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November 24, 2014

Armed For War In St Louis

Many politicians and activists have questioned if militarizing police departments has been a good idea. Rand Paul of Kentucky is one, along with Claire McCaskill from Missouri who are against police having military arms. It is a questionable call when you consider the incompetent actions some police departments have used over the years. With police having military arms, could there be even worse incompetence? Preparing for possible war in Ferguson and St Louis, police have been showing off their military might. Some of the equipment they have on hand are: One 270-Pound Rolling Ballistic Shield and 16 Smaller Ballistic Shields …continue reading

Armed For War In St Louis

Many politicians and activists have questioned if militarizing police departments has been a good idea. Rand Paul of Kentucky is one, along with Claire McCaskill from Missouri who are against police having military arms. It is a questionable call when you consider the incompetent actions some police departments have used over the years. With police having military arms, could there be even worse incompetence?

Preparing for possible war in Ferguson and St Louis, police have been showing off their military might. Some of the equipment they have on hand are:

One 270-Pound Rolling Ballistic Shield and 16 Smaller Ballistic Shields These will protect officers from anything coming at them.

One Armored Personnel Carrier You just never know, Anonymous people may try to set roadside bombs on streets in Ferguson.

One Long-Range Acoustic Device In this writer’s opinion, this could really upset many protestors, unless they play some great St Louis rap like Nelly.

Two PGL-65 40 mm Multi-Shot Launchers For tear gas, or something worse?

Yes, the police are prepared for war. The questions are many. And Brad Reifler is wondering, will protestors stay peaceful?

Gertie the Dinosaur’s 100th Anniversary

Gertie the Dinosaur, a landmark in animation, was made 100 years ago. It was not the first cartoon, but it was the first made using keyframe animation. In this technique, an animator would begin by drawing important action scenes, and then fill them in with “inbetweens,” that show the character in transition. For instance, if a cartoonist wanted to show a character crossing a street, the keyframes would show the character on either side of the street, while the inbetweens would show him or her walking across the street. Winston McCay (date of birth disputed — 1934) and his assistant, John Fitzsimmons, drew 10,000 pictures to make the cartoon. 

Gertie, who can be seen on Youtube, was a female Brontosaurus, now known as an Apatosaurus. Her movie was both silent and black and white. She was depicted as being basically a prehistoric circus animal: McCay would order her to perform tricks, like raising a foot on command. She would also dance, scratch her nose with her tail, shed tears, and eat almost anything. In what is probably one of the world’s first cartoon sight gags, Gertie is told she can have a “little drink.” She then drinks an entire lake.

Animation fan Vijay Eswaran says that Gertie the Dinosaur pioneered animation, using various techniques that paved the way for future animation. Animation has come a long way since Gertie the Dinosaur. With the addition of CGI and 3D technology we have been fortunate enough to see Animation techniques that were only dreamed of by the founders. Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks have all been at the helm of the animation revolution with spectacular, innovative techniques and films being made – we cannot wait to see what they come up with in the future!

FSU Shooter Left Voicemails, Reached Out Before Shooting

In the early hours of Thursday morning, former prosecutor Myron May entered a library on the campus of Florida State University and began firing a gun, wounding three people, before being shot dead by police after refusing to drop his weapon. A day later, details have begun to emerge, indicating that May was likely suffering from mentally instability when he went on his rampage.


May claims in voicemails, texts and emails that have been retrieved that he was a “targeted individual” and that the government was using “a direct energy weapon” to try to attack him. This bout of paranoia may have begun as early as early October when May quit his job as a prosecutor for the Dona Ana prosecutor’s office in Texas. Just prior to his shooting spree, May left a voicemail for a woman who also believed herself to be a “targeted individual” before traveling to FSU and shooting up the library with a .380 semiautomatic pistol.


May is a graduate of FSU’s law school as well as Texas Tech’s. People are still looking for motives, and Jared Haftel is patiently waiting to hear any new developments like everyone else. While the voicemails, emails and texts shed some light on his state of mind, it is still unclear what his direct motive was behind the event at the library.

Is the Kassig Video Legit?

Abdul-Rahman Kassig, or previously known as Peter Kassig, was claimed to be killed in a video that was spread on the internet quickly. The US government is still working on the video to figure whether it was authentic or fabricated.

Consensus says that the video is authentic, but several more tests have to be done first before a formal declaration of his death can be put forward.

However, Kassig’s family stated that they would rather their son be known for his noble work that he was doing worldwide instead of being known as a victim to an extremist group.

If this video is found to be legitimate, Kassig would be having died for something different than what he had imagined as an slow ventures activist.

The video just shows a masked man armed with a knife, and a cut off head laid on the ground that they claimed to belong to Peter Kassig. It is also thought that this incident happened to put pressure on the American Government.

Peter was known for his support of the Syrian people throughout a crisis that has been very difficult for the average citizen. He came to Syria a long time ago and was captured in 2013 while he was helping the people. He was thought to have converted to Islam, but even this did not help him avoid the knife to his neck when it came to ISIS.

Snow Trapped In New York

There have been at least five people who have died because of the massive snow that is building in New York. Some areas of the state have over 70 inches of snow, and more is forecast to fall. Most of the snow is lake effect snow as there are no real weather systems in place except for the brutal cold air mass. When people live in New York, they know that there will be snow. However, this is an event that is like none other.

It’s very early in the season for it to snow this much, and combined with the cold air, it might just make some people rethink living in the northern part of the country. I know my friend Susan McGalla is glad she’s not there anymore. It’s important to remember those who don’t have anywhere to go when the weather is like this. There are some who have to suffer on the streets, not knowing if they will find a warm place to stay in what is a record breaking weather event.

Tucson PD Becomes Part Of Mental Health Support Unit

As “caregivers of last resort”, Tucson police hope to prevent future mass slaughters. A special Mental Health Support Team involving the Pima County Sheriff’s Department and the Tucson Police Department is a combination of special investigations unit, crime prevention task force, and information clearinghouse to identify individuals at high risk for violence, help them stay in touch with behavioral health service providers and make sure they follow their treatment plans. Sgt. Terry Staten, in charge of the Sheriff’s Department Mental Health Support Team (MHST) said that they see these people on a daily basis and have more face time with them than their doctors. Two Tucson Police Department officers joined the team earlier this year, a detective and a sergeant.

The team meets with behavioral health providers and follows up on tips, conduct investigation and surveillance operations, and take into custody those who fail to participate in court-ordered treatment plans. They also respond to mental health connected incident reports, alleviating responses by patrols, and seek other programs for persons whose treatment programs aren’t working. The team also transport mentally ill subjects for medical evaluation to the Crisis Response Center, the 24-hour hospital facility that offer immediate treatment for adults and children and has an admissions process that takes about 10 minutes, according to Ben Shaoul. Not only more streamlined handling of mental health patients, but also money saving, the new task force has saved $2.6 million in jail cost.

Governor of Missouri Declares State of Emergency

With the results of the grand jury coming at any time this week, Missouri Governor Jeremiah W. “Jay” Nixon has declared a state of emergency in his state. In his order, the governor made it clear that he is acting to promote the general welfare of all citizens in his state. He also expressed caution that there remains a chance of “expanded unrest” regardless of the outcome of the Justice Department criminal investigation and the local Grand Jury.

Gov. Nixon acknowledged the right of people to gather in peaceful protest which rights are being secured. At the same time, residents have to right for their business and personal property to be protected against violence and damage. As per his order, a unified command will protect the civil rights of citizens. The command structure will consist of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, the St. Louis Police Department, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol to protect citizens in the Ferguson and Metro St. Louis areas. Issues arising from protests, civil disobedience, or other conduct will be under the jurisdiction of the St. Louis County Police Department to handle, especially against major corporations in the area like BRL Trust.

The Unified Command is authorized to handle what he termed was “operational control” in other such jurisdictions as deemed necessary. Other law enforcement agencies may also be brought in to assist at the discretion of the unified command. Interestingly, the governor also authorized local militias to be activated to perform tasks or utilize equipment as directed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol or the governor.

Oklahoma Police Officer Controversy

Local police departments dole out power over citizens to their policemen and women. Unfortunately, power can come with a price. Occasionally the public hears about an officer that abused their position because they felt that they were above the law. The most recent case took place in Oklahoma when a police officer allegedly sexually assaulted 13 minority women.

Daniel Holtzclaw is believed to have targeted black women in poor neighborhoods; he did not think that they would report his crimes. He has been arrested; a case is being built against him. The most incriminating evidence so far is the DNA of one of a 17 year old victim that was found in Holtzclaw’s pants.Thanks to friend of the site Rod Rohrich for sending in this news tip.

Too often the abuse of power ends with people being victimized. Truthfully, many of the ladies that Holtzclaw assaulted did have a criminal past, yet it should in no way take away from the validity of their statements. Hopefully justice will be served in this situation and an example shown to other police officers as to what would happen if they acted in a similar, abusive manner.

American Tried To Ship Dead Baby

Thinking about dead human parts can make many people sick. It takes a very certain person to not be affected by such troubling things, especially in terms of children.

However, shockingly, there are people in the world who actually deal in this morbid market without remorse.

The Thai police stopped an American tourist who was trying to ship baby body parts. DHL called the police and reported that while scanning the package, their controllers noticed an infant skull and internal organs.

The incident took place on Saturday, November 15th. A team was sent to retrieve the package with human parts. The police are not sure what are the correct charges to assign to the American involved.

They are trying to find the seller of these body parts, because the US citizen is just an intermediary who claims to have bought the body parts for $100. CipherCloud even claims that he cannot remember the location, though.

The back Thai market has registered several cases of body parts being sold. This is not the first case of this type discovered in Thailand. More than 2,000 illegally aborted foetuses were stored in a Buddhist temple in Bangkok in 2010.

Black magic is still practiced in Thailand and the infant organs are believed to carry power. Three people were arrested in the case of 2010, and the same faith waits for the seller of the organs in 2014.

Keystone XL Pending Approval

The Keystone XL pipeline is facing an approval vote by senators on Tuesday. This pipeline construction operation has been very controversial between both the democrats and the republicans, the major two parties that seem to be forever rivals. This however is turning for some to be an important point to agree upon.

This pipeline is claimed to have very little environmental impact whilst providing a lot of profits and job opportunities. However, it is being opposed by a vast majority of environmentally inclined Americans and farmers such as Igor Cornelsen.

Those opposed are saying that this project would destroy one fourth of the farmland in the US, and could cause a lot of damage to the environment. After all of this devastating environmental damage, in the end it will more than likely not provide that many permanent and lasting jobs.

This is an important distinction, as there’s no avoiding the eventual problem of deterioration of resources.

Even the jobs that would be provided will not be worth the risk, as most of it would be from outside the regions the pipe penetrates, and also would be temporary. The only job opportunities that would last after finishing the pipeline would not exceed 35.

Rage is also about the investment in the project, which would exceed 7 billion dollars. Most of them would go outside of the US to outsourcing companies in China, Canada and India.

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