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September 3, 2015

Brian Bonar Trains His Employees In Exceptional Customer Service

Known for offering a diverse selection of operational efficiency packages in conjunction with a deeply rooted commitment for exceptional customer service, Brian Bonar and his team at Dalrada Financial remain leaders in the business industry. Based in San Diego, California, this renowned corporation embodies teamwork, excellence, and transparency in all of their financial market solutions. Led by businessmen, Brian Bonar, this well-known corporation is the forerunner in converging bottom line products with executives in a variety of fields. Most prominently, Bonar’s goal is to train experienced employees to promote the company’s mission and philosophy. Brian Bonar was written about by …continue reading

Brian Bonar Trains His Employees In Exceptional Customer Service

Known for offering a diverse selection of operational efficiency
packages in conjunction with a deeply rooted commitment for
exceptional customer service, Brian Bonar and his team at Dalrada
Financial remain leaders in the business industry. Based in
San Diego, California, this renowned corporation embodies teamwork,
excellence, and transparency in all of their financial market
solutions. Led by businessmen, Brian Bonar, this well-known
corporation is the forerunner in converging bottom line products with
executives in a variety of fields. Most prominently, Bonar’s goal is
to train experienced employees to promote the
company’s mission and philosophy. Brian Bonar was written about by Modern Luxury here.

Bonar strives to present the advisors at Dalrada Financial with a
rewarding employment experience in order to encourage them to become
leaders in the business sector. With a comprehensive portfolio of
operational efficiency packages, the employees have ample opportunity
to portray their expertise regarding the effectiveness of their
strategic products and services. Therefore, Bonar is extremely
dedicated to providing the appropriate training resources and tools to
strengthen his advisors’ understanding of their offerings and business
model. Notably, Dalrada Financial’s highly knowledgeable leadership
team is skilled in serving as a marketing liaison by supplying their
clients with the best employee programs which greatly contribute to a
company’s productivity and future prosperity. Check out his Dalrada Financial profile.

The consultants at Dalrada Financial assists clients in
obtaining corporate credit for their relatively new businesses. In
many cases, companies may receive between $50,000 and $250,000 in cash
credit without impacting their person credit or assets. Notably,
customers will never have to utilize their personal cash or credit in
order to receive the initial capital to develop or expand their
current business. Essentially, the employees at this renowned firm are
skilled in separating their family’s finances from their client’s
business affairs.

Along with receiving the much needed capital to propel their business,
this process assists clients in building their credit directly under
the name of their corporation. Just like every individual has personal
credit, companies also have the opportunity to build and use corporate
credit. Remarkably, corporate credit provides businesses with an
advantage in the marketplace because the cash enables the client to
use the capital and funding without influencing their personal credit
score. Most prominently, the extremely qualified professional at
Dalrada Financial will assists their customers in raising hundreds,
thousands, or millions of dollars in easily attainable corporate cash

To complement the corporate credit package, the skilled advisors also
implement asset protection strategies. Essentially, these asset
preservation solutions will help protect a client’s assets and
investments when they are utilizing their corporate credit. Moreover,
Bonar’s team of skilled employees strives to protect and serve the
needs of their customers in the best manner possible.

Some Energy Stock Prices Are Moving In The Wrong Direction

The stock market has been on a financial roller coaster lately and investors around the world are speculating about the ride. It seemed like the market was taking a rocket ride to higher returns in the second quarter, but the rocket exploded recently thanks, in part, to China’s financial debacle. China is trying to deal with its financial issues, but many investors think the China debacle isn’t over and won’t be over for some time.

But some investors like to buy when stocks are declining. Businessmen and investors like Brian Bonar know that stock values change quickly. Bonar is the CEO and Chairman of Trucept Inc. Bonar is also the Chief Financial Officer of the company.

Bonar and other investors think energy stocks, especially oil company stocks are worth buying because they are undervalued at the moment. The price of a barrel of oil dropped from $100 last year to the low $40 range this year. Bonar thinks that fact along with high oil inventories, and increased U.S shale oil production are creating false oil values. Warren Buffet also agrees with Bonar. Check out Brian Bonar’s About.Me profile. Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, has a 10.8 percent stake in Phillips 66. Buffet purchased most of that stock recently, and Buffet doesn’t make too many mistakes when it comes to finances.

Another reason for Bonar’s and Buffet’s bullish position on oil stocks is pretty obvious. OPEC continued to produce the same amount of oil even when inventory levels were at an all-time high. Experts say OPEC has to face the fact that production must drop in order for prices to rebound. That may happen sooner than the experts think. Another fact is Iran is back on the world oil market, and that will be a game-changer in the oil market. Brian Bonar is quite the financial genius.

So even though oil prices are moving in the wrong direction at the moment they will rebound due to demand, lower inventories and a drop in U.S. and OPEC oil production, according to some financial experts. Hedge funds are still betting on oil companies for those reasons, and the fact that winter is coming and that means consumption will go up.

Shaq and Boraie Development to Host Tournament in Newark

Shaq and Mayor Ras Baraka to Host Tournament in Nerark

Shaquille O’Neal is set to co-host a basketball tournament in Newark, New Jersey, where he hails from. The retired basketball superstar will be co-hosting the tournament with the Mayor of Newark, Ras Baraka.

The August 22nd tournament, dubbed “Believe in Newark”, is for high school boys and girls and features separate tournament for boys and girls. Registration for the tournament was held over the weekend, as mentioned here in NJ.com.

The tournament’s preliminary games are to be held this weekend. The venue for the tournament will be the JFK Recreation Center.

Though Shaq left his hometown for Texas to play high school basketball, he has always been involved activities in his town of birth throughout his high-flying career.

The NBA superstar has been involved in many charitable projects. One of them is the renovation of an old Theatre on Springfield Avenue (CityPlex12 Newark) costing $7 million undertaken jointly with a New Brunswick developer in 2012.

This is one of the projects that Mr. O’Neal and Boraie Development are working on in an effort to provide housing and commercial real estate developments into New Jersey’s distressed areas.

Among the cities set to benefit from the undertakings is Newark, although the project targets other New Jersey cities as well.

The alliance between Shaq and Boraie Development is an ideal one: Shaq brings in his high-profile persona and funding whereas Boraie Development provides a lot of experience as well as political contacts. Both are requiredfor the ultimate success of the joint undertakings.

Another project is a rental complex in downtown Newark originally estimated at $60 million. It was the first new housing tower in downtown Newark in more 50 years.

Other projects being undertaken by Mr. O’ Neal and Boraie Development include a retail complex and market-rate housing tower in Atlantic City and several other development projects for Newark.

The development projects are part of an equity stake deal with Mr. O’Neal as a co-developer in the development projects. Mr. O’Neal is involved with the planning of the real estate developments.

For Mr. O’Neal, the developments are part of his giving back to the city and state he was born and raised in. For Boraie Development, the developments are a great investment both financially and as part of PR, CSR and winning the hearts of New Jersey residents.

The Boraies and Mr. O’Neal met through Shaq’s uncle, Mike Parris and started talks on teaming up in 2005, with Newark being their first target for the joint developments.

This has resulted in great successes as the team of Shaq and the Boraies has been able to leverage their different but complementary skills, benefiting the residents of Newark and New Jersey at large.

Technology And Growth Play Important Roles In The Life Of Joseph Bismark


Joseph Bismark is a leader who takes a somewhat different approach to his company and employees to those who have gone before him in business. The Singapore based business leader has spent a large amount of his career with the QI Group looking to make sure the spiritual side of his life is reflected in his business dealings. Bismark trained as a monk from a young age and is still concerned with the spiritual side of life, which includes making sure the QI Group retains its sense of social responsibility through the RHYTHM Foundation and the production of a large number of organic and responsibly produced products.

In the Yahoo News article, Joseph Bismark guides the reader through the many different ways he keeps track of his life and the ways technology plays a role in the way he lives his life. Joseph Bismark uses his time on the planet to make sure he leads the most active and fulfilling life possible, which means he uses everything at his disposal to keep his mind and body as sharp and focused as possible. This includes using the most impressive types of technology available to make sure he remains at the very top of his game in his business and personal life.

Bismark believes it is important for both his mind and his body to be at their best at all times, which includes the chance to make sure his mind stays sharp using mentally challenging apps to achieve this. Keeping his mind sharp requires around 15 minutes per day spent using puzzle style apps designed to maintain and improve his mental abilities. The mind is not the only aspect of Joseph Bismark that must be nurtured to stay at its best, the leader of the QI Group also spends his time working out to maintain the flexibility and core strength needed to complete yoga at a high level.

Service to others is a major part of the life of Joseph Bismark, which is an idea dating back to his decision to study with monks in the Philippines. Bismark still gives back to those around him by teaching yoga in Singapore to make sure his experience and knowledge is passed on to as many people as possible.

Eric Pulier: A Noted Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is an American technology executive and noted philanthropist. Formerly the CEO of ServiceMesh a cloud vendor affiliated with Computer Services Corporation, Eric Pulier has a long track record of success as a technology executive, and a history of philanthropic involvement.

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Pulier was accepted to Harvard in 1984, where he ultimately graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in English and American Literature in 1988. Upon matriculating from Harvard, he moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and founded his first company, People Doing Things. This company was the first of Pulier’s altruistic pursuits as it focused on diverse issues such as healthcare and education and was aimed at improving individual quality of life issues through the use of technology. Following the successful start of this company, Pulier founded another tech company, Digital Evolution in 1994. After this effort, Pulier founded yet another company, Starbright World which served as a private social network for chronically ill children to connect with one another and deal with their illness in a safe, and supportive community.

During this same time period, the Clinton Administration selected Pulier to participate in a presidential technological exhibit in Washington D.C. After this successful endeavor, Pulier was chosen to participate in then Vice President Gore’s initiative on the intersection between technology and healthcare and to advise on this issue.

In addition to his political involvement, Pulier (Twitter.com profile) has contributed to a number of charitable causes throughout the years. Among the causes he has championed in the past are the X-Prize Foundation, a general competition to solve humanities greatest challenges and The Painted Turtle, a camp for children with chronic illnesses. Throughout his career, Pulier has been both a tech innovator and a great philanthropist. Although he is not currently well-known, Pulier is name to keep an eye on in the field of technology and the world of philanthropy. Here is an Angel.co profile belonging to Eric Pulier.

Vijay Eswaran the CEO of QNET

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman in Malaysia. He is the QI Group’s Executive Chairman. The headquarters of the company is in Hong Kong. He went to the London School of Economics and graduated with a degree in socio-economics in 1984. After graduation he remained in Europe taking on a few different jobs like driving a cab and picking grapes.

When he was in the United Kingdom he learned about binary system marketing. Soon after he decided to go to the Southern Illinois University where he received an MBA in 1986. He got into multilevel marketing at this time while he worked for Synaptics. When he returned to Malaysia and the Cosway Group approached him to launch their business he started to look at multilevel marketing in a more serious light.

When he returned to Asia in 1998, he started a multilevel marketing company that became very successful and is now known as the QI Group. The company has regional offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Vijay has also been a speaker and an author. He published his first book in 2005 called In the Sphere of Silence. The books talks about his personal philosophy of life management and beginning each day in silence for an hour. In addition, he has spoken at business and management venues like the World Economic Forum and the sixth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas.

Vijay also created the Thought of the Day. It is an interactive program also known as the TOD Program. In the Thinking Zone is Vijay’s second book. It is a collection of his reflections and thoughts on life. 18 Stepping Stones is the name of the third book he wrote. In 2011, Vijay wrote his fourth book called On the Wings of Thought.

The RYTHM Foundation was established by Vijay. He also established the Vijayaratnam Foundation, a charitable organization that was named after his dad. He has started community programs through these charitable organization. He also donates to charities and individuals. He was named among the 48 ‘Heroes of Philanthropy’ in 2011. He was also name one of the 50 Richest in Forbes Asia’s Malaysia’s in 2013. He also received the New Global Indian award in 2012 for business excellence and philanthropy. His wife is Umayal Eswaran. She is currently the Vijayaratnam Foundation’s Chairperson. Vijay Eswaran’s Twitter is linked here.

The Amazing Success of John Textor

When you look at the entertainment industry there are those who really stand out above the rest. These individuals give the industry a great boost with their amazing talents and in turn earn the respect of individuals all over the industry. According to Bloomberg John Textor is one of these individuals who has earned the respect of many individuals over the years with this amazing attention to detail when it comes to the movie industry special effects that he is responsible for creating. He has also helped to create some amazing visual effects for live concerts and other technical applications of his visual effects.

John Textor has been revered as one of the leading professionals in Hollywood special effects for quite some time now. The movie that truly immortalized Textor’s name in the industry was Benjamin Button. The visual effects in this movie were called some of the most realistic effects that have ever been seen in any movie before. There are many different movies that can’t even touch the amazing special effects of John Textor. This is something that really did give Textor the name that he was looking for in the industry.

As the CEO of Digital Domain John Textor has also brought a whole new light into the life of live concerts. With his digital Tupac and Digital Michael Jackson Textor has been breathing life into these performers with digital hologram technology. This has given many fans the option to finally see their favorite performers live. There have been talks of Elvis holograms and Frank Sinatra holograms as well. These holograms help to peak record sales as well for artists like Tupac. After his hologram played at Coachella music festival his record sales peaked higher than they had in years. This technology is an amazing technology that can really help the music industry. John Textor has had a great deal of success in the world of Hollywood success. From films like Ender’s Game to Pirates of the Caribean it is easy to see the wide reach of John Textor in Hollywood. It will be fun to see what the future has to hold for John Textor.

Roles Of A Home Cleaning Company

Maintaining clean home can be an arduous task for busy people because they are engaged in other stresses of modern life. This is the reason many busy people hire home cleaners. They help a great deal when matters related to keeping the house clean without any hassle to the owner are concerned. To find a good house cleaning company, the house owner should look for companies that have the following services in their portfolio.

1. Vacuuming- Because at home carpets need to be vacuumed, the company should be able to clean all dirty build up on the carpet.

2. Dusting- A house cleaning company should be able to dust all hard surfaces including window sills, shelves, ledges, decorative items and ceiling fans. When dust builds up in a home, it causes allergy issues to the people living in the home.

3. Removing trash- A home cleaning company should offer this service as well. When the home has a lot of trash, it attracts unwanted pests. When the company cleans a home, it should remove all garbage.

4. Changing beds- A home cleaning company should change beds in the home when it is contracted to clean.

5. Cleaning all glass surfaces- When mirrors and windows look dirty, the home looks unappealing. A home cleaning company should be able to clean all glass surfaces to prevent grime from building up.

6. Cleaning inside the ovens- Because burnt food remains in the oven is dirt, a cleaning company should clean inside the ovens as well.

7. Scrubbing the toilet, shower and tub- The bathroom is an essential places in the home. When it is clean, the entire house looks and smells clean. A professional home cleaning company should lay a lot emphasis on this area.

8. Cleaning all sinks and faucets- Sinks and faucets are perfect places for grime and bacteria to build up. A home cleaning company should clean these areas as well.

Handy is a perfect example of a modern home cleaning company that combines technology and perfection to deliver excellent results. By just tapping on an iPhone, a customer can quickly order for a home cleaner as well as any other service related to making the home a better place hygienically.

This company has provided a lot of jobs to freelance cleaners who get paid on an hourly basis. It has also witnessed a lot of growth since inception. Currently, it can complete more than 10,000 jobs in a month. It is in 25 cities in the US and 2 in Canada. The company has professional freelancers who are rigorously screened before getting hired.

The most awesome thing about this company is the fact that it offers a money back guarantee if the cleaning does not meet the client’s standards. However, it takes about 20% of the cost for the trouble caused. This company brings on the table reliability and professionalism that is rare in many cleaning companies. It is expected to grow even bigger as it spreads its wings across all states in the US and Europe.

Charity Is At The Heart Of The Work Of Citadel LLC And Kenneth Griffin

Citadel LLC and its founder Kenneth Griffin are changing the way many people think about the financial industry by pushing on with a series of philanthropic programs that are designed to assist those in need in a variety of situations. From the home of the Citadel LLC group in Chicago, Griffin is leading the company on a period of philanthropic giving that has reached record levels with some of the community based programs Citadel is backing around the US. One of the most successful hedge funds in history, Citadel has grown in over two decades in operation to become one of the fastest growing investment companies in the US with an estimated value of around $26 billion.

Kenneth Griffin himself has remained a valued alumni of Harvard University and has recently offered the esteemed university a donation of around $150 million to assist those students who are struggling to pay their fees. Education has played a key role in the life of Kenneth Griffin, who began his career as an investment specialist whilst still a student at Harvard. In support of providing the best educational chances possible the CEO of Citadel LLC has also made plain his support for a number of politicians and made large contributions to the campaign of Bruce Rauner in his bid to become Illinois Governor.

The philanthropic work completed by Kenneth Griffin has been reflected by the commitment made by Citadel in the charitable work completed by the hedge fund company across the US. One of the major areas Citadel LLC has made a difference in the lives of people is in the support shown to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, which Citadel has now become the largest supporter of in the history of the charitable organization. As with Kenneth Griffin’s charitable giving the work of Citadel LLC highlights the need for more support for students from low income families as they pass through high school. The company has made clear its commitment to a competition for business plans to help deliver tutoring and mentors for students from low income families and has shown support for a tutoring program developed for math and science students.

Philanthropy plays a huge role in the business of Kenneth Griffin and Citadel LLC, who have combined to create a batch of charitable programs rarely matched across the US. This goes hand in hand with the social concern Citadel has shown in how it conducts its business and reacts with members of the local and wider community. Citadel LLC has also looked to assist government agencies in developing oversight legislation for Wall Street designed to reduce the chances of a repeat of the economic slowdown of 2008.

Protecting Animals in New York and Beyond

When you hear the phrase animal activism what do you think of? Do you picture a group of people all dressed in black, sneaking into a research lab in the middle of the night to set animal’s free? Maybe protestors in front of a mink farm? How about someone who is a vegan and tries to tell everyone about it?

There are many animal rights groups out there. The ASPCA, PETA, Animal Liberation Front, Humane Society of United States, Farm Animal Rights Movement, and Mercy for Animals to name a few. Not only groups, but certain individuals also stand strongly for animal rights. Some more notorious than others.

Take Keith Mann on amazon for example. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison for conspiracy. He had planned to set fire to meat lorries. It was one of the longest sentences in Britain to be given a animal rights activist. He was also part of the Animal Liberation Front. His first act of animal activism was taking a rabbit out of its hutch that he’d walk by everyday. Keith Mann had been asking for weeks that the owners do something about the situation, but nothing happened so he took the rabbit himself.
Animal activism had many facets to it. Some groups are classified as terrorist while others just another organization.

It may seem very heroic to break in and set animals free and in some cases it is, but there are other ways to help and bring awareness to animal rights, without landing in prison.

New York has many animal rights organizations, including a group called NYCLASS. This group claims to want to make New York a more humane city, not just for our four-legged companions, but also us two-legged ones. They educate and try to make laws that will better protect animals. They tackle many issues with animals such as the horse carriage industry, puppy mills, pet stores, increasing funding for animal shelters, tenants rights to companion animals, ending animal use as entertainment, and also protecting urban wildlife.

All animal activism is really about is treating animals as living beings and not property. That no living thing should be allowed to suffer. Whether you advocate for new animal laws, set animals free, or just avoid eating and using animal products, it all brings attention the the issue and all involved really just want some compassion shown for our furry friends.

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