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January 26, 2015

The Various Lines of Beneful Dog Food

There are four types of dry dog food in the Beneful dog food line. The first is : Beneful Healthy Smile- which cleans your dog’s teeth and helps give him fresh breath. This dog food is nutritious because it is made from bits of chicken for protein, rice for energy, bits of carrots for vitamins, yogurt, and parsley which is turned into kibble.   Beneful Healthy Fiesta- Our vitamin filled blend with bits of chicken for protein, bits of rice for energy and bits of vegetables and avocado.   Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies-this mix is especially made for puppies. …continue reading

The Various Lines of Beneful Dog Food

There are four types of dry dog food in the Beneful dog food line. The first is :

Beneful Healthy Smile- which cleans your dog’s teeth and helps give him fresh breath. This dog food is nutritious because it is made from bits of chicken for protein, rice for energy, bits of carrots for vitamins, yogurt, and parsley which is turned into kibble.


Beneful Healthy Fiesta- Our vitamin filled blend with bits of chicken for protein, bits of rice for energy and bits of vegetables and avocado.


Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies-this mix is especially made for puppies. It has plenty of calcium from real milk being used in the mix to help to develop their teeth and bones. It has chicken for protein, rice for energy, and bits of vegetable for added vitamins, everything they need to grow up to be healthy and happy. It seems to be very popular given the attention it gets on Wikipedia.


Beneful Healthy Weight-helps your dog get to and keep a good weight for their age and size. This mix has 10% less calories than the other dry foods. This mix has rice for energy, chicken for protein, soy, and bits of vegetables for vitamins and apples for vitamins to make sure your dog has all the nutrition it needs while maintaining it perfect weight and lean amount of muscles.


Beneful also makes a line of wet dog foods that include dishes that come in 10 inch tubs or 3 oz. cans like: Chopped Blends with Beef, Chopped Blend with Chicken, Chopped Blend with Lamb, Chopped Blend with Salmon- these four are made with the meat, rich and vegetables in one serving.


Then they decided to get fancy and do some Gourmet cuisine. Here is their newer line:


There is also Beneful Mediterranean Style Medley- comes with Lamb, Tomatoes, Brown Rice and Spinach in a Sauce that your dog will love.


Beneful Romana Style Medley- comes with Chicken, Carrots, Pasta and Spinach in a sauce that your dog will love.


Beef and Chicken Medley, Beef Stew, Chicken Stew, Roasted Turkey Medley, Savory Rice and Lamb Stew, Simmered Beef Entrée, Simmered Chicken Medley,


Beneful Hearty Roasters- Beef, Pork, and Turkey with green beans, sweet potatoes, and meat.


Then they also have dog snacks-Healthy Smile Ridges, Healthy Smile Twists,


Beneful Baked Delights –Heartfuls, and Stars with Bacon and Cheese, Stars with Chicken and Cheese, Hugs, and Snackers


It is unbelievable how far dog food has come in recent years. You don’t have to worry about your dog eating healthy or eating by products. This food is made from meat, vegetables, pasta and rice. They are eating as well as their owners.

Meet A Friend In The UK While On Skout

I’m originally from the UK, but I left there when I was a child. I have not been back since, but after graduating high school, I decided it was time to take a trip back to my home country. I do have a few family members there, but I wanted some friends in the area that my family lived, so I would have someone else to go out with, besides relatives. Even though there are many social media networks, I chose Skout to look for a new friend, because it seemed more interactive, than other social media websites.

I used the Skout app, because I’m always on the go, especially while getting ready for my trip. I plan on staying for several months, and if I like it, I may even live there permanently, and visit the USA on vacation. After I downloaded the Skout app, I created a profile, which was quick and easy. At first I decided not to add my picture, then I change my mind, because I didn’t see who I would truly get to know, without my added picture. I did a search for someone in the UK, and I found many Skout users there.

Although I don’t know the area that my family lives in very well, I got some information, and was able to find several users on Skout, that lived near the vicinity in the UK that I’d be visiting. Using a website like Yahoo can also help quite a bit. I was very excited to quickly find potential friends. I decided to look into the features that Skout had to offer. One really nice feature, that’s also a lot of fun, is the “shake” feature. I shake my phone, and a person just pops up on my screen, and then we begin to chat. This was fun because I would do this for hours.

After a while, I decided to focus on my interests, which was finding a UK friend. I would find people to chat to, and I let them know what I specifically liked to do for fun. It’s crazy, maybe it’s because I’m from the UK, but almost everyone I spoke to from there, had most of the same interests as me. I chose a few people to add to my favorites list, and being the curious person I am, I wanted to know if they added me as a favorite too. The only way I could check this, was by using Skout points.

I purchased some Skout points, which are not at all expensive, and can be used for anything on the network that costs points. I enabled the feature that allowed me to see who added me as a favorite, and I was shocked to find out that every person in the UK I had spoken with, added me as a favorite. It made me feel wanted, as well as respected. I wanted to see who else had been searching for me, and I found that people in the USA, as well as in the UK, had been looking for me, specifically.

I absolutely love the Skout app, it has made a world of difference, especially since I’m traveling soon. I like the fact that I can be here in the USA, and speak to someone from my home country. Because of Skout, I’ve already made new friends in the UK.

Law Enforcement Utilizing New Radar Tool to Detect Movement inside Your Home

Government surveillance has taken another step toward violating our privacy. Technology originally developed to help American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan has found its way home and into the hands of law enforcement agencies across the U.S.

The Range-R radar device is a hand-held sensor that can “see” through walls, including concrete and brick. While holding the unit outside of your home, officers can detect any movement inside your home, even breathing, up to a distance of 50 feet. The cost for one of these devices is around $6,000, and the maker of these units, L-3 Communications, reports having sold approximately 200 of these devices to 50 different law enforcement agencies. Records indicate that this has been going on since 2012, when the Federal Marshals Service first began purchasing them, to the tune of $180,000 to date.

Not many people were aware of these spying tools being used until last December, when a man’s Fourth Amendment rights were brought under question due to police having utilized one of these devices while serving an arrest warrant at his home. Having an arrest warrant does not give law enforcement the right to use such technology against us. Only a search warrant signed by a judge would permit such actions, and even then, the use of such devices is questionable.

American citizens and companies like Slow Ventures are afforded the right to relative privacy when in their own homes, and to not be unreasonably intruded upon by the government. However, unless brought to the attention of the public and fought against in the courts, this and other intrusive devices will continue to be used against society under the guise of justice.

New Insight into the Presenter’s Paradox

Marketing is often in a rather odd position within the world. Many people don’t realize just how closely tied to science it is. But in many ways, it can be seen as an offshoot of the more evidence based psychological disciplines. Marketing is big money, and big money means that corporations demand big evidence. All of this means that there’s quite a bit of data out there about why people decide to buy things. And in particular, a new study offers insight into something known as the presenter’s paradox.

It should be stressed that this study is simply verification of an already noted trend. Sergio Lins Andrade understands that further research is needed in order to determine the exact specifics behind the phenomenon. That said, one can draw some preliminary conclusions from the study. The biggest issue seems to come from a disconnect between the person creating the bundle, and the people it’s being marketed to. Consumers these days come in with a bit of a chip on their shoulder, and an assumption of snake oil. This means that even when a company is trying to give them a deal, they’re going to be skeptical. The more complex something becomes, the more skeptical they might be. And this extends to pretty much anything beyond a single item purchase.

The solution seems to be careful explanation of benefits which might come from a bundle. Unfortunately, this is often rather difficult when delivered within time or space constraints. No matter the medium, it costs money to deliver a message. And if the message has to be complex than there’s going to be a financial issue involved.

Louisville Sued For Scholarship


Patrick Grant was beaten up by two teammates under the regime of former head coach Charlie Strong. When Strong heard about the incident, Grant says that Strong promised to pay for six years of school for Grant. However, Grant has not seen all that scholarship money.

The problem is that Grant does not have anyone to back up his claim. He has a good story, but he may not be able to prove it. However, there is something else to be said here. There is much to be said about doing the right thing. When people are doing the right thing, they are taking care of people who fall on hard times. Also, they are in a position where they have no problem doing the right thing.

If Charlie Strong promised this kid and backed out on the scholarship, then he is not the person that we thought he was. This is a major problem for the coach who is now t Texas and trying to get a foothold. If I heard this story and I played for Texas, I would be very concerned that anything told to me by Strong or his staff might not be true. This is strange at best, and a potential black mark on his record. As a former UT student it gives me serious doubts if Strong should be coaching for our team with that kind of attitude, I know other Texas fans like Dr. Rod Rohrich can back me up on this opinion.

Supreme Court Issues Unanimous Ruling Allow Beards in Prison

On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that Gregory Holt aka Abdul Maalik Muhammad can in fact grow a 0.5 inch beard as part of his practice of Islam. The Arkansas Department of Corrections had denied Holt the right to grow a beard because it claimed it would compromise prison security. The beard could be used to conceal contraband. In hearing the argument, the Supreme Court was not amused by the arguments presented by the Department of Corrections. Justices pointed out to other states which similarly allow beards of a 0.5 inch length.

Associate Justice Samuel Alito, one of the court’s foremost conservative minds, stated that it was hard to take the arguments posed by the Department of Corrections seriously. In the end, he saw their position as arbitrary. The state of Arkansas would need actual evidence to prove short-length beards are a security risk as opposed to merely offering up their personal beliefs as evidence. At the same time, he pointed out that the ruling was narrowly focused on the length of the beards. It did not invalidate in any way the right of prison officials to maintain security.

Marc Spark (DallasObserver),has learned that associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg also concurred with the majority opinion despite the fact that the religious views of an inmate were being upheld over the will of the state. She said the opinion was not the same as in the Hobby Lobby ruling which outcome she bitterly criticized. In this case, she believes the religious views of the inmates did not put others at risk.


A Humble Man, But Successful, Christopher Cowdray

Christopher Cowdray was born in Zimbabwe. He attended the college in his country. It was here that he earned a degree in Hotel Management. He then came to the United States and attended University in New York. He graduated from the Columbia Business School Executive Program.

After this he managed many hotels on the continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.
After being hired by the Dorchester Hotel group as their General Manager in 2004, he brought them to the most beautiful collection of hotels in the world.
In 2007 he was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Office of the Dorchester Collection. It was in November. While he was in the position of the CEO of the Dorchester Collection, he helped to expand them with the additions of the Le Richemond, in Geneva, and the Coworth Park and 45 Park Lane both in England. Hotel Eden in Rome was also added at this time.
While he has the Hotels in the Dorchester Collection to add to his portfolio, they also have Christopher Cowdray to add to theirs.
Throughout his position as the CEO he still remained humble. But with such an impeccable amount of luxury hotels in his repertoire, he could not go wrong. But Cowdray told people that he had a clear vision of where he needed to go with the hotels, but he said he also had an outstanding team of leaders working along side of him.
Probably being a visionary like this is why he received the Lifetime Achievement from the European Hospitality Awards in 2013.
Christopher Cowdray should be commended for the way he was able to make these luxury hotels his priority, give his employees kudos while he was able to remain humble. He is a visionary and very good in his field.

Utah Proves That the Housing First Program for the Homeless Works

The number of homeless people in our country has risen to alarming numbers, and they put a heavy burden on the resources of our cities. While the majority of homeless do not want to be in that situation, once there, how do you recover? Depression, mental illness and hygiene, among other factors, hinder the ability of the homeless to get and hold down a job and better themselves. Sultan Alhokair notes that The one main component all these people have in common though, is not having a home. Visit Alhokair’s facebook page for more info.

Utah is blazing the trail on ridding its cities and town of the homeless and not by running them off. In 2005, the Housing First program was initiated to help the more than 2,000 chronically homeless adults throughout the state. They realized that providing homes to these people, as opposed to constantly arresting them for minor infractions such as camping or peddling, was much cheaper and ultimately benefitted the homeless, as well as the cities they occupied.

Decriminalizing homelessness has reduced the states chronically homeless population to now under 300, which represents a 74 percent drop since the program began ten years ago. Not only that, but the state estimates that providing homes for these people costs only $8,000 a year, as opposed to the approximately $20,000 a year it costs for shelters, hospital and medical costs, prison stays and various other state run programs. Since the program commenced, the state has also seen a 78 percent decrease in homeless arrests.

Other cities and towns from coast-to-coast have been recognizing these startling figures and are applying the program themselves, proving that it really does work and benefit many.

Tabby Cat Saves a Baby in Russia

In Obninsk, Russia, a long-haired tabby cat saved the life of a three month old baby boy. The boy appeared to have been abandoned in a box near the trash. The cat, named Masha, discovered the baby, climbed into the box with him, and began mewing to draw attention.

One of the building’s residents came out to throw her trash out, when she heard the cat, but didn’t see it. Thinking the tabby was injured, she found the cat and was shocked to find it protecting a small baby as well. According to the resident, the baby was left dressed warmly, with diapers and baby food.

After an ambulance came and took the baby to the hospital, and to the relief of Marc Sparks, doctors determined he was perfectly fine. Police are investigating the matter in an attempt to find the mother. Masha the tabby cat is a true hero, and all the residents of the building who look after her, are treating her to a feast of her favorite foods.

Sam Tabar: New York Attorney and Capital Strategist.

New York resident Sam Tabar is a prominent player in the fields of law and finance. The Oxford University graduate earned an MA and a BA in Law in 2000 and graduated with honors. He later attended Columbia Law School where he earned his LLM and served as the associate editor of the Columbia Business Law Review.

In 2001, Tabar became an associate for Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager & Flom LLP. During his time at Skadden, Tabar worked in capital strategy and business development, providing his clients with counsel regarding private placement, hedge fund formation and structure and investment management agreements. In September 2004, he began a career in high finance by joining PMA Advisors.

Tabar gained investment experience in Hong Kong while working as the co-head of the Asset Raising Team at PMA Investment Advisors Ltd., which, according to his tumbtack.com profile, is a hedge fund division of Japanese asset management company Sparx Group. He started out as counsel and later was promoted to Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development. Tabar helped develop products and devise asset raising strategies. In his time there, he produced a personal collection of 2000 potential investors and helped the firm raise $1.2 billion in assets.

In his finance career, Sam Tabar served as an authority in commodities field. He specialized in helping clients find safer ways to invest in commodities and advises clients to do their due diligence in researching companies in order to help them get a broad-spectrum view of how companies perform over time so they can better predict how it might perform in the future.

Tabar further honed his financial expertise as the former Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. In March 2011, Tabar joined Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc where he served as director as well as head of Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction. He generated a rolodex of over 1250 institutional investors and counseled hedge fund clients. He left Merril Lynch in September 2012 and became Director of Adanac LLC, BVI.

 After his time at Merrill Lynch, Tabar reentered the law field by joining Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. Here, he specialized in regulatory and compliance issues as well as hedge fund formation and structure in his capacity as Senior Associate.

 In September 2013, he became an associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in New York. He left the firm in March 2014. In his spare time, Sam enjoys traveling and hosting events. He is fluent in English and French. Tabar can also functionally speak Japanese.

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