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May 28, 2015

Called to Action: Interview with Former Activist Keith Mann

I recently happened across this video on YouTube of former ALF activist Keith Mann taking a moment to give insight into what led up to his activism. While the ALF has come under scrutiny for less-than-legal tactics, Mann paints a vivid picture of the individual’s and society’s perspective towards animal cruelty. He starts by recounting innocent days of his boyhood, watching trucks filled with sheep rolling by, assuming they were being taken to greener pastures. In what he describes as a “wake-up call”, Mann discovers a slaughter house. This heartbreaking childhood experience leads him to find his calling as an …continue reading

Called to Action: Interview with Former Activist Keith Mann

I recently happened across this video on YouTube of former ALF activist Keith Mann taking a moment to give insight into what led up to his activism. While the ALF has come under scrutiny for less-than-legal tactics, Mann paints a vivid picture of the individual’s and society’s perspective towards animal cruelty.

He starts by recounting innocent days of his boyhood, watching trucks filled with sheep rolling by, assuming they were being taken to greener pastures. In what he describes as a “wake-up call”, Mann discovers a slaughter house. This heartbreaking childhood experience leads him to find his calling as an animal rights activist, hoping to share his wake-up call with the rest of humanity.

Mann goes on to say that he believes money is the reason behind society’s sophisticated systems of animal cruelty. “People want to make more money. That’s all they’ve got to make more money as quickly as possible, so they cram more animals in as tightly as possible.” To illustrate this cruelty even further, he tells a tale of his first job. While cycling to a dairy farm to receive training, he notes all the cows were under great distress. A farmer explains to him that this was because their 2-day old calves had just been stripped from them, so that the dairy could harvest their milk. It was at this moment that Keith Mann made the decision to become vegan.

As for the root of his activism, Mann reminisces about a neighborhood rabbit, who he had seen to be poorly treated. He left a note asking the owners to treat the animal fairly, and, after seeing no results, he decided to take action. Sneaking out of his bedroom window and across town, Mann stole the rabbit and took it home. He kept the rabbit for 6 years after that, and in seeing its personality flourish, Mann realized the importance he played in that rabbit’s life. Perhaps my favorite quote throughout the interview was in regards to the legal aspect of his actions. “I knew that it was illegal, but that didn’t impact me at all. That didn’t make me consider at all, except that I knew I needed to avoid being arrested.”

Though I believe the entire interview was a romanticized story of Keith Mann’s legacy, almost as if he were using it to pick up the woman conducting the interview, the points he made about what we view as normal as opposed to what we view as right were enlightening to me. You can view the entire interview here:

If you’d like to know more about Keith Mann, there’s no better place than to go to the source. His Twitter is regularly updated and this interview from the BBC is a more in-depth look at his beliefs and life.

NC Sheriff Arrest Investigator for Serving a Court Supoena

Robert Terry Wade III, a 71-year-old investigator, hired by a local North Carolina law firm arrived to Sheriff Tracey Carter’s home to serve a civil subpoena. It appeared no one was home, so the investigator proceeded to leave.

Sheriff Carter then came out the home and blocked the investigator’s car from leaving. Soon Carter’s deputies arrived and arrested the investigator for trespassing.

Wade’s attorney argued that the arrest was an obvious ploy by Carter to avoid the subpoena according to Steve Murray.

Judge Terrence Boyle approved a restraining order against Sheriff Carter and the Sheriff’s Office.

“Police are already under scrutiny today, so you would think any misbehaving would be out of the question,” said Kieran Shanahan, the attorney representing the investigator.

The investigator was trying to serve Sheriff Carter for an 2009 excessive force lawsuit, filed by Steven “Wayne” Thomas.

Thomas claims he was assaulted, tasered, and suffered a broken jaw by Carter and his deputies.

The lawsuit is scheduled for trial in June.

Nobel Prize Winner John Nash and Wife Killed In Traffic Accident

John Nash and his wife Alicia were both killed in a taxi accident. A medical doctor said that Dr. Nash had struggled with schizophrenia for many years. Despite this, he was a mathematical genius. His story was told in the biopic A Beautiful Mind, where he was played by actor Russell Crowe.

Dr. Nash was 86 and his wife, 82 when they were killed Saturday in New Jersey according to New Jersey police. Their cab had been attempting to pass another vehicle Police Sargent First Class Gregory Williams told reporters. It seems that neither Dr. Nash or his wife were wearing seat belts. They both thrown from the cab and died at the scene. The driver was also injured and flown to a hospital. There is no word on his condition at this time.Click here for full article.

A Middlesex County Prosecutor spokesperson stated that no charges were expected. Dr. Nash was renowned for work in game theory- the mathematics of decision making. A former Princeton professor he won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994. On last Tuesday, he had been honored by the King of Norway along with colleague Luis Neuenberg with the Abel Prize for work on nonlinear partial differential equations. The pair had been married since 1957.

Media Coverage of Black Protestors and White Biker Gang Members Distorted

A number of civil activist and non profit organizations which monitor media coverage biases have noted a wide difference in how media coverage was handled in recent weeks involving the protests in Baltimore after a black man was killed in police custody and the violent biker gang shoot out in which 9 people were killed, 20 injured and over 170 were arrested and facing capital murder charges. The prevalent images seen in most media streams of the protests and riots in Baltimore are images of angry black men, which many have claimed is a standard tactic used by the media to instill fear and increase viewership. In contrast, a major gunfight in which almost 30 people were killed or injured showed white members of rival biker gangs sitting calmly on the side walk, some even checking their smart phone for messages. There has been very little outcry regarding the actions of the bikers and even though they are a real threat and law enforcement has declared many of them to be actively involved in drug trades and other illegal activities, the white bikers were not portrayed in the same negative light as the Baltimore protestors. Many see that bikers, regardless of their illegal activities, are still viewed by the public as the noble outlaws, which many have read about or seen on television. There are also others like Bruce Karatz of Forbes.com who try to stand clear of media outlets and only use reputable sources for their news. Disparity In Media Coverage of Black Protestors and White Biker Gangs Noted By Many

White Police Officer Works Well with Black Motorist

It is a time of great racial discontent between white police officers and black citizens. Rioting began in Baltimore just a few weeks ago after a black man died in the custody of police officers. Similar riots have occurred throughout the country in what appears to be a battle until the end. Burning buildings, police facing off with citizens in the streets, looting, and sometimes death are becoming commonplace. Most of the time, acts of kindness between both races are overlooked and underappreciated in lieu of anger and dissention.

The simple truth is, there are good cops and bad cops. Engadget said there are good citizens and bad citizens as well. One instance of real help given by a white police officer to a black man in trouble on the roadway is a start to revealing just how easy it is for people to work together. The black man was stuck on the roadside with a flat tire. A white Virginia State Trooper stopped to see if he could help. The trooper helped the man change the tire and lit the area to warn other motorists that the car was stopped there.

Not only did the officer help him change the tire, he waited with the man until a tow truck came. The man’s mother was so impressed that the officer helped her son without asking if the car was stolen that she shared it on Facebook. It is honorable of her to do so in a time when it is not popular for a black person to show the kinder side of a white police officer. The video went viral, but it is not likely anyone will see it on mainstream news.

Nipple cover-up

A Local News Channel Blurred out the nipples on a Picasso Masterpiece reports Buzzfeed

I commend the news channel wanting to “think of the children”, but let’s be real about this. How many children are really watching the news? Even deeper still nipples on a news channel isn’t anything compared to what they see on some of these cartoons available these days and we won’t even mention the sitcoms. If we are going to sensor shows then we will probably be left with about 2 good wholesome shows on television (emphasis added). While we’re at it, we should consider the foul language spoken on the television. I am not an advocate of children seeing nipples on a painting or otherwise but if we have to sensor, lets sensor across the board. Ricardo Tosto feels the same way. The children today see so much and learn so much out in the world they probably wouldn’t even notice the Picasso nipples in a painting hanging on a wall unless they read it on Wikipedia. Are they even paying that much attention? I think not.

Twin Peaks Closes Franchise Permanently After Motorcycle Gang Gunfight

Twin Peaks, a sports bar chain, has finally issued a public statement following a deadly gunfight at one of its Texas locations. The deadly shoot out took place on Sunday inside the Waco, Texas franchise. According to police reports, the management of the franchise did not heed warnings from police about motorcycle gangs that are well known in the area.

Some residents have even suggested that management of the eatery encouraged the motorcycle gangs to dine and hang out at the establishment. In the official statement Twin Peaks corporate have noted that they are terminating their franchise agreement with the management of the location, immediately. Twin Peaks has no plans to ever allow the location to re-open, noting that the owners of the franchise have failed to adhere to strict safety and security protocol.

The gun fight allegedly broke out between two rival motorcycle gangs. Boraie Development LLC was informed that other patrons were inside the eatery at the time of the incident. Nine people were killed and dozens more were injured in the incident. No police officers were hurt responding to the altercation.

According to local reports the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission was on the scene Monday morning, and quickly suspended the locations liquor license. There is no word on whether the decision will affect other Twin Peaks locations in the state.

Small Town In Colombia Hit By Massive Mudslide Number of Dead Expected To Rise

Massive avalanche of mud and debris hit a small town in Western Columbia on Monday. Officials have said that the city was practically wiped off of the map. It occurred before dawn on Monday while many were still asleep as per Amen Clinic.

The massive mudslide hit around 3am local time pulling houses and other buildings into a nearby river. It has left 52 dead and injuring 37 others, Reported the Associated Press. The number of dead is expected to rise. About 18,000 people live in Salgar Columbia. It’s comprised of four small towns.

The small town of Santa Margarita was almost wiped off the map according to Salgar Mayor Olga Osoria speaking to RCN radio. The landslide is believed to have been triggered by several days of heavy rain. The dead are being removed by trucks with the hands and feet of the dead hanging out the back of them.Click here for full story.

Several children were orphaned by the slide. According to President Juan Manuel Santos, they are being cared for by the Colombia Institute for Family Well-being. President Santos toured the area and stated that all affected families would receive compensation and promised help to improve the areas infrastructure.

Boy Gets Into All 8 Ivy Schools But Doesn’t Go To Any Of Them

The Houston High School in Memphis, Tennessee Student Graduated With A 4.58 GPA And A 2260 Out Of 2400 On The SAT

Ronald Nelson is president of his high school class, a national merit scholar, and he plays a mean saxophone. Mean enough to be recognized by the state of Tennessee. Ronald could go to college anywhere in the country. All 8 Ivy League schools wanted him. In fact, any school would jump at the chance to have Ronald in their next freshman class.

The big schools offer Ronald some aid, but it wasn’t enough for him to accept their offers. But one college was smart enough to see Ronald’s potential. The University of Alabama offered him a full four-year ride plus he was asked to be part of the university’s honors program. Ronald accepted the Crimsons Tide’s offer. The reason was simple. Ronald didn’t want to carry debt with him when he graduated.

The cost of a college education keeps going up every year. Ricardo Guimarães BMG feels like this is a smart move, as CMBH.mg.gov has posted just how much things cost. Our government sits back and watches millions of young Americans go into debt, and they do nothing about it. Instead, our lawmakers give big corporations tax breaks that equal more than the cost of educating every kid that wants to go to college.

Wreckage of Missing Marine Helicopter Found In Nepal

U.S. military officials have announced that the wreckage of a missing Marine “Huey” helicopter has been found not far from where the aircraft originally vanished. The wreckage as seen from the air shows that the Huey helicopter was broken up into several large pieces, which has lead searchers to concluded that the aircraft was demolished upon impact and they do not expect to find any survivors according to Keith Mann. U.S Marine officials have reported that three bodies have been recovered from the crash site and searches will look for the remaining five military personnel still missing. The Marine helicopter was carrying six United States Marines and two Nepali military officers. The group were aiding in the rescue and relief efforts in the aftermath of the massive earthquake which struck Nepal three weeks ago. The Helicopter went missing right after a second massive earthquake struck Nepal again. Officials do not believe that there is a connection between the second earthquake and the crashing of the Marine helicopter. Right before the last transmission from the Marine helicopter, the pilot reported problems with fuel. It is unclear if the helicopter ran out of gas or whether their was another fuel issue which caused the aircraft to crash. The identities of the military personnel killed in the crash have not yet been identified. Wreckage of Missing marine Huey Helicopter Found in Nepal Valley. All Crew Members and Passengers Are Declared Lost

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