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July 6, 2015

Researcher Caught Spiking HIV Test Results Ends Up In Prison

A former Iowa State University researcher, Dong Pyou Han is in prison for falsifying a vaccine for HIV. Han stated the multimillion dollar research fraud started as an accident in 2008. He had been on a team lead by Michael Cho at the Western Reserve University in Cleveland where they were working on an HIV vaccine. Han says they had test results showing rabbits that had been injected with GP41 a vaccine test for HIV showed signs of antibodies in their blood. The vaccine suggested it was prompting an immune response against the disease. With those promising results Cho requested …continue reading

Researcher Caught Spiking HIV Test Results Ends Up In Prison

A former Iowa State University researcher, Dong Pyou Han is in prison for falsifying a vaccine for HIV. Han stated the multimillion dollar research fraud started as an accident in 2008. He had been on a team lead by Michael Cho at the Western Reserve University in Cleveland where they were working on an HIV vaccine.

Han says they had test results showing rabbits that had been injected with GP41 a vaccine test for HIV showed signs of antibodies in their blood. The vaccine suggested it was prompting an immune response against the disease. With those promising results Cho requested grants from NIH, who were shocked by the results.

According to Han, human antibodies had contaminated the rabbit blood, but he did not realize the mistake until it was too late. He never told Cho about the mistake, instead he spiked future samples with the same antibodies. His actions were resulting in false impressions that the rabbits were mounting an immune response to the HIV virus.

Iowa State University recruited Cho in 2009 and he brought Han with him. ColunaEsplanada reported that they continued their research as other researchers joined in and the money flowed towards their work. It wasn’t until 2013 before Cho began to suspect something wrong with Han’s blood samples. Han resigned and took responsibility for the findings when confronted by Cho.

Han has been sentenced to more than four and half years in prison by a federal judge. He has also been ordered to repay the grant money totaling 7.2 million dollars. Researchers seldom ever lose their positions for misconduct; it is very rare they are ever charged as criminals

Homeless Man Returns $2400.00

A homeless man in British Columbia found $2400.00 on the street and turned it into police. The people were so impressed with this story that they created a Go Fund Me page for the man and began collecting money to help him out. When he found out about the money they were collecting on his behalf, he asked how to donate it to a charity that helps people in need. He said that very simply all he wanted was a job.

So now, people who are looking to hire someone are asked to contact the email address listed below so they can find this man a job. Everyone is so inspired by this man, who wishes not to be identified.

This man is in his 60’s and if you have a job opening, please contact us at info@victoriabuz.com.

A story that tugs at the heartstrings, this homeless man makes you stop and think about what is important in the world. In all walks of life, Crystal Hunt says there are good people, so let’s be sure to keep that in mind as we go through our everyday life!

Fixing Riker’s Island

Jails exist in almost every city and town of America. Incarceration has almost become a way of life here. Jails possess many challenges for not only the individuals housed in them, but also for those who work in them and run them. Politicians seek to make jails less public and almost invisible to the public’s eye, while administrators fight to find the funds to run efficient and effective institutions.

Riker’s Island is the largest jail in New York City. It has a long history, and the island itself has been used for numerous different uses before officially becoming a house of detention. The population of Riker’s Island is quite diverse. They house women, teens, men and mentally ill. It truly is a reflection of the overall population of the greater New York City area.

In recent years many issues have brought the island under both criticism and the public’s attention. The team behind Beneful note that a new administration in the governor’s office is presently seeking to bring about new regulations to try to fix the ever growing problems and populations of the island.

One huge issue is the wait time that many who are incarcerated there must endure before they can get in front of a judge or get a trial. The average is a couple of weeks, but more serious cases can take years before proper legal procedure is enacted. In order to decrease issues at the island the new administration is feverently working to shorten trial wait times and get those waiting trial through the system quicker.

Too Many Conflicting Court Decisions

Yesterday, Tuesday, June 30, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court told the National Security Agency that it could continue to collect American phone data during a transition period even though the original ruling that permitted the NSA to collect the data expired on June 1st and another court told the NSA it should have never been collecting the data. By this morning, the ACLU appealed the FISA court’s ruling in federal court requesting that FISA and the NSA be stopped.

As several people at Boraie Development have pointed out, the data collected by the NSA did not actually help improve the security of the nation. They can’t understand why the NSA is so insistent that it needs data that according to the agency’s own claims had zero impact.

The pressure to keep the program running has a lot of people wondering if the NSA has lied about the nature of the data it has been collecting. Could it be that the National Security Agency is not merely collecting metadata? Several conspiracy theorists have offered up the theory that the agency might have been collecting actually voice calls and text messages as well. If so, the NSA’s actions would prove to be the greatest privacy breach in American history.

Whatever the reason for FISA’s decision, officials at the ACLU have already said that they will fight FISA and the NSA until the program is put to an end permanently.

Same-Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 US States

The United States made history on Friday as the Supreme Court of the United States overruled individual state laws and made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. The ruling came just after 10am on Friday after a 5-4 ruling of Supreme Court Justices. American’s across the country celebrated the historical ruling. In several cities, excited citizens went to their local magistrates and officially tied the knot.

President Obama publicly addressed the country after the ruling was announced. In a brief statement Obama said, “Americans should be very proud.” Both LGBT and heterosexual couples were celebrating the countries victory in granting a basic human right. Lawmakers have been fighting for the approval for a very long time. While many states jumped on board early on, there were still 14 states that did not allow same-sex marriage.

The new law comes at a crucial time for 2016 presidential candidates. ChicagoBooth writes that this landmark vote can add fuel to their campaign, both negatively and positively depending on which side of the fence they sit. Ohio Governor John Kasich, who is a conservative Republican spoke out regarding the ruling. Understanding that many Republicans may be against the ruling, he urged them to be respectful of the Supreme Court’s decision. It was evident he may not have agreed with the ruling, however supported the decision of the court. Jeb Bush, also a Republican candidate issued a similar statement, noting that “people who have opposing views should be able to live side by side.”

A Judge and her Ruling

It takes an incredibly brave person to admit when they are wrong. Especially when that person has spent their career working in a field where they have the lives of other individuals in their hands. If one person can step up and admit that they made mistakes it will be easier for those following in their footsteps to refrain from making those same mistakes. A former federal judge has done just that by going over many of the rulings that she handed out almost 20 years ago while serving on the bench. Nancy Gertner is a former federal judge and was appointed to her position by President Bill Clinton in the year 1994. For 17 years judge Nancy Gertner presided over numerous trials that had different ranges of justice seeking verdicts. According to About.Me, Nancy stood over a crowd at the Aspen Ideas Festival to renounce many of the very same punishments that she herself had handed out. Nancy admitted to handing out unfair and disproportionate verdicts when it came to rulings. She estimated that 80 percent of her rulings fell into this category. Nancy admitted that her rulings were unjustified by any theory of retribution or social change that someone might be able to muster up. The former judge is currently working as an associate for the Harvard Law School and plans on using her ideas and opinions to dispel other judges and authoritative individuals from doling out the harshest punishment. Instead she hopes that they can look to the future and give punishments that will help rebuild disenfranchised communities and seek social change

NY Jail Under Fire

A New York jail is under fire because of the escape incident that recently occurred with two inmates. One inmate was killed on Friday, and the other inmate was captured by police on Sunday.

After this inmate was captured, he decided to tell the police everything. He hopes this will get him out of trouble or at least reduce his sentence. What he told the police must have been very important. This is because local police and the FBI are teaming together for this investigation.

These law enforcement officers want every worker in the jail to go through an interview. According to Christian Broda and the inmate in custody, he and the man he escaped with were helped by many people. Going further, there were many other illegal things that went on in the jail, too. The inmate also told the cops that this has been going on for years.

The cops want any worker in the jail who was involved in criminal activity to face a punishment. The cops are taking this very seriously because it’s a jail. This is where people should go after they commit a crime. It’s not a place where people should go to commit a crime.

More information will soon be released regarding this matter. People all over the world are paying attention to this situation. These individuals want to see what happens to the inmate in custody and the workers in the jail.

The Supreme Court Just Stopped Texas From Closing Almost All Of Its Abortion Clinics

The Supreme Court last Monday stopped main parts of Anti-abortion of Texas from taking effect, which would have led to the closing of all but 9 abortion clinics within the state. The stay is going to remain in position whilst abortion rights lawyers get ready to forward their case trying to overturn parts of Texas law to Supreme Court.

The court’s 4 greatest conservative justices; Chief Justice John Roberts as well as Justices Antonio Scalia, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas, disagreed from that order, showing that they would allow the shutdown of the clinics.

The case involves 2 parts of state Law, which imposes punitive requirements on people providing abortion stated Zeca Oliveira. The first part requires that every abortion clinic within the state meets the principles for “ambulatory surgical centers,” including guidelines concerning buildings, apparatus as well as staffing. The other part requires that physicians carrying out abortions to possess admitting rights at a neighboring hospital.

Other portions of this law became effective in 2013, leading to approximately half of the 41 abortion clinics within the state to close.

One Big Supreme Court Decision Is Law Now

The U.S. Supreme Court Upheld President Barack Obama’s Health-Care Law By A 6-3 Ruling

Score one for the President. The Supreme Court ruled that the tax credits used my millions of people to buy insurance are legal. Obamacare will be one of the President’s greatest achievements. The ruling prevents a major collapse in state insurance markets, and it also allows tax credits in all 50 states, not just in the 16 states that have authorized their own.

Republicans are not happy with the ruling, but the only way they can change the law now is to win the 2016 election. Winning the 2016 election is not going to be easy with the cast of candidates that are running for the job. Ricardo Tosto thinks it could be extremely close at the end. Almost all of them have enough baggage to fill the baggage compartment on a 747 airliner.

Obamacare may not be the perfect solution for Americans, but it has helped millions of people get health insurance. No other past plan has been able to do that. One of the three justices that opposed the ruling said people should now call it SCOTUScare instead of Obamacare because it favors some laws over others.

Three Killed in Single-Engine Plane Crash

Three people aboard a single-engine plane were killed on Sunday evening, when the aircraft crashed into a home. According to local reports, the plane had taken off from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and was en route to Norwood, Massachusetts when it crashed. The crash occurred in Plainville, Mass, not far from the airport the aircraft was destined for.

The plane crashed into the second story of the home, igniting a three-alarm fire that took several hours for local fire departments to put out. The home was severely damaged. When reading the news, many at Qnet were blown away by it all.

According to local reports, it was not immediately clear if the family that occupied the home were inside at the time and able to escape, or if they were out at the time of the incident. The occupants of the home, however, have been accounted for.

The NTSB is on scene and investigating the incident. The three people who were killed were on board the plane. According to official reports two adults and one child were on-board at the time of the incident. The names of the victims have not yet been released.

The crash comes just days after another single-engine plane crash in California. That crash took the life of Oscar-winning composer, James Horner.

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