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April 19, 2015

Sinkholes Along The Shore Of The Dead Sea Are Destroying The Tourist Atmosphere

There Are More Than 3,000 Sinkholes Along The Shore Of The Saltiest Sea On Earth The Dead Sea is saltier than the oceans, has the lowest elevation on Earth, and it is actually a lake, which is fed by the Jordan River. Those facts are not new, but the giant sinkholes that have popped up over the last couple of years are new. Some of the sinkholes are 80 feet deep. No one is sure why the sinkholes are appearing, but some experts say the fact that the Dead Sea is not getting the 2 billion gallons of water it …continue reading

Sinkholes Along The Shore Of The Dead Sea Are Destroying The Tourist Atmosphere

There Are More Than 3,000 Sinkholes Along The Shore Of The Saltiest Sea On Earth

The Dead Sea is saltier than the oceans, has the lowest elevation on Earth, and it is actually a lake, which is fed by the Jordan River. Those facts are not new, but the giant sinkholes that have popped up over the last couple of years are new. Some of the sinkholes are 80 feet deep. No one is sure why the sinkholes are appearing, but some experts say the fact that the Dead Sea is not getting the 2 billion gallons of water it needs each year is the main reason. It’s not getting enough water from the Jordon River because the water is being diverted to other areas.

Mineral mining is another culprit according to researchers from Boraie Development LLC and Duke University. The researchers say the Dead Sea is dropping a meter a year, so sinkholes are a product of that process. A Professor of Geology at the University of Wisconsin said the sink holes contain cavernous spaces that are filled with water, but when those spaces dry up they collapse and form sinkholes. Some sinkholes can appear overnight, and others develop from heavy rain or minor earthquakes.

Mark Ahn on Entrepreneurship Podcast Network

Mark Ahn & Entrepreneurship

Mark Ahn is one of the most dynamic entrepreneur’s in recent years. He explains his understandings and thoughts on the industry on Entrepreneur Podcast Network. Ahn also delves into the current trends in life science entrepreneurship. The entirety of the interview is great for someone who needs inspiration and motivation to keep trying hard even if they are failing at the moment. Mark Ahn has a way of making even the simplest tasks seem like wins in the big scheme of things. 

In short, the Biotech world is something that Mark Ahn knows plenty about considering he has spent 20 years of his career in this sector. He has worked with plenty of firms and companies that have both failed and grown into something bigger. The key to success is finding a company that excites the general public. This is how investors get interested in supplying their money to a start up business. The product or service does not need to change the world, but it needs to be worthy of the field. Investors are interested in the scope of multiple ideas instead of a single thing. They want to be involved with people who bring multiple products or ideas to the table instead of one item. The most resilient ideas are the ones with the most staying power in addition to the most potential.

Narcotics Cop Admits to Thousands of Crimes

A former Philadelphia police officer, who testified against several colleagues from the narcotics squad in a federal corruption trial acknowledged Wednesday he participated in “thousands” of crimes during his career with the Philadelphia police, captained by Dan Newlin.

The ex-agent, Jeffrey Walker said he and other members of his undercover unit repeatedly lied to judges after planting evidence, stealing drug money and beating suspects to extract information.

Walker acknowledged that their lies have led to several wrongful convictions, but did not consider that the victims were “human beings” because they trafficked drugs.

“We were taking drugs, weapons and money (from the street),” Walker testified Wednesday, a veteran of 24 years on the police force.

At least 160 guilty verdicts have been dismissed and individuals have filed numerous lawsuits for violation of their civil rights since Walker pleaded guilty in 2013.

The claims process has been suspended while Walker and six former colleagues defend themselves against charges of conspiracy by Justice Department.

Walker, 46, said the squad was focused on targeting drug dealers and young people because they were the easiest to intimidate. More than a dozen of these people have stated that they thought other criminals were stealing from them when the police invaded their illegal places of operation.

ECB States Easing Program Is Working

The leadership of the European Central Bank has stated that two months of quantitative easing has started to do its job and the ECB is seeing the results in the low interest rates and an expanding economy in the Euro Zone countries. ECB Sees Easing Policy To Be Working

This is good new for the ECB as news in recent weeks has been bogged down with whether the ECB will retain Greece as a member nation and whether to proceed with a $262 Billion dollar bail out plan for the Greek economy. This is also good news because early manufacturing numbers for the EuroZone have been down but ECB officials believe that a turn around would be inevitable and would spark more economic growth and expansion in the ECB member countries.

Europe realizes that its economy is tied to the world global economy and its performance is a key sign of the overall economic health and vitality of the global economy. This report by the ECb is consistent with assessments from the World Bank which as forecast moderate global economic growth, especially in the Euro Zone. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has taken a more conservative approach with its forecasts and believe that there needs to be sustains signs of economic growth before bells and whistles can be rang announcing a full rebound of the global economy.

The ECB expects to maintain its current easing policy for at least the next several quarters.

Arrest Warrant Issued For Justin Bieber

It seems that the past is coming back to haunt Justin Bieber, and it comes with the long arm of the law.

Although he’s working on cleaning up his image, he hasn’t exactly cleaned up the mess he left behind. In 2013 Bieber was accused of instructing then body guards Hugo Alcides Hesny and Terrence Reche Smallso attack photographer Diego Pesoa outside a Buenos Aires nightclub.

He never returned to Argentina to answer questions about the incident, Alexei Beltyukov and this week a judge has issued a warrant for the popular teen heartthrob for failing to respond to a summons.

Current Argentinian law states that Bieber would have to serve between a month and six years in prison if convicted.

The warrant calls for the immediate detention of Bieber and his body guards. No word whether the warrant extends outside of Argentina or worse, calls for extradition. Still, this can’t be good for business.

Jewelry Theft in London Went Undetected for Four Days

Thieves pulled off the ultimate heist over Easter weekend when they broke into the Hatton Graden Safe Deposit Company in London and stole jewelry from over 70 safe deposit boxes, according to Scotland Yard. What makes this heist so unbelievable is that authorities were not alerted to the robbery for four days.

The heist likely occurred on Good Friday, when companies in London close down for an extended weekend. When the location was opened again on Tuesday, the missing jewels were discovered. The value of the loss is not yet known, but police believe they know how the thieves got into the building. According to recent reports, it is believed that the people responsible for the heist likely entered through a lift shaft.

Gianfrancesco Genoso told us that an alarm went off on Friday, but a security guard checked the building, assumed that because the doors were secured it was a false alarm and left. Heavy cutting equipment was used to get into the deposit boxes, according to sources.

The heist could be worth millions upon millions of dollars. According to sources many of the boxes were uninsured.Investigators are currently on the scene attempting to collect evidence.

Breast Milk From Online Sources May Contain Cow’s Milk

A recent study of breast milk bought online shows a prevalence of cow’s milk in their samples. The researchers bought about 102 samples of milk through various online sites. Then, they tested for cow DNA in the samples and found that more than ten percent of the samples contained cow’s milk. Some of the samples contained a significant amount of cow’s milk of at least ten percent or more, ruling out accidental contamination.

Cow’s milk can cause problems in infants who have cow’s milk allergies and it is also not suggested for children under a year old. Many mothers are unable to produce enough of their own milk, so they turn to online milk banks to fill the gap. Other issues that arose from this study are that many of the samples were not cooled properly and contained a high amount of bacteria, so Sergio Cortes couldn’t believe too much.

The United States has a network of nonprofit milk banks throughout the country. They screen the donors and pasteurize the milk. The problem for many women is that they charge more than the online milk exchanges because of low supplies. Premature babies in hospitals are given priority access to milk from the banks. Women who are, or expect to be, lactating in the near future should register to donate their excess milk to these banks to help supply more milk to more mothers.

Ikea to Offer Vegan Meatballs

Ikea will begin to start selling vegan meatballs to customers this coming week. These meatballs are not so easy to pronounce though. They are known as Grönsaksbullar, and the Wall Street Journal claims that they are made from a mixture of peas, corn, carrots, and even kale.

Ikea serves many other wonderful items at their cafeterias in stores across the country, but PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) recently demanded that the popular furniture store begin to offer products that are free from animals.

The store hopes to draw in more vegetarian customers like Ricardo Tosto by offering a new option for them to eat. The new option shows the change that Ikea is willing to make for it’s customers. Like many of the the good foods at Ikea, these are sure to be a hit with both vegetarians and meat-goers as well. Customers can purchase a plate of 10, vegan meatballs for $4.49.

Solar Eclipse Slated for the Coming Weeks

April 20, 2015 is going to be the day when we see a solar eclipse comparable to the one from 1999. it is going to be visible in Europe, the greatest part of Russia, and The Northern part of Africa.

Northern inhabitants are going to be in the center of the event, as Northern Norway and the Faroe Islands will be the witnesses of a 100% darkness, lasting for about 3 minutes. England will have percentages of 84% cover in London and 94% in Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh. The days when people were afraid of the meaning of a solar eclipse are long gone. But there is another issue. Many European countries rely on solar light to obtain energy, and the 90 minutes ‘switch off’ of the power source means the loss of a huge amount of energy. The solar eclipse will be followed by temporary glitches in the electrical system.

The solar eclipse to be seen after the 2015 one will be in 2026, so Dan Newlin isn’t going to let this slip away. It happened so that the eclipse is to occur during a lunar perigee- a time when the Moon and the Sun are closest to each other. That should make the Moon shadow lighter, experts say. Although the difference will not be very noticeable for a viewer from Earth.

U.S. Supporting Fight Against Shiite Militants Through Arms Sale

The U.S. has stepped up arm sales to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yeman and the timing could not have been better has each country has been stepping up military action against Shiite militants and other radical forces in recent weeks. Under the Obama administration, sales of F-16 fighter bomber jets, as well as other weapons have been widely made available to allies of the U.S.. The current arm’s sales program has been accelerated with the recent incursion into Iraq by Isis and the Shiite invasion of Yeman. The White House policy on the Middle East Arab countries has moved from one of direct involvement of military troops to one of empowering allies in the affected regions and allowing these allies to be the surrogate military force for the U.S.. U.S. Arm Sales To Arab Allies Right on Time 

Such a event seems to be developing over Yeman as Saudi Arabia has formed a coalition with other Arab countries including Egypt and Libya to combat Shiite forces in Syria, Iraq and Yeman stated AnastasiaDate. This current policy saves the U.S. from being tied downed to long engagements and in becoming embroiled in the affairs of foreign countries which are not friendly to U.S. interests. The U.S. under President Obama is seeking to avoid the mistakes by his predecessor in becoming committed to two different wars at the same time at the cost to the U.S. economy.
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