing include from clients like Titan Engines which supplies stroker engines to Jeep doubled their sales in a year, Julian Patrick of Stove Fitters Warehouse realized an increase in conversation monthly and tracks phone calls from enquiry to the end of a successful purchase and Eric Kioko of Skyplus Limousines who saw his customer base increase significantly after he began using White Shark Media services.
The agency is innovative and dedicated to client’s continued success.

What The Achievements of Kenneth Griffin Say About His Decision Making Abilities

Ken Griffin is a well renowned professional who has ventured in the financial world and has offered solutions to the various businesses he has come across in his career. He has been able to negotiate different projects with leading firms and his effort has been appreciated in many of the services he has offered. Kenneth Griffin is a very prudent investor and his management skills have allowed him to run successful businesses. He also able to offer analysis of different ventures to come up with practical solutions for different questions that are pertinent to making a business stable. Kenneth Griffin has also offered consultancy service to upcoming entrepreneurs on the best practices the can embrace to successfully run their businesses in the competitive world.

As from the time he was a small boy, Kenneth Griffin founder of Citadel has maintained great discipline and focus in all the ventures he has handled. He has been able to offer insight on different occasions where challenges came his way. Although failure happens frequently in different areas, Kenneth Griffin has been seeing this as a blessing for he has been able to learn new things through projects he handled while they could not offer the desired effect. He only took it positively and the second trial would bear the expected success and in most instances he would achieve even more.

Once he completed his early education, he was admitted at the Harvard University, where he would pursue economics. This is a course that helped to shape his future and spirit of handling investments. He was able to get answers to different questions that he needed to pursue. His stay at the university was a big achievement as he managed to come up with great ideas that were inspired by what he used to experience in his day to day activities. He once read an article in the Forbes magazine, which touched on managing a business while learning. This came as a wake-up call and he resolved to launch a venture that would enable him apply his skills. Kenneth Griffin then launched his first hedge fund business while in his second year.

Although he did not have capital, he did not postpone his idea. He encouraged his friends to help in financing his project and this is something that allowed him to kick off his dream of ever becoming a top entrepreneur. The financing offered was in form of shares and each individual was impressed by the way he successfully managed the venture.

Attaining success in this venture offered him more motivation to handle even bigger businesses. He was able to come up with other more reliable ventures that would dominate the financial world. He graduated and proceeded right away to seek funds from Frank Meyer, who offered him $1 million to finance his business in condition he was going to be getting a percentage of the total returns made. In 1990, Kenneth Griffin launched Citadel, LLC, which is a leading hedge fund provider. His great management and decision making has allowed him to earn the company a top status in the market.

Hiring Expert Handy Cleaning Professionals

Your friends at Handy Home Cleaning Services can be there for you when you need them the most. It is nice to have professionals who can help with the house cleaning that you need to get done. Many people just do not have the time or patience to do this on their own, and this can be a major problem when you want a comfortable and lively home that you do not have to hide from the public. Instead, consider having a company like Handy do the job for you to make your life a whole lot easier.

There are a lot of benefits to contacting and hiring Handy for your own house cleaning needs. For one, you will find that it helps when you are just too busy to do all of the cleaning on your own. You will find that it helps to have an expert come in at regular intervals to provide this service for you. You will also want to consider hiring a professional company when you are looking to get a home cleaned for an elderly loved one who may not be able to do this on their own.

Saving time with the house cleaning is definitely one of the main benefits to working with Handy. This particular company can send in their loved ones so that you are able to relax without giving up on a clean home. You want to know that your house is cleaned and tidy without spending all of the time doing this for yourself. Handy has the professionals who are going to be able to clean your house, no matter how large or small it happens to be. You might also want to consider using Handy if you have an office or apartment that needs to get cleaned when you are away.

A professional cleaning company also has the professionalism and backing that hiring just anyone can give to you. Instead of hiring someone you know who might do a good job, you can get a guarantee by Handy that you will be satisfied with the finished product. You will not have to worry that the cleaning is being done incorrectly and you will find that this benefits in many ways because of the fact that you can trust that the work is being done to your own quality of standards.

Having a gorgeous and clean home is easier when you have a company like Handy that is doing the work for you. You will find that having the professionals by your side makes things a whole lot easier for you and enables you to relax without the issues that come with cleaning an entire home on your own. No one has the time or patience to do the house cleaning on their days off, so you may want to hire Handy so that they can begin to send in their experts in order to do the job for you when you need it done the most in the home.

Why Dan Newlin is a Perfect Example of Shrewd Investors

Dan Newlin, a Florida based attorney, is a reliable individual, who has revolutionized service delivery when it comes to matters pertaining injury law. He has worked with different organizations, especially in the government to ensure victims who sustain injuries are assisted to access justice. Dan Newlin has been in business for more than ten years and his prowess has left a great landmark in the way injury cases are handled. He is one of the most respected individuals when it comes to fighting for a just cause. In all the instances he has stood for his clients, he managed to offer an instant solution and all his clients have managed to get the right share of compensation.

His path to education has been characterized with many research projects in a bid to reveal more options that can be applied to help ease the resolution of cases. He dwells on the belief that every service that is offered to clients should be devoid of corrupt engagements or interference that may mar the process thereby denying some people justice. He attended Florida College of Law, where he completed a course in Law in 2000. Upon completion of his college education, Dan Newlin joined the Florida Police and was appointed to serve at the fire department. His dream of instilling great practices was offered a seamless ground and he proved his enthusiasm while in this position. One year later, he was appointed to head more operations after he performed an exemplary job while at the earlier position. This would see him secure more ability to do even greater things. He started gaining respect and recognition for his ability to handle the most complex cases presented by different parties.

While at the police department, he discovered his inner abilities, something that enabled him to come up with bigger ideas. He realized his potential to lead a big team of professionals and to come up with useful ideas. Therefore, he stepped out and established a law firm in Florida. His intention was to ensure justice is brought nearer to many people and the process is streamlined for the benefit of his clients. After one year of operation, the firm gained a great reputation for coming up with unique options. He also invested in technology in a bid to make communication easier and access of services among clients fast. This increased their customer base and their trust rating has been elevated in few months they have been in operation.

Honesty and promptness is something that most clients prefer and this is exactly what Dan Newlins has invested to see implemented. All the services he offers are driven by passion and honesty to ensure all parties get justice.

Bernado Chua And OrganoGold Offer Ganoderma To The Masses

For the past 10 years Bernardo Chua has been one the direct sales industry’s most successful people. He has been very important to the success OrganoGold. Chua has been able to help them enjoy the many benefits of direct sales marketing. One of the benefits is it enables salespeople to get the products to consumers very quickly. Direct sales also enables companies to save money on marketing and pass those saving on to the consumer and increase the amount of money the sales people make. Chua’s use of these methods has made him one of the Pacific Rim’s most effective business leaders.

Bernardo Chua has long focused his efforts on making people aware of and giving them access to the mushroom Ganoderma. The mushroom has been widely used throughout Asia for hundreds of years to promote good health. Chua and OrganoGold offer products including teas and coffees which contain the herb. This has helped to spread Ganoderma throughout Asia, North America, and worldwide. Part of the reason for his success promoting the herb is his innovative use of multilevel marketing methods he uses at OrganoGold.

Chua started his work in the Philippines and OrganoGold products are now available almost anywhere in the world. What has made Chua successful in marketing products with Ganoderma is his ability to educate the public on what the herb can do and how it can be used. He combined that with a well-trained workforce that are able to take the products far and wide. Plus the products Chua offers are reasonably priced and affordable on just about any budget. Once people try them and begin to see the almost miraculous results, they tell their family, friends, and neighbors about the products.

Bernardo Chua is of Chinese heritage and learned about the use of Ganoderma while he was very young. Ganoderma is a member of the genus of the polypore mushrooms. It is often found growing on logs of wood in countries around the world. What has many people around the world praising Chua is that he was among the first people to offer products like coffee and teas containing Ganoderma to people outside of Asia. His use of the multilevel marketing business model has had many benefits. It has allowed him to quickly grow his company. This has resulted in him receiving a number of awards.

Some of the awards Bernard Chua has received include the Dangal ng Bayan Award, the National Shoppers Choice food supplement section the top direct selling company, 5 “Direct Sales Company of the Year” awards. But Bernardo Chua is not satisfied. He continues to fund research and work with organic farmers to produce the highest quality Ganoderma at affordable prices.

Dallas Has Many Great Businesses

From small businesses just getting a start to large corporations that have been around for a long time, Dallas, Texas has it all. There are a variety of businesses in Dallas, and that is what keeps the city so exciting. There is always something new popping up and something fun to do in the city, and it is thanks to all of the businesses there that the city is the place that it is.

There are many businesses in Dallas that get people excited for various reasons, but North American Spine and the reason behind why people are getting excited over it may be somewhat unexpected. This businesses is all about helping people to receive good spine care. The company knows how to better care for people than pretty much any other company, and that is why people have come to love it so greatly. The city of Dallas is better off because of having North American Spine in it because of the great things that the company is doing. This company is discovering new ways to treat the spine, and it has helped many people who had given up hope of ever feeling alright again.
Every city has many businesses in it that help to shape it into what it is, and Dallas’s businesses make it proud.

From the small cafes to the large corporate offices and medical centers, Dallas has everything that it could want. People in the Dallas area are grateful for all of the different places that they can visit from day to day, and they are grateful to the people who have started up the businesses for doing that. They’re glad that they can call Dallas home because of all of the great small and large businesses that have been built in that beautiful city.

4 Lessons Young Professionals Learn From Shaygan Kheradpir Career Success

Shaygan Kheradpir is the current Chief Operating Officer of Coriant Telecommunications and the immediate former CEO of Juniper Networks. He has also headed several other businesses in the past such as Verizon and the Barclays bank. He falls among the fastest growing business and technological experts seeing that he is barely a decade old in the industry.
As an accomplished business leader, he has been championing technological revolution in every organization he leads. This puts him on the list of the most valuable industry experts that many young professionals seek to emulate. Young technologists have a lot to learn from him if they are to make it in this very dynamic industry. Here are four lessons young professionals should learn from him.
Be innovative
One great skill that has tremendously propelled Shaygan Kheradpir career on resume.com to such levels in yet such a short period of time is his innovativeness. The technology industry is not static and for young professionals to fit in it, they have to come up with great and applicable innovations. They then have to identify the best timing for these innovations to be released to the market so as to keep up with competition. This is an invaluable skill Shaygan has mastered and one that’s crucial for any progress in this dynamic industry.
Team work and team management
Young professionals aspiring for leadership and managerial positions should first understand the value of teamwork and team organization. This is not just for those in the technology industry but it is an art that should be mastered by each and every young professional across the board. They need understand that teamwork is directly related to productivity. A good example can be seen in Shaygan organization of over 7000 employees and the many technological developments they were able to make.
Time management
Most young minds feel fully innovative and in possession of proper organizational skills but don’t understand why they are still not competitive. What they fail to understand is that for their ideas to have a lasting impact, they have to be completed and implemented on time. Timing is vital when it comes to the technological industry especially where competition is involved.
Welcoming ideas
Another ideal trait young minds should seek to emulate is that of being welcoming to new ideas from their peers. They should learn that despite possessing commendable academic credentials, they still need to brainstorm with their fellow workmates to identify new market trends and how to tackle them. They should also not take lightly employee contributions to their projects but should serve to encourage them.
These success lessons are not only important to technologists. They apply to each and every young professional in every sector across the business industries. If adhered to properly and in details they can push a person to professional levels as those achieved by Shaygan.

The Work Of Paul Evans New York

Men’s shoes have been evolving in recent years. For about 10 years or so, the term metrosexual became a trend. Men have been taking care of themselves and their appearance more. They care about how they dress and what they look like throughout the day. Many designers are listening to the needs of fashionable men everywhere and designing items that are solely for them. One of the most popular men’s items these days are luxury men’s shoes. Many shoe designers are creating some of the most stylish and luxurious men’s italian shoes, as seen on Paul Evans NY, on the market. These shoes are expertly designed, crafted and produced with the stylish man in mind. These days there are many shoe designers solely designated for men’s shoes. These shoe designers have the expertise in menswear and men’s shoes to create great styles for their customers.

There are a variety of men’s shoes that are on the market right now. Many men purchase high-quality shoes for professional purposes. Many work in offices and need shoes to complement their suits. Popular shoes such as leather boots, oxfords, whole cuts, loafers and monk straps are worn by many men all over the world. What separates designer men’s shoes from others is the quality of the shoe. Luxury men’s shoes are made with top-notch leather, leather soles, leather uppers and leather insides. These shoes are crafted by hand, individually designed and sewn. Certain items are carefully applied to ensure that they are secured and perfect.

Paul Evans New York is a high-end and high-quality shoe brand that dedicates its talents to making men’s shoes. Paul Evans New York designs and creates all of their men’s shoes with quality leather. Every shoe has a leather upper and a leather sole. Each Paul Evans New York shoe is made in Italy. Loafers, oxfords, boots, whole cuts, leather sneakers and monk straps are some of the popular Paul Evans shoes.

Chief of The Forefront

In today’s economy, times can be financially tricky. We have our mortgages to pay off, feed the family, and save up for our retirement. Perhaps you have valuable liquid assets that need to be protected at all costs. So just who exactly can you trust to ensure a secure and worry-free financial future? Well, look no further because Brad Reifler is here to help!

Best known as the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital since May 2009, Reifler is the epitome of an entrepreneur. His company, Forefront Capital’s main the focal point is to subside the economic gap between investors. How might you ask? Well, unlike many other investment firms, Forefront not only serves accredited Investors, but also non-accredited investors. Forty-four percent of the entire middle class has roughly less than six thousand dollars in their savings accounts. Forefront’s mission is to increase those savings with as little risk as possible with specialized finance circumstances.

Reifler was also the former founding partner, chairman and CEO of Pali Capital, a global financial service firm. As CEO, he led Pali to substantial growth, increasing its revenues to more than $200 million per year which in turn broadened the company’s from the United States to the United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore and Latin America. During this period, he also managed and employed 250 employees in the presiding area’s. After finding out his partners and senior traders were engaged in a money laundering scheme, Reifler resigned from the company. Clearly, Reifler is an honest business man.

Reifler began his independent career in 1982 when he founded Reifler Trading Corporation. This was a firm based in the execution of global derivatives. He later sold his company to Refco, Inc. in the year 2000. Brad currently serves on multiple corporate and advisory boards. He’s also a Trustee of the Millbrook School and Chairman of the Finance Committee. His abundance of skills includes investment management, trading and strategies along with commodities, hedge funds, and financial structuring.

Keep in mind, no risk-free investment exists so there is obviously no guarantee of return on investment. However, Reifler has assembled an expert team of investment specialists that are remarkably respected in several area’s of investment. “Through the power of compounded returns, clients can potentially watch a small investment grow into a substantial retirement account,” explains Reifler. He also adds that investors can insinuate in Forefront Capital because it works in every client’s best interests.

As opposed to Wall Street that generates money regardless if the client’s investments are successful or not, Reifler’s brand doesn’t make any money until its clients make an 8 percent return. So we see that Reifler is an Entrepreneur for the people.

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