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March 28, 2015

Authorities Believe That Germanwings Flight Was Crashed Deliberately

After listening to the cockpit voice recorder, authorities now believe that the Germanwings flight which crashed into the Swiss Alps was flown into the mountains on purpose. The voice recorder revealed that shortly after reaching its cruising altitude, the pilot left the cockpit to go to the laboratory. This left the flight control of the Airbus A320 under the control of the German copilot, Andreas Lubitz who was 28. After the pilot left the cockpit, authorities were able to confirm that Lubitz executed the Airbus’s flight control buttons to strat the Airbus on a dangerous decent. Authorities believe that the …continue reading

Authorities Believe That Germanwings Flight Was Crashed Deliberately

After listening to the cockpit voice recorder, authorities now believe that the Germanwings flight which crashed into the Swiss Alps was flown into the mountains on purpose. The voice recorder revealed that shortly after reaching its cruising altitude, the pilot left the cockpit to go to the laboratory. This left the flight control of the Airbus A320 under the control of the German copilot, Andreas Lubitz who was 28. After the pilot left the cockpit, authorities were able to confirm that Lubitz executed the Airbus’s flight control buttons to strat the Airbus on a dangerous decent. Authorities believe that the pilot must have noticed the change in altitude and signaled the copilot through the cockpits intercom system to allow him reentry to the cockpit. The copilot did not respond. Germanwings Flight Crashed By Copilot Intentionally

Authorities reported that they could hear the sound of the pilot knocking on the door and just minutes prior to the Airbus striking the ground they could hear the sound of someone trying to crash the door open. The only other sounds from the cockpit were the sounds of breathing. There was no mayday call or any other distress call. Authorities have also ruled out that the copilot had a medical emergency as he had to deliberately adjust the Airbus’ flight control to initiate the decent. The crash is still under investigation and the motive is still being investigated according to TheWetSealInc.com.

Uber Outnumbers NYC Taxi Cabs

Yellow taxis, the timeless icons of the ‘Big Apple’, are being outnumbered by the transport car company Uber, according to a recent report by the Taxi and Limousine Commission of New York (TLC).

Uber, founded in San Francisco in 2009, connects drivers with passengers through a mobile application.

There are currently 14,088 Uber cars in the city, compared with 13,587 yellow cabs. Uber has been operating in New York since 2011. “It’s easier, you call and they pick you. It’s very simple, “said Christian Pratts, resident of New York.

Brad Reifler (crunchbase) has learned that, in just six years, Uber has led the company to a high value of $40,000 million. More, according to analysts, than big companies like Kraft, Delta and Macy’s.

This, however, does not mean that the yellow cabs are in danger of disappearing from the landscape of New York. Despite the increase in Uber registered vehicles, yellow cabs still move a lot more passengers every day.

Although the TLC says it can not confirm exact figures, Uber says its drivers have more flexibility to earn better wages than traditional taxis.

Uber carts are usually private giving drivers the opportunity to work your own hours, while yellow taxis drivers are hired by the owner of the company. Moreover, according to estimates, the salary of a taxi driver in the city is about $ 50,000 a year, compared with about $ 90,000 a year with Uber.

Unlike taxi drivers, Uber drivers are not required to collect taxes by passengers or buy the licenses granted to operate legally in the city. This has forced city officials to reduce prices of licenses and taxi owners to stop collecting taxes and surcharges to their passengers.

Matthew Wing, Uber spokesman said that “the facts clearly show that Uber is changing the landscape of transporting the City of New York for the better.”

Uber has even expressed interest in expanding its reach in the city of New York for about 10,000 cars next year.

A Major Earthquake In Oklahoma Is A Real Possibility

Oklahoma has been in the news more than usual recently. The state legislature’s profile is higher than normal because they vehemently oppose same-sex marriage. The fraternity incident at Oklahoma University gave the state more publicity than they needed, and constant earth tremors are creating news stories around the state and the country.

Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) say those tremors are caused by the reactivation of fault lines that are hundreds of millions of years old. The fault lines are about 3.7 miles below the surface, and legal counsel said that they could rupture and cause a major earthquake at any time. The damage from one of these earth ruptures could be devastating.

The report by USGS suggested that the fault line ruptures were caused by recent fracking and hydraulic drilling, and most people in the state believe that activity is to blame. The tremors have become more frequent in the last five years. The report also said there are 12 different fault zones and all of them are capable of producing major magnitude earthquakes. Oklahomans are known for being a deeply religious group. But it may take more than prayer and earthquakes to shake some sense into Oklahoma’s state legislators.

“Tiny Houses” Offer Shelter and Hope to Wisconsin’s Homeless

Occupy Madison has managed to turn their fuel and rage against the “One Percent” into something good. The group of protestors initiated plans to build a series of “tiny houses” to help eliminate homelessness within the city.

The city of Madison, population 250,000, has seen a dramatic increase of homelessness in recent years. Rough estimates put the number of homeless in Madison at more than 3,300 people.

The Occupy Madison group came up with the idea more than two years ago and recently completed the “tiny house village.”

The tiny houses measure just 99 sq. feet and feature a sink and composing toilet. Dan Newlin said that the homes utilize solar power for heat, with propane to offset.

“We will have a community,” said Trina Clements, who helped to organize the home’s construction.

Forty-nine-year-old Betty Ybarra ended up on the streets after fleeing an abusive relationship. She helped to build the tiny home in which she now resides and moved into the structure on Christmas Eve. Ybarra invited a friend, who had also been homeless, to stay in the home with her.

Occupy Madison plans to construct a total of nine tiny homes. The homes are made from recycled wood and are built for efficiency. While the homes are tiny, they offer hygienic living, safe shelter, and dignity to those who are rebounding from their situations.

Groups and organizations in Texas and New York have also announced plans to build “tiny homes.” Construction of Madison’s “tiny homes” community is volunteer powered and funded by private donations and crowdsourcing initiatives.

New Mexico Restricts Civil Forfeiture

Civil asset forfeiture, the practice by which police officers may seize property or money found on a suspect that is arrested, or a citizen if those items were suspected to be the product of criminal activity, has drawn the ire of many citizens and news outlets across the country.

Seemingly in response to this criticism, the state of New Mexico has put the issue up for reconsideration. As reported in the Daily Caller, House Bill 560 has cleared that New Mexican legislature with resounding support across party lines in both the State House and State Senate, leaving Governor Susana Martinez to sign the bill into law.

While this isn’t a complete cessation to the practice, powers granted to the police in this practice have been reduced. Future civil asset forfeitures will require a conviction of a suspect in order to property to be seized, and all monetary proceeds will then be deposited into a fund to be distributed as opposed to independent agencies and departments. This restriction also comes with a clause that keeps local law enforcement from invoking federal powers and bypass state restrictions. In the case of owners who are unaware their property has been used in the course of a crime, they must be made aware of the criminal act in which it was used before anything can be seized.

The passing of this bill echoes sentiments felt around the country stated youtube.com, and many states are in the process of drafting their own bills in order to address the same concerns of their constituents.

Complaint Against Texas Prosecutor for Wrongful Execution

Questions are being raised by the Innocence Project based New York about a potential 2004 wrongful execution.

Cameron Todd Willingham was executed in Texas in 2004, but after a lengthy investigation, it’s been determined that the then prosecutor, John Jackson withheld pertinent evidence from the defense that would have negated the guilt of Willingham. Furthermore, its been determined that John Jackson knew before, during and after the trial that this evidence could prove Willingham innocent.

CNN reports that The State Bar of Texas has filed a formal complaint in Navarro County court and Jackson’s attorney, Joseph E. Byrne has requested a trial by jury.

In 1991, a house fire killed Willingham’s three daughters. Initially, fire investigators concluded the fire was set intentionally, but several experts have since found that determination was wrong.

There was a key witness – Johnny Webb – that testified Willingham had confessed to him, but attorneys with the Innocence Project have found there was a pretrial deal for Webb.

The Innocence Project and Willingham’s family are pushing for the state to acknowledge his innocence.

2,000 Snow Geese Fall Out Of Sky Dead In Idaho

Over 2,000 snow geese fell out of the sky dead while flying over Idaho during the weekend. According to wildlife managers they had been migrating to Alaska. Dozens of workers and volunteers from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game spent the weekend collecting and burning carcasses of snow geese found near water and a wildlife management area.

The birds are believed to have died from avian cholera, given the way they died. Some of the carcasses were taken to a state wildlife lab to be tested for the disease. It is extremely contagious and caused by bacteria that can survive in water and soil for as long as four months. While humans might be susceptible to the disease, it is far more dangerous to local wildlife that were near the carcasses. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, avian cholera is the most serious disease affecting North American wild waterfowl.

Authorities are not yet sure how or where the snow geese might have contracted avian cholera. The Real Deal says that birds had spent the winter in Mexico and the American Southwest and had been flying north. Avian cholera outbreaks have occurred periodically in the United State and elsewhere.

Snow geese owe their name to their white plumage and their habit of breeding in the far north in places like Alaska, Siberia and Greenland.

Ship Sails Back for Sick Girl

An online newspaper covering the South Atlantic Ocean has an inspirational story about a ship that sailed 180 miles out of its way to pick up a sick child on the remote island of St. Helena. The Dutch Vessel, MV Traveller, had already sailed past the island when its crew was asked to return to pick up the child. They did so and took her – again out of their way – to the island of Georgetown, which has an airport. Dan Newlin tells us from there, the eight year old girl was flown to London for treatment. The call for help was put out by the Coast Guard.

I thought this was a beautiful story. The owners of the MV Traveller, who made the final decision to return, absolutely did the right thing. They probably lost quite a bit of money by doing so, since the shipping world runs on very narrow profit margins, and will hopefully make up their financial losses with good publicity. The story shows that, as small as the world has become with the Internet and satellite communication, the South Atlantic is still a remote wilderness in many respects.

Interestingly, an airport is currently being built in St. Helena. While this will be a good thing for emergencies like this one, some are concerned that air access to the island will ruin its special character.

Ferguson Shooting Shakes the Community

In the midst of the many passionate protests taking place in Ferguson, two police officers were shot. This wildly catastrophic event took the progress of those fighting against the police department two steps back.

The demands in the Ferguson riots have not changed but the tone of them certainly has. The fight rages on in this town, though the mainstream media has seemed to have forgotten or grown bored. The shooting was a blatant attempt to fight violence with violence. This drastic revolt was met with solemn and relevant commentary by the presidenthimself.

However, after the shooting, the protesters returned not to protest but for a candlelight vigil in honor of the officers shot. This act of peace has made the relationship of the Ferguson protesters and the police department clear. They don’t want revenge, they want peace.

All of this action took place shortly after the police chief announced his resignation said Brad Reifler. Even as the turbulence continues, one this is true for the town. They refuse to accept anything less than progress.

Full Military Honors for Homeless Man Found Frozen to Death in Park

War can be emotionally devastating to soldiers because of all of the violence they must endure and see, and many arrive home with mental health issues. For those soldiers who receive no, or limited, mental health treatment, their lives often sink into a kaleidoscope of despair that can lead into homelessness. Jerry Jackson was a veteran who served his country honorably, and he deserves his story to be told with the due honor that it deserves. He was a good man, and a former United State Marine veteran. Jerry was only 58 years old when he died. He froze to death in a makeshift shack in a park where he lived, because he was homeless. Timber Creek Capital members had said that anyone who served their country before, will the pang of sadness at hearing that a veteran had to live in such conditions, including Jerry’s brother Don Jackson who is a former veteran himself. Jerry’s death inspired others to do something for him to ensure that he was respectfully honored. He received full military honors with a 21 gun salute given by the United States Marine Corps Honor Guard. His brother received the flag at the funeral.

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